I have had many good and bad experiences with underwear till now. I have spent so much on expensive underwear to find the one which I could call the “BEST”.

I went around surfing all over the internet to find and try out the best underwear which was not very costly but offered a quality experience. Some were too costly but not worth the price, but luckily I was able to find the best cheap underwear for women.

I have tried a variety of underwear, from the expensive one to the cheap and I came across Fruit Of The Loom Women’s Coolblend Panties. These were the best Panties overall. They are low in price but still provide the ultimate benefits.

Of course, different people have different opinions according to one’s liking and body type. As you keep reading ahead, I have listed the best cheap underwear for women which I have already tried and tested for your better understanding.

List Of Best Cheap Underwear For Women

I have listed 10 best cheap underwear for women as well as reviews for every product:

Wirarpa Women’s Soft Cotton Briefs

Wirarpa Women's Soft Cotton Briefs

These underwear are really good. They have Soft stretchy fabric covered waistband which sits right at my waist after I wore it for the first time. Even while taking a nap or doing my regular things I experienced no rolling or bunching problems. I gained a little weight in the past few months, they really seemed useful for me as they are high rise underwear and reduce the appearance of muffin tops while giving support to the tummy and they offer a nice soothing feeling.

They are really comfortable and give full coverage. The cotton felt soft on my skin. I would not consider wearing a tight or a snuggy top as tummy lines or we can say high lines of the underwear are visible through the top.

These underpants also kept me dry as they are breathable, sweat wicking, and comfy. It has a wide range of options for colors. I choose to go with nude colours as they are high waist too. I wear them all the time at home, while sleeping and everyday.

They do not ride up and are stretchy enough to make you feel comfortable too. After wearing they don’t feel too tight or too loose they just fit comfortably but sometimes I have to deal with them while getting on and off as then they feel pretty tight and elasty.

What I like

  • Comfortable and soft
  • Reduce the appearance of muffin tops
  • Stay in place

What I don’t like

  • Shows tummy lines on tight tops

R RUXIA Women’s Hipster Panties

R RUXIA Women's Hipster Panties

For this amount of money, I think they are quite good. They don’t show up when I wear them under my tight jeans and skirts, but under leggings and yoga pants they are not perfectly seamless. The fabric is very soft and stretchy. 

They do not ride-up and stay in place all day. I wear them while sleeping too. As the underwear have no tags, so it doesn’t cause irritation or scratching and they don’t look bad on my body either. I can recommend you to use these as your everyday panties. 

They are also breathable & healthy, perfect for period panties. The fabric seemed very thin, but not see through. The waistband sits right at the waist and it’s soft and stretchy. They don’t feel tight or uncomfortable around the waist but manage to hug perfectly. 

This underwear fits me very well. The homeless area also has a large coverage area. It is neither too tight nor too loose. The materials are all synthetic so I know I don’t have to worry about shrinking, but after a few washes they do get affected a little.

What I like

  • They are breathable 
  • Tag-less
  • Stay in place
  • Soft and stretchy fabric

What I don’t like

  • Not totally seamless

Fruit Of The Loom Women’s Coolblend Panties

Fruit Of The Loom Women's Coolblend Panties

I would like to say that this is one of the best underwear that kept me comfortable and cool throughout the day in hot weather. After workouts or runnings these panties did a good job to wick away moisture and cool you down in hot temperatures. I really like them and wear them while I exercise.

They have thin fabric, but the crotch area is cotton and the panels are very breathable, so they are comfortable and cool for me. These panties are label-free and are made of 100% cotton lining, which feels softer on my skin.

They wick moisture nicely. They stay in place and pull moisture away from your body. They also dry fast after a wash. Probably even faster than cotton underwear in some cases. They also felt extremely comfortable.

The classic bikini silhouette sits slightly above the hips, a moderate sense of rise, and provides moderate cushion coverage. They don’t ride up in the back, and don’t roll down in the front even in my sleep. The soft waist and leg straps also have unique advantages to increase comfort during the day. 

What I like

  • Fabric is light, soft and comfortable
  • 100% cotton lining
  • Wick away moisture

What I don’t like

  • Not true to size

Wingslove High-Cut Brief Panty

Wingslove High-Cut Brief Panty

I found out about these Plus Size High Waist briefs.They were bigger than the normal one I normally wear, as it already says “plus size”. I am generally not into plus size panties but after trying these underwear I might think about reconsidering.

I always go with nude colours when it comes to big panties, so it took me a second to decide which color to buy. But it was available in many basic colors. They are very comfortable and good for daily use too as they stay in place throughout the day.

The fabric covers all sides of the leg openings, goes a little high on the waist and offers full front and back coverage. I didn’t experience any pinching or discomfort due to the waistband as it is covered in fabric and provides maximum stay-up power. 

The elastic and fabric aren’t tight at all. It stays and doesn’t ride up or down. They don’t shrink at all after a wash and are really durable. I wore them under a tight dress but there were no panty lines so they looked quite seamless. Dark colours should be washed separately.

What I like

  • Comfortable to wear
  • Good for daily use
  • Does not sharing after washing

What I don’t like

  • No small size available

Kalon Women’s Nylon Spandex Thong Underwear

Kalon Women's Nylon Spandex Thong Underwear

I wear these underwear during workouts or sometimes all day long and they really are amazing. They are also breathable and are available at a reasonable price. They are made of soft and flexible nylon spandex fabric.

They are really comfortable to wear as they are super soft and the fabric also appeared a little stretchy to me. It had that great ribbed upper band to ensure the underwear will stay up and doesn’t roll down. 

Here is the best part about them which I didn’t get to see much on other panties, they have the logo, size, materials and all that printed onto the underwear themselves.

Although they are as comfortable as putting on a second layer of skin, I sometimes see the line on the upper back through my leggings and other thinner pants. I don’t think they are best suited for dresses or pants that require seamless underwear. The top strap of the underwear is taller and a little thick.

What I like

  • True to size
  • Size, logo, materials are all printed on underwear itself

What I don’t like

  • Not seamless

ATTRACO Women’s Cotton Brief Panties

ATTRACO Women's Cotton Brief Panties

I bought these underwear as they looked really nice, they are not just plain panties but also give a different look after wearing. These cotton panties are extremely soft on skin and they have no pilling problem. They are good with air permeability. They were very comfortable and breathable. 

My back side gets fully covered, it also shows a little bit of curves, I don’t have much curves to show to be honest. The waistband was really stretchy so it was not at all tight on my waist. They don’t stretch out, they don’t roll down or show bunching at all. 

If you want breathable and comfortable underwear it can be a perfect choice. Crotch for added protection, sweat wicking, and healthy

Odor resistance and moisture wicking performance technology, keeps you fresh and feeling dry throughout your day

The lace adds a sexy look to it and it also helps prevent underwear lines from passing through clothing. They caused no marks and no irritation on my skin, maybe because cotton panties are very soft and it has high elastic.

Mostly dark colours are available in these underwear and light colours are too less which I prefer the most. But as for the price, the quality and durability of these underwear is really good. It wore it for a few months and yet they never ripped, had holes, looked stretched, or had worn out lace.

What I like

  • Quality and durability of product is good
  • Moisture wicking
  • Gives Different look

What I don’t like

  • Not many options for light colours are available

Caramel Cantina Boy Short Panties

Caramel Cantina Boy Short Panties

If you have curves and you want something that fits you perfectly then this is the best option you could have. These are some really nice plus size panties.

They are super soft and fabric is so stretchy that it hugs and moves with your body to provide the ultimate comfort. It’s good that they don’t have tags which makes them tagstickle free. It covers my butt and backside fully. It’s also good for everyday use, wear in gyms or during workouts.

Everything is fine except the sizing of these underwear. It says “Some find that the sizing runs slightly large due to the stretchiness of the fabric; however, this can depend on body shape”,

and the same happened to me, I have a slim body with less curves and fat. 

I only wore them a few times and they kind of slip down. I really like it’s soft fabric, its colour is also good and comfort level but they don’t stay up. I have to adjust them, and pull them up a few times throughout the day. I stopped wearing it since then but in terms of quality and comfort they are excellent.

What I like

  • Really comfy
  • Made of good fabric

What I don’t like

  • Slip down ( Won’t recommend for slim people)

La Volupte Breathable Cotton Thong Panties

La Volupte Breathable Cotton Thong Panties

Its a good underwear available. It is made up of high quality material and it does not irritate the skin. It has been the most skin friendly underwear I have ever used and being made up from a softer material gives us a baby-like feeling while wearing it.

Second thing I liked about them is that you can use them for daily use too as they are easily washable and don’t lose their colour. They are better hand washed.

They are stretchable and fit for every body type. Even after pregnancy when my belly grew they got adjusted with my growing belly as they are stretchable.

And they come at a very cheap price so it’s mostly affordable for me to buy  a few pairs of them. But due to their cheap price also comes a disadvantage that they are not long lasting.

What I like

  • They are cheap.
  • Easy to wash.
  • Stretchable and good fit.

What I don’t like

  • Not that long lasting (it’s only disadvantage)

COSOMALL Women’s Cotton Lace Panties

COSOMALL Women's Cotton Lace Panties

I had a great experience with these panties.

The main thing I like about these panties is they can be washed with hands and in a machine too.

They are made up from thick cotton material which makes them soft and comfy but this comes with a drawback too as it causes sweat if they are to be wore for a longer duration of time which can cause pimples sometimes.

They look really attractive and sexy to curvy girls. I have gotten this as the best benefit from them, it makes butt look more attractive and desirable.

They do not slip down my big butt and huge thighs, they enhance their beauty and these lace makes them feel amazing and confident.

After so many washes also their colour doesn’t wear off this is the key factor in any underwear you are looking to buy.

What I like

  • Can be hand or machine washed.
  • Perfectly suited for big butt’s.
  • They are stretchable.

What I don’t like

  • Couldn’t wear it for a really longer duration of time.

Closecret Women Comfort Cotton Stretch Hipster Panty

Closecret Women Comfort Cotton Stretch Hipster Panty

There are many things I liked about it, some of them are it’s comfortable elastic waistband which fits really well around my waist and I feel really comfortable and confident in these sorts of underwear.

It also gives me moderate back coverage. It feels confident to me as it covers my butt it’s really helpful. These underwear are amazing to wear. 

The best thing I found about these underwear is that I can easily wear them under my workout pants which help me to workout at a higher intensity and it fits perfectly.

They are hipster style panties. I regularly wear shorts at home and they go perfectly around and hip and fit really great with short pants and mini skirts.

They are made up with a smooth and sturdy material and come at a cheap price. They can be stretched and don’t ride up. They also feel comfortable around the crotch region.

The only thing I disliked about this underwear is as they are made up from a thicker material they get sweaty sometimes and are not most breathable.

What I like

  • Moderate back coverage.
  • Comfortable elastic waistband.

What I don’t like

  • Waistband gets loosened up after a few washes.
  • Being made up from thicker material.

A Guide To Buy Best Cheap Underwear For Women

Price of a product also varies with the materials and quality of the product. I have explained some features as well as examples for a better understanding, depending on which you can select the best underwear:

Use Of Fabric:

The best fabrics for underwear can be elegant and luxurious fabrics such as :

  • Lucent satin:This basically opaque glossy/shiny material is a high gloss fabric that is very light and breathable.

  • Silk Impression: It is an effective substitute for natural silk. It is described as soft and strong. It is a plain-weave polyester blended material made of fine yarn with a luster and translucent effect.

  • Mulmul: It is a fine and soft cotton muslin from India. It is transparent, delicate and lightweight, and is generally called the magic spiral or weaving style.

  • Jersey: Single knit cotton fabric known for its elasticity and softness. Due to the plain knitting method, it has a natural elasticity without using fibers such as elastic fibers.

  • Organza: It reveals an elegant sense of beauty and is the perfect material for making underwear. It can provide a slight firmness without adding weight, which is very suitable for underwear.

  • Princess latin satin: The front and back of the knitted lace are decorated with elegant silver satin, creating drama, texture and sexy. There is a slight stretch so it can move with you while still maintaining shape and clarity. This is a completely feminine fabric that can show off your figure and show off your curves.

  • Florentine mesh: Breathable and Transparent, very suitable for underwear. It flows completely, sliding down your body like water, you don’t even know you are using them. You can also make petticoats or cushions for other undergarments.

All of these will feel fine and smooth on your skin, will be placed where you need to cover, and will fit your body shape.

Cotton is an excellent choice and widely used for underwear. It’s easily available and a little bit cheaper than the other fabrics. Since vaginal discharge is similar to the water in the mouth, it is healthy, so you want underwear to gently absorb excess water. 

Generally full-length underwear generally made from synthetic fibers and can cause chafing and fabrics. Most moisture wicking fabrics are synthetic fibers. Wool is also believed to absorb moisture. Cotton is said to be a moisture-proof fabric.

Closecret Women Comfort Cotton Stretch Hipster Panty are cotton underwears with good quality fabric which is soft on skin.

Comfort And Fitting

Underwear should be comfortable and provide the best support for the day. Make sure the underwear fits well. It shouldn’t be too tight as it might cause discomfort, as well as abrasions and rashes, or too loose as they might slip off, to wear. It protects your private areas and sensitive areas.

Underwear that’s too tight (such as shapewear) can slow your circulation.

Rubbing clothes onto the sensitiv skin can cause pain or abrasions, which can lead to basic discomfort for the skin. Adding a protective layer between the outerwear allows the soft fabric to meet the needs of sensitive skin.

Cotton is the most commonly used fabric in underwear. It is soft and comfy. Cotton is absorbent and anything other than cotton will trap heat and moisture. Fruit Of The Loom Women’s Underwear Moisture Wicking Coolblend Panties fabric is light, soft and comfortable and it has 100% cotton lining.

Breathability And Air Flow

If you sweat frequently or are prone to rashes or abrasions, choose underwear with better breathability. You need more airflow and less water, especially when you exercise or jog in the morning. Many underwear look thin and breathable but they are not. 

This is because synthetic fibers can absorb heat and sweat. If you don’t allow the area to breathe and they absorb heat and moisture, you have a high chance of getting exposed to  yeast infections. 

We can say that the more natural the fabric, the better the air flow. This is why cotton underwear is almost the gold standard for breathable underwear, and bamboo is also a strong and lightweight choice.

Nowadays, any style of underwear can be found in breathable fabrics. Some synthetic underwear use a lightweight mesh design to provide more airflow, and if handled properly, the effect is as good as natural fabrics.

ATTRACO Women’s Cozy Brief Panties Soft Underwear Lace Trim Hipster is a good example for breathable underwears. They are moisture wicking and odor resistant.

Stretchability And Elasticity

Stretchability offers many advantages including comfort, fit, reduction in pucker, resistance, required fewer sizes, alterations, and greater design flexibility.

Underwear made of stretchable material or fabric tends to be more comfortable as it is not stiff and adjusts itself according to the person wearing it. Non stretchable fabrics might feel tight sometimes and wearing tight pants or underwear can cause yeast infections in people with womens.

People keep changing as time, and so do their bodies. For example, even if you gain weight in a few months you wouldn’t be facing much problem in fitting your underwear if it has a good stretchability and elasticity. You might feel it for the first time but after a few minutes I’ll become comfortable but in case of underwear without elasticity, they might not fit at all.

R RUXIA Women’s Hipster Panties Seamless Low-Rise Cheekini Panty Soft Stretch Bikini Underwear  panty is soft and made with stretchy fabric. They do not ride-up and stay in place all day.


You may find many products which might be cheap and provide an excellent service as you wish, but not only depending on my experience, I have done some research on every product and  reviews came to a conclusion that Fruit Of The Loom Women’s Coolblend Panties is Best Cheap Underwear For Women.

They are light, have a good breathability, Keep You Cool and are very Comfortable. They are made with soft material and moisture Wicking to Keep You Dry. And the best of all things, they are not at all costly. They fit right in the budget.

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