Hey ladies! Have you noticed that many of your underwear have a pouch at their crotch area? Have you ever wondered what exactly this pouch is and what purpose it serves? 

When you hear the word “pocket,” the first image that would run through your mind might be that of a shirt or a pant having pockets to hold stuff like a wallet, money, or other things in it.   

Well, it surely does not mean to act as a pocket as other clothes have. I mean, it is not even that big to fit much stuff in, and even if you somehow managed to stuff your lipstick, or a small purse in it, just imagine the level of discomfort this would be. 

The extra fabric with an unsewn end forming a pocket in the crotch of women’s underwear is actually called a gusset. We know what it is called, now let’s see what it really does. 

Why Does Women’s Underwear have a Gusset?

Underwears made from lace and synthetic materials make them look sexy and attractive but aren’t always the most comfortable to wear as they can feel hard and scratchy on sensitive skin, especially your lady parts. 

This is where gussets play their roles as they are a very important part of a women’s underwear and are designed to protect women’s genital parts. Gussets are typically underwear made from cotton and non-synthetic fabrics.

Why Does the Gusset look like a Pocket in Some Underwear? 

If you own more than two or three sets of underwear, you might come across at least one pair of underwear having a pocket or an extra fabric on the crotch area open or unsewed from one side, forming this pocket-like structure where your sensitive area sits. 

It is not a secret pocket where you can hide your stuff, and to be honest, the pocket does not perform any specific function, in fact, it is that extra pocket-forming fabric that does all the important work.  

Importance of Gussets in Women Underwear

Provide Ventilation and Breathability

Underwears are not always made of breathable fabrics, especially if you are wearing synthetic ones. Therefore, they have gussets made from breathable and moisture-wicking fabrics, mostly cotton, to provide ventilation and breathability to your genital areas. 

So, even after heavy workouts of long runs, you will have a dry and ventilated crotch, making you feel more fresh and comfortable in your undies and not damp.

Prevents Infections

Bacterias responsible for infections are more likely to grow in warm and wet environments, and improper ventilation and breathability in your crotch area will most likely invite these infection-causing bacterias to have a long party in your pants.

As gussets are made from breathable and moisture-wicking material, they prevent risks like inflammation, yeast infections, or urinary tract infections keeping your genitals healthy and dry. 

Provides Comfortable Rest Spot

Although some underwear can be really uncomfortable and hard on the skin, gussets provide a soft, comfortable, and cosy place for the lady parts to rest upon and provide protection from getting rubbed and friction.

Improves Shape and Movement 

The pocket-like gusset in a women’s underwear not only helps in infection protection and breathability but also helps to improve the shape of the underwear as well as creates a way to have easy movement.

Keeping One End of the Gusset Open

The real reason for unsewing and keeping the one end open of the gusset is actually for the benefit of the garment manufacturers and not for the person who is going to wear that underwear.

This does not cause any discomfort to the users but makes it faster for the manufacturers to sew the garment. When you do the maths, it takes from about 10 to 30 seconds to only stick one end of the gusset. 

Considering the large number of garments that the company has to produce, even just not sewing one end can save them a big time for the company to manufacture more numbers or products more efficiently.


Even if the pocket itself doesn’t perform any important function, but the gusset sure does provide hygiene and comfort by keeping moisture away from your sensitive lady genital areas.   

Not only this, but it also provides softness where it’s needed most and keeps you dry down there, even if you are sleeping in undies or doing sweaty workouts with its moisture-wicking and breathable capabilities.

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