Managing clothes is the most important yet the most difficult task to do at home or while planning a trip. People make a lot of effort but still find clothes messing around. Let’s clear this out; this is due to mismanagement of clothes; you are not keeping them or folding them in the right way. 

Smaller clothes like underwear or undergarments can be folded and kept to minimize the space they take and maximize the space for other clothing like jeans, shirts, jackets, etc. This article will tell you some of the best ways to fold underwear for travel.

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How To Fold Underwear For Travel?

There are different ways to fold underwear for travel, and these ways include spring roll or egg roll style, seamless square method, fold, roll and tuck method, and many more. Are you still messing around or finding it difficult to manage clothes while traveling? Not anymore, we have got how you can fold underwear for travel. 

As we all know, it is important to keep your underwear with you while traveling because, of course, you don’t want to repeat the same underwear for days and smell like a stink. Keeping as much underwear in as little space as possible is a task. Let us look at how you can fold underwear for travel.

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Different Ways To Fold Underwear For Travel!

Although there are several ways of folding and rolling underwear both for your wardrobe and your luggage, here we will just be focusing on how you can fold underwear for travel. 

Tissue method 

This is the simplest way to fold underwear, and one can do it in no time.  All you have to do is flatten the underwear on a flat surface like a bed or table or couch, make sure to remove wrinkles, and then fold the bottom or crotch of underwear towards the waistband likewise fold both the sides of underwear to the center you will get a square shape. You can pile up your underwear this way and keep it in a small pouch or section in your bag.

Fold n Roll 

The next way to fold your underwear and make it compact is by folding the underwear half vertically, then folding the other side vertically so that it overlaps the other side. Now start rolling the underwear from the waistband to the bottom of your under. This way, you will get cylindrical shapes that you can fit in your bag and take less space.

Perfect Square

This is the best way to fold men’s underwear. All you need to do is make your underwear wrinkle-free, fold both the sides to the center vertically, next you need to fold the waistband to the half or the center horizontally, next take the bottom of the crotch of the underwear and tuck it in the waistband as much as possible. This way, you will get a compact square that will take a bit less space and not unfold by itself.

Rolling Method

This method is good for long-size underwear or boxer briefs. You have to fold the waistband outwards a bit. Next, fold the underwear vertically from the left and right side to the center start rolling up the underwear towards the elastic band. Once done, you have to cover the underwear with the waistband and tuck everything. This is the safest way, and your underwear won’t unfold in any way.  You can easily tuck this compact-sized underwear in your sweatshirts or shirts, as this will save a lot of space.

Pen Roll Method

This is the best method for sleek or thin underwear, mostly female underwear. You need a pen for this method. All you have to do is take your underwear, fold the bottom or crotch to the middle, fold both the sides of the underwear inwards vertically. Next, place a pen where you fold the crotch so that the pen’s cap stays towards the outwards and start rolling the underwear around the pen. This way, the pen’s cap will hold the underwear and stop it from unfolding. You can also stack other underwear around and hold them using the pen’s cap. 

After looking at some of the ways to fold underwear for travel, let us look at why you should fold underwear for travel or the importance of folding underwear when you are packing for a trip.

Why Is It Important To Fold Underwear For Travel?

People think underwear is smaller than normal cloth, so they won’t take much space in the baggage, but this isn’t true. Despite the small size of underwear, they do take space as while traveling we keep at least 3-4 underwear with us and more the underwear more space they will require. Let us have a look at why is it important to fold them:

  • The first factor is to maximize the space for other clothes.
  • The more compact the underwear will be, the less space they will require.
  • Keeping the underwear simply on the top might make you feel awkward when you have someone around you while opening the luggage.
  • The folded underwear can simply fit into smaller sections of the bag
  • It also helps you distinguish between which underwear are used and which are fresh.

Let us now have a look at some tips related to underwear for travel

Things To Keep In Mind While Packing Underwear For Travel

  • Always carry an extra pair of underwear while traveling to make sure you don’t have to repeat it any day.
  • Buy a small pouch where you can keep your used underwear and place them in a separate pocket.
  • You can fold your used and fresh underwear in different ways to distinguish between them.
  • Always use small zips or side pockets or small sections in the bag to place underwear so that other wearables can occupy maximum space.


Keeping the underwear in the right manner can help you a lot while you’re packing your luggage for a trip. Always fold your underwear as compactly as you can by following the different ways we have stated above.

We have also mentioned some things or tips you can keep in mind while packing your underwear in luggage. 

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