We have been wearing underwear since we were kids without really knowing the reason behind it because we were just told to do so by parents, family, society, etc., but is it so that we have to wear it just for the sake that we have been told to do so or it is our habit of wearing it.

And what if one does not wear it? Will there be any ill effects, or will it be good? To know about all this, we have got this article for you that will cover most of your questions and will tell you what happens to your body if you stop wearing underwear? Will there be any bad effects or good things? Let’s have a look!

What Happens To Your Body When You Stop Wearing Underwear?

Well, practically speaking, your body will feel much more relaxed and light. Yes, that’s true. Wearing underwear has been like a ritual for many of us, and we have just been wearing it for years and think that if we don’t, society will shame us. But that’s not true; people these days like to go commando. 

Before moving forward to what happens to your body, does it affect you in a good way, or is it harmful to your body when you stop wearing underwear, let us first look at what it means to go commando.

What is Going Commando?

Going commando is a term you might have heard a lot these days. Now, going commando means going underwear-free. When anyone says that he or she is going commando or has gone commando, he refers to taking away his underwear or putting a stop to wearing underwear.

Is It Good Or Bad To Wear Underwear?

This is a personal choice. To some people, wearing underwear might feel pain and uncomfortable, but to some, it is just like wearing normal clothing. Everything has both disadvantages as well as advantages. But you might have heard from many people that not wearing underwear is better. 

What happens to your body when you stop wearing underwear might be concerned about! Let us have a look!

Not Wearing Underwear Is Good For Your Body!

If you are thinking of going commando or stop wearing underwear, that might not be a wrong decision. It is important even for our body’s private parts to get air, which means when we put on our underwear all the time, our genitals are trapped and don’t get plenty of air, which causes many kinds of fungus infections. 

Let us look at some reasons why not wearing underwear is good for your body!

Relaxes Your Body

If you stop wearing underwear, your body will breathe better, especially your genitals, and you will feel more relaxed and comfortable. Wearing tight underwear alwayspainful makes you feel uncomfortable at times, and there is a need to let your genitals free from that tight trap.

Red Elastic Marks Go Away

You might have noticed red elastic marks on your waist where you usually wear underwear. If you stop wearing underwear for some time, you will notice those red marks caused by tight waistbands going away.

Fungal Infection Cures

Many of us face the problem of getting frequent fungal infections down there, especially during summers when you stop wearing underwear, air will pass much better, and your fungal infection will get cured soon.

Reduced itching and burning sensation

Sometimes you feel the urge of itching down there while in public, which makes the situation awkward. Once you stop wearing the underwear, you will notice that itching will reduce as genitals will no longer be trapped in that tight underwear.

Reduced chafing

Staying longer in wet or moist underwear causes chafing. So when you work out or are in a pool, your underwear might get wet and take a long time to dry. If you stop wearing underwear, this will help you to reduce chafing.

Lesser chance of having a UTI 

Urinary Tract Infection, commonly known as UTI, is caused more often in females, and bacteria and fungi usually cause this infection. If you stop wearing underwear, there will be less chance of having a fungal infection, which will reduce the chances of causing UTIs and save you from any complications.

Now that we have had a look at what good can be done to your body if you stop wearing underwear, there are also some ill effects or bad effects that can happen to your body if you stop wearing underwear. Let’s have a look!

Not Wearing Under Can Cause Some Bad Effects To Your Body

Yes, you read that right; if you stop wearing underwear, you might also face some bad effects on your body. 

Bad smell or odor down there

As we all know that our genitals sometimes have a very bad odor, and underwear helps to stop this odor from coming out up to some extent. If you stop wearing underwear, there might be a possibility that you might smell bad body odor more often. 

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More Chances Of Infection Due To Public Bacteria

Not wearing underwear reduces fungal infection, but at the same time, it increases the chances of infection being caused due to public bacteria. If you try on new clothes, there might be a possibility that you can get an infection or rashes due to harsh fabric.

More Discharge

It is normal to have some discharge out of genitals, and both males and females get it. The underwear protects your clothes from discharge stains. Not wearing underwear might increase the discharge a bit and will cause stains on your clothes. 

Things You Should Take Care Of When You Stop Wearing Underwear!

  • Make sure to frequently change clothes if you have stopped wearing underwear.
  • Don’t stay in wet clothes as this can also cause chafing the same way underwear causes.
  • Avoid trying new clothes as this will prevent you from getting in contact with harsh fabric or external bacteria.
  • You can apply moisturizers or cold creams down there to keep the area near your genitals soft.

Final Word

There are no such major changes that will happen to your body when you stop wearing underwear. But if you stop wearing the underwear, you will see some good and some bad things happening to your body. Above, we have mentioned various things that might happen to your body when you stop wearing underwear. 

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