My brother recently got vasectomized, and to make life easier for him, I chose to give him the most convenient underwear recommended by users and medical professionals for vasectomized men.

For a healthier and more hygienic life, underwear plays a very vital role. It is essential to consider which underwears are most beneficial for recently vasectomized men.

So, I went through lots of review articles and recommendations in search of the best underwear to wear after vasectomy. And I found Natural Feelings Boxer Briefs for Men to be the perfect fit for vasectomy recovery.

For making a more open and useful choice for you to choose from, here are the seven best underwear to wear if you have recently undergone a vasectomy.

Let’s have a look.

Best Underwear For Vasectomy Reviewed

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Natural Feelings Boxer Briefs for Men

Natural Feelings Boxer Briefs for Men

Natural Feelings Boxer Briefs for Men are the best and most convenient underwear that you can wear to have a healthier recovery after vasectomy. This guarantees that you have a recovery period without any stress or worries. You won’t be feeling any unnecessary pain in these.

I have gifted them to my brother, who had recently undergone a vasectomy and seeing him lounging around comfortably in them, I can say that he indeed loves this pair. He even thanked me a million times for this product. According to him, it is very comfortable and doesn’t give any kind of pressure or pain when moving around.

The comfort in these pairs is great. You will not feel any kind of inconvenience, and you can relax in them comfortably. Additionally, the longer leg length is ideal for any man, ensuring that you can move freely without having your skin rub against their upper thighs. The cotton and spandex blend is perfect, as cotton offers absolute softness while spandex offers excellent flexibility.

What we like :

  • This pack of 5 makes it worth the money.
  • Offers excellent softness and comfort

What we dislike:

  • It does not prevent body odor

Aserlin Men’s Boxer Briefs

Aserlin Men’s Boxer Briefs

If you are looking for affordable underwear and at the same time offer a pack that contains multiple pairs with several designs, then Aserlin Men’s Boxer Briefs are just for you. They offer a wide range of leg lengths, so if you want the leg length to be your preferred size, this has got you covered.

The cotton and spandex blend is the best combo anyone can wish for in a regular comfortable boxer brief. Cotton is undoubtedly the softest and comfortable material. It offers excellent breathability and moisture-wicking properties. It prevents sweat accumulation that can cause severe infections in the long run.

While cotton offers softness, spandex complements it by providing great flexibility. It makes the product firm and holds it in place all day. It lets you move freely without worrying about any kind of ride-up or roll-up. But you should keep in mind even if it offers flexibility, you must not perform any type of rough work during your recovery period.

What we like :

  • Affordable
  • Options for variable leg lengths

What we dislike :

  • After several washes, the softness fades away

Calvin Klein Men’s Ultra Soft Boxer Briefs

Calvin Klein Men’s Ultra Soft Boxer Briefs

It was so obvious, and you surely expected Calvin Klein to be there on this list. Nothing surprising for the brand leading the men’s underwear market for a few decades now. This brand has covered all the domains that must be considered and taken care of when it comes to underwear.

So, it is expected that they will keep in mind the problems that men face after they have undergone a vasectomy, and they have taken care of that amazingly. They have designed the perfect boxer briefs for vasectomized men so that they can have a swift and painless recovery.

The modal material is one of the most firm and durable fabrics in the market. It is undoubtedly very soft and has amazing stretchability in its design. This stretchability and flexibility are further enhanced by elastane which allows complete freedom in your movement. Additionally, the product can also be used after your recovery due to its gorgeous look and style.

What we like:

  • Soft material
  • Very flexible

What we dislike:

  • No separate fly pouch

Papi Men’s Cotton Jock Strap

Papi Men’s Cotton Jock Strap

For men who don’t like wearing a jockstrap for seven days in a row without changing it out don’t have to worry at all. This underwear made from cotton from Papi Men’s is one of the most affordable products in the market. It is very comfortable as well. You won’t be feeling the usual stiffness that some of the jockstraps give.

These boxer briefs for years have perfect tightness. They also provide amazing support to your private parts so they won’t be swaying around unpleasantly and make you feel uncomfortable. This is especially important as you will need as much comfort as possible to make you feel relaxed.

The material is smooth/non-irritating, and the support is excellent. The design is well-built and firm. Even after using it for several months, the fabric won’t deteriorate. As per several reviews by users, they are very convenient and offer enough and better support than many other boxers.

What we like:

  • Great support
  • Tightness is very convenient

What we dislike:

  • The straps can become loose after some time

Adolph Men’s Boxer Briefs

Adolph Men’s Boxer Briefs

The Adolph Men’s Boxer Briefs are a kind of unique pair. Its length is like that of a brief, but it offers comfort just like an ideal boxer. The design of the product provides breathability and proper airflow. This is very important and should always be considered as adequate airflow will help keep your private parts dry and fresh.

The unique cotton-spandex blend is ideal, and you must always go for this combination, and if you have undergone vasectomy recently, then it is a must for you. During your recovery, you will need proper comfort that helps you relax your body, and at the same time, you must be able to move freely to ensure proper blood flow.

And because of these requirements, cotton, and spandex become the ideal kind of material for your underwear. Cotton is a very soft and smooth material and has windows for ensuring proper airflow, and this helps prevent sweat and moisture from accumulating and causing infections. Spandex is ideal for free movement and flexibility.

What we like:

  • Prevents ride-up
  • Excellent moisture-wicking properties

What we dislike:

  • Short leg-length

BSHETR Men’s Athletic Supporters Jockstrap

BSHETR Men's Athletic Supporters Jockstrap

BSHETR Men’s Athletic Supporters Jockstrap is just an eyecatcher for anyone. The color and design of the underwear are awesome and look very cool. But not only in look but in its service also this product outstands many other jockstraps. It will give you complete comfort during your recovery period.

It’s polyester and spandex material offers excellent stretchability. The material is of high quality, improves your shape, and helps maintain a proper posture while focusing on your work. It will stay firm to your waist and prevent any kind of ride-up. It also has a butt-support system that will give extra support to your lower body.

It has an inbuilt mesh pouch that is very handy. It is very spacious and keeps your private parts in separate pockets, and prevents any kind of clanking. It is also helpful as it provides extra space for accommodation so that you do not feel suffocated. This also keeps your pants in place and prevents any kind of awkward situation.

What we like:

  • Great stretchability
  • Mesh pouch for space

What we dislike:

  • The material shrinks after few washes

Fruit of the Loom Men’s Cotton Underwear

Fruit of the Loom Men’s Cotton Underwear

For men who prefer briefs over anything else and have a special liking towards them, Fruit of the Loom Men’s Cotton Underwear is the best choice. Although briefs are not the most comfortable kind of underwear for most of us but to people who feel that briefs are more suitable for them, this product is the best choice.

It has a pure cotton-based design. This makes it the most comfortable underwear in its field. Cotton is always accompanied by excellent moisture-wicking, breathability, and softness, and this product is no exception. It also has a very soft touch and does not let sweat and moisture sit on your skin.

It absorbs the moisture quickly and additionally dries up even faster. This property is considered very hygienic by medical professionals as it reduces the chances of infections and rashes, which can lead to serious medical conditions in the long run. It has a tag-free design that excludes those irritating tags that constantly rub against your skin and sometimes bruise them.

What we like:

  • Soft cotton material
  • High-quality design

What we dislike:

  • Not for people who don’t like briefs

How to Choose Underwear After a Vasectomy?

Type of Underwear: Boxers, Briefs or boxer-briefs

Boxers are the generally open-ended, breathable kind of underwear. In contrast, briefs are liked among men who lean toward a moderate, tight plan, and boxer briefs include the smartest possible solution to make a perfectly sized, slick plan, including the qualities of both boxers and briefs. 

All things considered, while each of the three has its benefits, boxer briefs are the best decision. Their more tight, more steady style is meant to support your lower body and crotch without suffocating them. This not just makes them the most comfortable clothing for everything from a night out to lazy weekends, it additionally makes them more fit as underwear to wear after a vasectomy.

Natural Feelings Boxer Briefs for Men have all the great qualities that must be there in comfortable underwear and is the best choice to wear after a vasectomy.

Material of the underwear

There are several clothing materials for underwear to be made from. These include cotton, spandex, polyester, and modal, to name a few.


Cotton is considered the most comfortable choice when it comes to softness and durability. Moreover, it is natural and more suited for breathability as compared to synthetic fabrics.

Natural Feelings Boxer Briefs for Men are the best natural cotton underwear.

Spandex or polyester

Spandex and polyester are the best choices if you want proper flexibility and tightness in your underwear. Still, I won’t recommend them to be used after vasectomy as they don’t offer breathability and can be itchy sometimes.

But if you feel these materials suit you, then BSHETR Men’s Athletic Supporters Jockstrap is the best choice.


Modal and micro-modal materials are strong and mainly suitable for rough work, and they can become stiff if not properly washed, so special care must be taken while washing them. Calvin Klein Men’s Ultra Soft Boxer Briefs are the best modal underwear after vasectomy.

Are jockstraps suitable?

In today’s life, physicians and doctors are recommending jockstraps for men who have gone through vasectomy. These are usually designed for athletes who are involved in high-mobility sports.

But since jockstrap’s design is meant to hold your private parts in place without constraining them so you can use them during recovery, they will promote the recovery process and not damage any recovering nerves.

Papi Men’s Cotton Jock Straps are the best and most comfortable cotton jockstraps best suited for recovery after a vasectomy.

Our verdict

The best underwear for recovery after vasectomy is boxer briefs. 

Offering the best comfort from conventional boxers with better grip from briefs, this sort of underwear is the most comfortable solution that promotes the whaling process. 

The kind of material used in the underwear will have a massive impact on comfort, but always go for something lightweight, breathable, and offers the least pressure whenever buying underwear.

If you follow these points, you will have the most pleasant recovery, and you can wear these underwear even after recovery.

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