Who doesn’t like a nice breeze up your leg, right? And it is essential to have good circulation to keep your man-parts cold. 

But choosing the right underwear to keep your testicles cool can be an arduous task.

That’s why let us help you by showing you the best products available in the market for this right now.

9 Best Underwear to Keep Testicles Cool 

Hanes Men’s Boxer Brief

Hanes Men's Boxer Brief

These boxer briefs are known for their comfort. They did keep me a lot cooler and dryer when I wore them in the summers. It was scorching hot, and anything that could keep me any cool down there, I had decided to try. That is when I used this underwear, and I’m glad I did. 

In the winters, you usually don’t have to worry about such stuff, but it’s an entirely different scenario in the summers.

After experiencing how cool and comfortable they were, I immediately ordered a bunch more for everyday use. That’s how much I ended up liking them so much.

I loved their  “Ultimate X-Temp Active Cool Boxer Brief.” variant as it was amazingly lightweight, soft, did its job with zero discomforts.

On the other hand, while the “Red Label X-Temp Cool Long Leg Boxer Brief” variant is finely made and is a solid product, it’s much heavier than the previous variant. Couple that with the noticeably longer legs it has, and you’re always keenly aware of wearing them.

This is perhaps the only problem in an otherwise perfect product. These are available in 2 colors and can be bought in sets of 3.

What we like

  • Extremely cool for testicles because of the unique fabric.

What we don’t like

  • A little too long and maybe uncomfortable for some.

Wirarpa Men’s Underpants 

Wirarpa Men's Underpants 

These pairs of underwear provide excellent support for your balls, and with their elastic covered waistband, you will have a guaranteed itch-free experience. This underwear covers the front and the back very well and has a lot of room for moving around comfortably.

Although these provide good support, they are not suitable for lounging around. Staying in one place for a long time may turn out to be a problem if you’re wearing these.

A problem I faced with this underwear was that they were tough to dry. I washed nylon, cotton, and this underwear together, and an hour later, the nylon was dry, two hours later, the cotton was dry, but the Wirarpa were still wet after eight hours. 

But the fabric makes up for it and the waistband, which is smooth against the skin, also leaves absolutely no marks. These come in 3 colors and can be bought in sets of 3. These are relatively much shorter in size, so be aware of this before buying them.

What we like

  • Provide excellent support for your man parts
  • Good quality elastic waistband

What we don’t like

  • Hard to dry because the fabric is slightly on the thicker side.

Tony Hawk Boxer Briefs

Tony Hawk Boxer Briefs

The fit of this underwear is what sets them apart from the other products here. These underwear fit like a glove. However, they are not overly tight. A very snug fit, and they also don’t ride up during use. This makes this one of the most comfortable-fitting underwear I’ve ever used.

 After using them for a few weeks, I can easily say I was surprised by them. Their fit seems to be perfect. I also felt much cooler down below the belt. These don’t have the front flap, although a slight disadvantage isn’t that huge a deal. 

These also did not ride up my leg as most of the regular boxer briefs do. 

If we talk about their design, the best thing to say is that they are more stylish and sleek than most boxer briefs. They also happen to have durability because of their stretchable fabric and have a long lifespan.

 Perhaps the only problem that I faced with this underwear was that they were quite tough to wash, and the stains that stuck to them were hard to get out. Other than this, they were the perfect underwear to keep your man parts cool. These come in multiple colors and can be bought in sets of 12.

What we like

  • Great fit that sticks to your body perfectly
  • Don’t ride up regardless of the motions you do

What we don’t like

  • Tough to wash, and it isn’t easy to remove stains from this.

Coodyake Men’s Jockstrap

Coodyake Men's Jockstrap

When exercising, you must choose the correct underwear to ensure your testicles remain cool and comfortable. These jockstraps are perfect for that. 

They have a great design that fits perfectly and ensures everything remains where it should be. It’s also very supportive and will give your man parts ample assistance during excessive movement. 

The front part of this underwear fits quite oddly. Also, the pouch is narrow and low and but the waistband fits quite well around the hips. However, I felt that the pouch was not in the correct position. I felt like it should be a couple of inches higher for a  good fit. 

I also found the quality construction to be quite good. Almost perfect except for the pouch, which is not all that great of a fit, especially for a larger than average build.

These are available in 5 colors and can be bought both in sets and individually.

What we like

  • Good fit for exercises
  • Provides adequate support

What we don’t like

  • The small size of the pouch

Calvin Klein Body Mesh 

Calvin Klein Body Mesh 

Calvin Klein, which has skewed very conservative in cut and style for men’s underwear for the better part of 10 years now, has finally provided us with underwear with an all-new design and style.

 The main aim behind the design of this is not comfort or fit, and it aims to have attractive-looking underwear that you can feel confident to be seen in. 

These incidentally also happen to be very breathable and are very soft against your skin. However, the waistband may leave a few marks on your rear side with continuous use. 

These also happen to be very supportive for your testicles as they hold them in their place quite easily. 

But before buying them, you have to know that they have extremely low durability and will tear quite easily.

The back panel has a ‘nubby’ texture that will imprint onto your skin and may not be comfortable for long periods of sitting – not advisable if you are about to get on an airplane or going for a long drive.

You can only buy these in one color, and they do not come in sets.

What we like

  • Super breathable because of light fabric

What we don’t like

  • Tear easily due to low durability of the fabric

Jockmail Men Jock Straps 

Jockmail Men Jock Straps 

A pair of underwear guaranteed to make you look more desirable is explicitly made for this function. However, with that said, buy a size up from what the guide says.

Remember, Asian companies are selling products for Asian people, who are on average smaller than non-Asians. With all of this said, it is a low-rise jockstrap with amazing quality.

 For the money I spent on this, this jockstrap has a higher quality than many of the much more expensive counterparts pairs I’ve bought. Some of the cotton jockstraps I’ve bought often let the goods loose due to too small a pouch, but this one has excellent support. 

It is also great for summers when you visit the swimming pool because nylon is cool and dries fast, and these go well with your swimming trunks.

A downside of these is that they should only be used in the bedroom or lazing around the house. I would suggest you not wear this outside to any events or gatherings. These come in four colors and cannot be bought in sets.

What we like

  • Attractive because of unique fit and style

What we don’t like

  • Recommended for Home Use only

Thsissue Men’s Boxer Briefs

Thsissue Men's Boxer Briefs

This underwear is known for its unique fabric – the 95% Modal 5% spandex fabric has the softness of silk and the breathability of Modal. It has the same softness as cotton and the same general lustre of silk. 

What’s more surprising is that its water absorption and breathability are better than cotton.

The waistband is a good size – not so small it cuts into you, but not so big you think you’re wearing a boxing title belt. The material covering the side of the outside of the hips and thighs is perforated, which makes the briefs breathe well. 

I was concerned that this would impact the durability, but it turns out it does not. This underwear has surprisingly high durability for a fabric that is this soft. 

That being said, this underwear has its disadvantages. The first being that these rides up quite easily and can also be problematic when worn with jeans or trousers. 

The second and possibly the worst is that the inner seams are uncomfortable and very easily leave marks. These come in 4 colors and can be bought in sets of 4.

What we like

  • These underwear provide an excellent fit for your body.
  • They have a fabric that is much softer than the majority of the products.

What we don’t like

  • These tend to ride up easily

Evankin Mesh Boxer Briefs 

Evankin Mesh Boxer Briefs 

First, to get fit out of the way, you must follow the sizing guide. At 6’1″ with a 36-inch waist, I generally wear a large size in US sizing, but for this product, their sizing chart guided me to an XXL, which albeit surprising, fit very well.

Moving along, these may be the perfect underwear. It’s not about the fit but rather how they make you feel within yourself. These are light, provide great support, and, best of all, feel like you’re not wearing anything.

For those of you who go commando frequently but miss the support conventional underwear offers, I suggest you go with these mesh boxer briefs.

The only problem I faced with this underwear was that these lost their elasticity after a couple of washes and were a little uncomfortable to use. But apart from that, these were great and a good buy. These come in four colors and can be bought in sets of 4.

What we like

  • The material of this underwear is extremely lightweight

What we don’t like

  • The fabric loses its elasticity after a couple of washes

5Mayi Boxer Briefs 

5Mayi Boxer Briefs 

I subscribe to George Costanza’s theory that if a guy has enough socks and underwear, he can put off doing laundry indefinitely. 

This is why I ordered more of these immediately after trying a pair of this underwear for a few days because these are some of the best fitting and most comfortable pairs of underwear that I have ever bought.

Perfect fit in the waist without being too tight, and they fit snug around the legs. Plus, they are an outstanding value which is a huge benefit.

You will like these. They stay put and do not trap your man parts like some of the other brands out there. The band also stays put around the waist.

If you’re a little hefty, then these are for you, I went a size lower than my normal pant size, and it’s perfect. They don’t pull your leg hairs or feel like a rubber band on the bottom.

The only problem I noticed with these was that they had low durability. These come in only one color and can be bought in sets of 5.

What we like

  • Provide a snug fit 

What we don’t like

  • Low durability

Factors to consider before buying underwear to keep your testicles cool

Material of product

There are mainly two types of fabric used for this purpose – mesh and cotton/spandex mix – there are other variations of this fabric, but these are the two most important ones;

  • Mesh

Mesh underwear is made out of a lightweight material that allows for breathability. The underwear is often worn for sports or in hot climates where they are more comfortable than traditional underwear styles. 

It is a material that’s not only breathable but keeps you cool and dry while you’re wearing it. Amongst our products, Evankin Mesh Boxer Briefs has the best mesh fabric.

  • Cotton and spandex blend

This blend is suitable for those people who prefer comfort above all else.

Although they don’t stretch much, they make up for it with their best-in-class softness, and this blend is also great for keeping your man parts cool and dry as the cotton absorbs all the dampness from the underwear.

Amongst our products, 5Mayi Boxer Briefs has the best Cotton and spandex blend.

Type of fit

To keep your testicles cool, two types of fits are best suited for this;

  • Jockstrap

Jockstraps are typically worn by males participating in sports, athletics, or other vigorous activities. 

This undergarment provides support by holding your man parts close to your body, protecting these sensitive parts from harm.

These also have a more sensual and appealing look to themselves. Jockmail Men Jockstraps has the best fit amongst our products in this category.

  • Boxer briefs

Whether you’re dressing up for a formal occasion or heading out for a night with the guy’s boxer briefs are your guys when you’re wearing straight, slim or skinny bottoms. 

You can wear them with anything from your slim-fitting jeans to your straight-cut chinos and tailored dress pants. 

Not only do these add extra support, but the more fitted style of the boxer brief reduces bunching and ensures a more streamlined look from waist to hem.

 Amongst our products, Hanes Men’s Boxer Brief is the best.


Just like with most underwear, quality underwear pays off in the long run. And, it is not necessary for every pair of underwear in your closet to be the best; choose your activity and then the pair of underwear that suits it best. 

Durability is an investment, and you have to choose suitable underwear according to your needs and use before buying them. Wirarpa Men’s Underpants have the highest durability here.

Size of ball pouch

When buying underwear to keep your testicles cool, a huge factor that you need to consider is a “ball pouch.” A ball pouch is typically a contoured protruding made specifically to accommodate your testicles.

It keeps them cool and gives them ample support and comfort. Usually, the bigger the size of the ball pouch, the better it is for your testicles.

Among our products, 5Mayi Boxer Briefs has a large ball pouch, perfect for giving your testicles the best support they could get.

Product care

A pair of underwear is only as good as how you handle them, washing and drying them are essential steps to ensure the longevity and comfort of your underwear.

If you are the type not to handle your underwear well and generally don’t pay any extra attention to them, I would suggest you go with underwear that has better durability so that you can use them for longer without worrying about how to take care of them.

 Hanes Men’s Boxer Brief is the easiest to take care of from our option of underwear.

Finally, here’s our pick for the best underwear to keep your testicles cool:-

Hanes Men’s Boxer Brief is without a shred of doubt the best. It is soft, comfortable, and has a great fit. Its fabric will help keep yourself cool 24*7 and keep your man parts secure and dry.

Especially when there is nothing better than this underwear in a hot and humid environment, these are the perfect underwear for you if you want always to keep yourself cool down there.

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