Swimming is a hobby for some whereas it is a timepass or leisure activity for some. People these days like to spend their weekends in the pool swimming all day and feeling the cool breeze during the hot weather. Now one needs to wear appropriate clothing while swimming if they don’t want to cause any harm to themselves as well as the pool. 

You might have seen guys wearing underwear with swimming trunks or you might be wearing that or just be curious to know do I need underwear with swimming trunks. 

Let’s find out the answer to these questions!

Do I Need Underwear With Swimming Trunks?

The shortest answer to this very question is just a NO. Yes, you don’t need underwear with swimming trunks. Swim trunks themselves have a fabric net or lining coating to the inside so most of the swimmers don’t feel a need for underwear with swimming trunks. While women go commando during sports, it’s not the same for men.

Now you might be wondering why some guys wear underwear under swimming trunks?

They do this to merely prevent chafing. Now, what does this mean? Let’s see!

What is Chafing?

Chafing is a frequent skin condition brought on by a mix of friction, wetness, and irritated cloth. When you massage your skin for a long time, it stings or burns, and you get a small, red rash. Chafing can cause edema, hemorrhage, or crusting in extreme situations.


While in the pool the swimming trunk gets wet and due to friction of the wet swimming trunk against the skin, it causes red rashes and therefore burns your skin and causes irritation. But this is not the way to prevent chafing. Underwear is a bad choice. 

It’s clear from the above that in any case wearing underwear with swimming trunks is a bad idea even if you are doing so to prevent chafing. Now let us have a look at why you should not wear underwear with swimming trunks or why don’t you need underwear with swimming trunks.

Why There Is No Need Of Underwear With Swimming Trunks?

To prevent chafing there is no need to wear underwear with swimming trunks, in spite, there are other ways to prevent chafing but let us first focus on why you should not wear underwear with swimming trunks. 

As we all are aware of the fact that water in a swimming pool contains a large amount of chlorine in it and chlorine is potentially known to fade away the color. So wearing underwear with swimming trunks will first of all fade the color of your underwear causing harm to it as well as discharge of color in the water will also cause harm to other people.

Most of the underwear is made up of cotton fabric and chlorine when reacted with cotton underwear will start slowly breaking down the fabric into threads which will degrade the quality of your underwear and will prevent it from lasting long.

Not only will it affect your underwear it will also cause harm to the pool as the threads would be indissolvable in the water and will make the water dirty. 

The cotton fabric dries slowly which means if you are wearing the cotton underwear to prevent chafing then we may tell you this could turn out to be the worst decision. Chafing is caused when something wet strikes against your skin for a long time and as cotton takes time to dry your underwear will remain wet for a longer time and cause severe rashes on your skin. 

Swimming while wearing underwear under swimming trunks is a bad idea as it will get heavy as it gets wet and you will have to make a lot of effort to swim. Also, no matter what fabric underwear you wear the lines will always be visible and there might be a possibility that people start weirdly looking at you.

Let us know have a look at what you can do to prevent chafing or what you can wear under swimming trunks to prevent chafing?

What You Can Wear Under Swimming Trunks To Prevent Chafing?

  • Most swimming trunks come with a net or lining to the inside so look for these kinds of swimming trunks first.
  • If you still wish to wear something there are special shorts designed to wear them below swimming trunks.
  • These days there are anti-chafing shorts available in the market so you can also buy them.
  • You can also consider wearing men’s boxers but only those made of fabric other than cotton or which are suitable for swimming.
  • It is highly advised to go for high-quality swimming trunks that are specially designed to withstand any kind of harmful chemicals present in the water and potentially dry faster than any other normal swimming trunks.

Final Word

It is clear from whatever we have read above that you don’t need underwear with swimming trunks and it is a bad idea to especially wear cotton underwear under swimming trunks. We have also stated the reasons behind this along with what you can wear under swimming trunks to prevent chafing.

Hereby we conclude that it is better to purchase high-quality swimming trunks with a net or lining inside so that there is no need for anything with them. 

We hope that you find this article useful! 

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