There are many options available in today’s time when it comes to buying new underwear. Despite this, people are just aware of the few common types and ignore the underwear that can be most comfortable.

In this article, we have brought out to you one such piece of underwear that most people don’t know much about. We will talk about “French Cut Underwear” in this article today.

Let’s look at what is French cut underwear and some of the benefits of wearing it!

What is French Cut Underwear

You might have seen girls wearing trendy high-cut underwear while on the beach; yes, those are French cut underwear. French cut underwear has a high cut and high waistband, giving women the comfort needed while relaxing or walking or jogging.

French cut underwear provides the best comfort and fits that any other underwear might not offer. French cut underwear is a type of women’s underwear, almost like classic bikini brief or bikini underwear. The only visible difference is the cut bikini underwear has a standard cut, whereas the French cut underwear has a high amount that gives it a much better fit.

Now that you have had a look at what is French cut underwear you might be interested in knowing the benefits of this underwear. Let’s have a look!

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Benefits of Wearing French Cut Underwear

If you are tired of wearing those classic bikini briefs or underwear, then you must try on French-cut underwear, especially when you go on vacation to the beach next time. Let us have a look at some of the benefits of wearing French cut underwear:

High cut

As mentioned above, French cut underwear is also known as high cut underwear, and this becomes a major feature or benefit of wearing French cut underwear. The high cut in underwear gives much visibility of legs. If you are into modelling, this might be one of the best underwear you should wear while shooting your portfolio.

Better Coverage

Unlike other underwears, French Cut coverage is known to give better coverage than many other underwears. Although it has a high cut, it provides better coverage from the rear. Compared to thongs, it is known to have a good coverage area and covers almost the hip bone.

High waistband

Apart from the high cut, French cut underwear also has a high waistband benefit. The high waistband makes it most comfortable for a flat or who have a heavy or bulky belly. The benefit of having a high waistband is you can wear it both with low rise as well as high rise jeans or pants.

A high waistband helps hold your jeans to the waistline and makes them comfortable while walking.

Soft and comfy fit

You might be tired of wearing those classic bikini panties as they stop providing a soft and comfortable fit after some time. Well, French cut underwear is better in this way as well, and it is much more comfortable as compared to thongs and is made up of cotton; these French cut underwears are soft as well.


Unlike other underwear, French cut underwears always provide the best fit for your body. The high waistband and high cut help to provide the best support and prevent your underwear from riding up or going in between your butt cheeks. The crotch and elastic of high-cut underwear are designed so that it does not fall or ride up and stay in place.

 No visible panty or underwear lines

Many women face the problem of visible underwear lines whenever they wear tight-fit clothes, and this is where French cut underwear leads. As they provide the best fit to your body, the French cut underwears have very few visible lines compared to any other underwear in starting. After 2-3 washes, the panty lines are visible, almost equal to nil.

The only drawback of French cut underwear is that they are a bit high priced or costly compared to standard or classic underwear. But as it is always said, quality and comfort should be the priority!

Let’s have a look at why French cut underwear is in trend these days!

Trendy French Cut Underwear!

Going with the trend is the most important part of our life. You might have seen some women wearing French cut underwear or high cut underwear while they’re on the beach for a vacation. The reason behind them being trendy is the high cut that enables you to show off more legs while providing better coverage from the rear at the same time.

Even thongs have high cuts, but they don’t provide much coverage as these French underwears. Wearing high-rise jeans is a trend these days, and as we mentioned above, French cut underwear is the best fit under your high-rise jeans or pants.

You must try wearing these trendy French cut underwears next time you go to the beach so that you can flaunt your legs to the max and at the same time feel super comfortable.

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Final Word

French cut underwear provides good coverage comfort and gives you a trendy look. We advise you to look at the benefits of wearing French cut underwear and hop on to it while you are purchasing underwear the next time!

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