Wearing underwear is not a problem until it falls or rides up. We see people adjusting their underwear in public. Are you also tired of your underwear riding up? We’ve got you covered.

Before moving forward on how to prevent underwear from riding up, let us first understand why underwear rides up.

Let us have a look!

Why Do my underwear ride up?

Underwear riding up is a common problem that many people in their everyday lives face, and in most cases, men face this problem. It feels awkward to adjust or pull down your underwear while in public, and many people can’t even figure out why they’re facing this issue.

Let’s make you understand why this happens! Why does your underwear ride up time and again?

1. Small size:

If you are wearing underwear, not of your size, this can be a reason behind underwear riding up. Wearing small underwear makes it ride up to your waist, making it very tight from the crotch, and you start feeling uncomfortable and have to adjust your underwear repeatedly.

2. Less coverage from butt

Yes, if your underwear does not cover your butt, this will also cause underwear to go up or ride up. Wearing small underwear causes this problem as there is less fabric on the rear of your underwear, so it rides up and irritates you whenever you bend down or walk.

3. It is loose from the thighs

This problem will occur if you are healthy or fat. You might buy underwear that fits your waist, but it might not work properly on your thighs. If your underwear is loose from thighs, it will ride up as it won’t be able to hold on to your thighs.

4. Brand

If you notice your underwear riding up even after you have got the right size for you, then you might be wearing underwear of a brand that produces lower or average quality underwear. If the underwear is of light quality, it will not be able to hold correctly and will start losing shape after some time, making it ride up.

Now that we have looked at why your underwear rides up let us see how you can stop your underwear from riding up.

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How To Stop Underwear from Riding Up?

There are different ways by which you can stop your underwear from riding up. Let us have a look at them.

1.Check your size and accordingly look for a fit size underwear

In most cases, size is the major reason behind underwear riding up. If your underwear is too tight or loose, it will repeatedly ride up to your waist. So, the best way is to look for the size that completely fits you, not too loose, not too tight!

2. Switch to different fabric underwear

The lighter or thinner the fabric more often it will ride up. Suppose you wear underwear made of nylon or polyester-like fabric or any other thin fabric. In that case, this can potentially be a reason for underwear riding up as it won’t be able to retain its position for long. We recommend you go for thick cotton underwear to prevent underwear from riding up as it has better holding potential.

3. Try to avoid wearing tight fit clothes

Wearing tight-fit clothes also makes your underwear ride up repeatedly. Whenever you wear tight skin-fit jeans, they will get up to the crotch and hold their position there, making your underwear ride up. It is advised to wear loose fit or just regular fit clothes to prevent underwear from riding up.

4. Switch to a different brand

As mentioned above, the brand can also be a reason behind underwear riding up. Some brands produce cheap quality slippery underwear that rides up and causes rashes and other fungal infections. To stop underwear from riding up, you can try purchasing underwear of a different brand.

5. Style

Style can prove to be a major reason behind your underwear riding up. Wearing the wrong style of underwear can make it go up more often. You can try switching to low-cut underwear to prevent underwear from riding up. You can also try wearing high waist underwear that gives full coverage.

6. Stop wearing old underwear

If you have been wearing the same underwear for a long time, there might be a strong possibility that this is a reason behind underwear riding up. If you wear the same underwear for more than 10-12 months, it starts to lose its fit and won’t be held in place. It is advised to buy a pair of new underwear if you still face the issue.

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What is Wedgies, and how to prevent it?

Wedgie is a problem that happens when you wear the wrong size underwear. The underwear either rides up or goes in between your butt cheeks, and it is awkward to adjust it now and then. To prevent it, always buy fit-size underwear made of thick cotton fabric.

Which is the best anti-ride underwear?

We advise you to look for thick cotton fabric underwear with a high waistband and low cuts that give full coverage.


Underwear riding up is such an irritating problem when you have to pull it down again and again. In this article, we have mentioned why your underwear rides up, along with the ways to prevent it. I hope you like it!

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