When we talk about normal routine dressing up, it certainly involves underwear for many ladies. You may have all sorts of underwear in your drawer, from normal women’s cotton briefs for regulars to beautiful and sexy lace briefs for special occasions or nights. 

But have you ever thought of not wearing your underwear or decided just to stop wearing it from now on regularly or occasionally? Do you know what happens when you stop wearing underwear? 

This might be a question in many women’s minds, and still, even though this may seem like an odd choice, many ladies prefer going commando rather than wearing underwear. But why is it called “going commando”? Why not something else? 

Keep reading ahead, and you will find answers to all the questions you might have about not wearing underwear.

Why Not Wearing Underwear is referred to as “commando”? 

If this term is new for you, and if someone said that they are “going commando”, it is another slang way of saying they are not wearing underwear.  

When you’re not wearing any underwear, you are ready to go at any moment, just like those elite soldiers trained to be ready to fight at a moment’s notice. Maybe this is how this word came into existence in the first place. 

Still, many women prefer not wearing underwear, occasionally and some even do regularly. After all, even going commando has its own benefits.

Benefits of Going Commando

Benefits of Going Commando

Not wearing underwear sure does have many benefits that remained unspoken off. Here are the benefits of not wearing underwear for women: 

  • Reduce the risk of infections

Wearing underwear, especially a non-breathable one, can lockdown and trap moisture down your private parts. Generally, the bacterias responsible for infections thrive in warm and moist environments, and not wearing underwear reduces the risk of developing infections.

  • Reduce odor

Sometimes, wearing underwear that isn’t properly breathable or doing heavy workouts, you might experience vaginal odour or smell, which is mainly due to trapped moisture and sweat. But, don’t worry, as going commando will reduce vaginal odours and smells to a minimum as there is more airflow in your genital parts.

  • Reduce discomfort and chafing 

Many women face issues like chafing or discomfort due to their underwear regularly, which can easily be avoided by not wearing one. Sometimes wet underwear makes chafing and discomfort worse. An increase in breathability allows your sweat to evaporate easily.

  • Prevents genital injury 

The labia outside your vagina are made from tissues similar to the lips and are delicate. Suppose you wear tight underwear made of artificial fabrics. 

In that case, it can rub onto your delicate skin, irritating the labia and the skin around them, resulting in damaged skin and exposure to injury, bleeding, rashes or even infections. Not to mention the level of discomfort accompanying pain it causes.

Going commando won’t bring such problems as chafing or damage, but if you still want to keep wearing underwear, choose a loose one or one made with more natural fabrics.

  • No allergic reactions

Many people have sensitive skin, and underwears contain artificial dyes, fabrics, and chemicals that can cause allergic reactions resulting in bumps, rashes, blisters, or irritation onto your sensitive skin.

If this is not taken seriously and taken care of or treated immediately, this may cause more severe reactions that can cause tissue damage and even infections.

Eliminating underwear from your clothing list means you have got one less piece of clothing to worry about, so you don’t have to worry about any type of allergic reaction or sensitive skin problems.

  • You may see less discharge 

Wearing underwear may prevent proper ventilation in your genial areas, leading to more discharge. Well, vaginal discharges may not be the most discussed topic, but you may actually observe less discharge if you stop wearing underwear.

Less moisture ultimately means reduced chances of getting prone to infections or reactions mainly caused due to improper breathability and moisture.

How Often Do Women go Commando?

Although not wearing any underwear might not fit into the regular norms, it is quite common for women occasionally. This is just not one of the most discussed topics among any group of people but let’s be honest everyone has gone commando at least once in their lifetime.

After all, it all depends on how comfortable you feel with or without your underwear and at what times. 

It is hard to tell by numbers as there are different types of women with different choices and bodies. Some don’t wear underwear at all, even on regular days. On the other hand, some wear them only occasionally.

Some women choose to wear underwear under skirts, but many don’t wear it under gym pants or while running. Some may wear it throughout the day but take off their underwear during sleep, or others may have special sets only for special nights. 


Not wearing underwear has its perks. It still depends on how comfortable you feel around without your underwear, though most women feel more comfortable it depends if it is regularly as there are some who are not used to going commando, or consider it specifically during sleeping or home alone.

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