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Nylon-based underwear really bugs me as I’m not really comfortable with them itching around my skin which is why I had to switch to cotton underwear. 

Again, this is a hectic job since there are so many cotton underwear for women in the market. I had a hard time settling with something that suits my body. 

Then, I tested ten different underwear and found Calvin Klein Bikini-Panty to be the best overall cotton underwear for women. 

Most of the underwear comes in a pack with a comparatively fair price varying from 3 to 10 packs. The colors range from mild to bold, accompanying most women’s preference. 

Then finally, it’s time to drill down to the best underwear that I, being a woman, found the best for my body.

Best Cotton Underwear for Women Reviewed

Calvin Klein Bikini-Panty

Calvin Klein Bikini-Panty

One of the most exciting features of this brand is that it is carefully designed with a comfortable waistband in which the prominent brand Calvin Klien is imprinted. 

The cotton material of the underwear allows people to stretch and move around without any discomfort. It comes with an extra fabric which is the gusset made of cotton to add breadth and decrease uneasiness from tight clothes.

These days one of the most popular underwear styles is the bikini. Having this feature, the bikini panty lays between a brief and boy short, not being too old school or too sexy. It is pull-on closure as it can be worn easily without any buttons or zippers.

It is three-pair assorted with various colors and shades, from grey and white to breeze and plum terry. Its size varies from small to large.

Most women prefer to wear it when going to the gym as it decreases discomfort while sweating. 

What I like

  • Uniquely designed elastic waistband
  • Full rear coverage
  • Fit true to size
  • Fits remarkably with everyday styles and outfit

What I don’t like

  • Non-tag-free

Hanes Brief Panties 

Hanes Brief Panties

This product is perfect for those who put comfort over style. The cotton material plays a considerable role in absorbing moisture to keep you dry and comfy. The cotton material is uniquely preshrunk designed to prevent further shrinking after washing it repeatedly. 

It comes in six packs in different colors and yet with similar hues of black and white. Its size varies from M to 3XL.

The brief cut presents a higher rise and excellent seat coverage. It has a higher waistband that sits on your natural waist, allowing you to feel confident because it is designed for full coverage.  

The brief is specially designed to be high cut with great coverage at the back. The leg bands are designed for no ride up, which guarantees to stay all day long without any shift in position.

Hane’s brief is suitable for most outfits like high-rise jeans, skirts, and dresses. However, make sure to watch out for body-hugging garments like low-rise jeans or bodycon dresses.

What I like

  • Silky soft waistband 
  • It is tag-free
  • No ride up
  • No shrinkage 

What I don’t like

  • Visible panty lines

JUST MY SIZE Women’s Brief

JUST MY SIZE Women's Brief

One of the problems most women face while buying underwear isn’t only finding the perfect fabric but also size. This product is the best as it also targets plus-size women, ranging from 9 to 14 (US size). 

Because of its larger size, plus size women’s fear of riding up is guaranteed as it is not prone to move upward out of its proper position. 

It is available in brief and high waist briefs, allowing you to choose if you want underwear that lays a little above your waistline or if it stays around your waist.

It also comes in 6 packs with assorted white, blue, sky blue, black, pink, and colorful floral print.

Its brief nature makes it preferred by most women. It is designed with no pinch waistline made from a plush waistband, which combines rubber and soft looped cotton. This minimizes discomfort from tight hold, or decreases leave rub lines on the skin.

What I like

  • Elastic plush waistband 
  • No ride up
  • Pull on closure

What I don’t like

  • The size might sometimes be off size

Jockey Women’s Classic French Cut 

Jockey Women's Classic French Cut

This French cut underwear is unique in its color. It comes in 3 packs in black, white, and ivory color. What makes this underwear worth buying is the modern stripe lines it has for simple stripes with shades of black, white, and grey—also, sienna strips with shades of light yellowish, pink, and light pink color.

It gives extra comfort as it is designed for full coverage with slimming lines. Most women prefer it as it makes them feel more secure as they feature high-cut leg holes. The high cut on the leg holes is specifically designed to raise a bit above the widest part of the thigh for a better breath.

Jockey is perfect for those who are huge fans of high-waist jeans. They go well with office trousers or skirts. 

What I like

  •  100% cotton
  • No visible panty lines
  • Classic exposed white waistband 

What I don’t like

  • Frequent update of the size chart

Amazon Essentials Stretch Panty

Amazon Essentials Stretch Panty

This classic collection comes with a variety of colors of 10 packs. It comes with warm and cool prints, or if you want to keep it minimal, you can shoot for solid colors. Those interested in fancy patterns would like the pineapple pack or the floral print. 

Also, those who want collections of panties for special occasions like valentine’s day should definitely go for this pack. It has six beautiful pieces of red harnessed underwear for the occasion. 

They are made from breathable soft-textured cotton. Also, it minimizes shrinkage after continual washing because of its high-quality cotton. They are classic for stretch with medium back coverage yet perfectly comfortable. 

It has a variety of size range from X-small to 3X-large and you can pair them well with nearly every outfit, especially for tight dresses or skirts. 

What I like

  • Product updated often by customer feedback 
  • Variety of assorted colors
  • Tag-free 

What I don’t like

  • Large print is written in black at the back, visible when seen from outside.

Madeline Kelly Cotton Thong

Madeline Kelly Cotton Thong

Most women prefer Madeline’s thongs as it has moderate coverage on the front but none on the back. Also, comfort comes with freedom for some women, making this product flawless because of its prominence with minimal coverage, unlike other underwear styles. 

It has a combo of 6 solid colors, including grey, blue, white, and black. One of the best features of this product is the ultra-comfy cotton spandex with non-pinch microfiber elastic. 

It is also made up of a unique breathable and flexible material blended with spandex in a small amount to give it a lighter nature than other fabrics. This, as a result, makes it picture-perfect for summer or hot weather because of its minimal use of fabric. 

Madeline’s thongs might be your best friend when it comes to wearing garments with no panty line. They stick perfectly to your body form, making them the best choice for a skin-tight bodycon dress and pants. 

What I like

  • No visible panty lines
  • Non-pinch elastic
  • The design at the back is not too thin or thick

What I don’t like

  • Uncomfortable because of how it is designed at the back

Hanes Women’s Cotton Brief 

Hanes Women's Cotton Brief

It comes with assorted colors as it somehow embodies surprise and excitement. When you open the pack, you will find a blend of blue and purple colors with floral prints. The size varies from XS to 5XL. 

One of the most exciting attributes of this product is that it is made from cotton and ring-spun cotton. It is a yarn made by twisting and thinning the cotton strands to make an excellent, robust and soft cotton rope. This product is more durable and lasts longer than regular undergarments.

It is designed for full front and seat coverage. It has waist and leg slimming and flat lines to minimize visible panty lines. 

It has a special feature called the X-temp, a new fabric invention to control temperature and stress on the undergarment. It wicks moisture and keeps you dry all day. Because of this, if you plan to go to the gym, it is your way to go. Also, Hanes briefs give great coverage, which is perfect for short dresses. 

What I like

  • Durable after many washes
  • Ring-spun cotton
  • No ride up

What I don’t like

  • The waistline is made from polyester

INNERSY Women’s Cotton Hipster Panties

Hanes Women's Cotton Brief

One of the highlights of this brand is the attention it gives to plus size. The hipster is specially designed for curvy women from X-large to XXX-large. 

Also, they come with vibrant and light colors with strip lines, floral designs, or simply with dots. Many women prefer the vintage collection as the colors are solid and less saturated, making you feel like going back to old-time fashion. Also, the bright basic color assortment is beautiful as some of the colors look like your skin color.

It features the optimum coverage as it is not too bikinish or boyshorts.  They are preferred by most women whose comfort lies between being sexy and being preservative. 

Wearing Innersy hipster is figure-flattering, allowing you to look fantastic in any outfit effortlessly. Most women in favor of low-rise jeans choose this product because of its low-rise nature. They are preferred for their comfort in indoor and outdoor activities.

What I like

  • 100% cotton crotch 
  • Tag-free 
  • Vibrant and basic colors

What I don’t like

  • Thick and tight elastic waistband

Jessica Simpson Women’s Bikini Panties

Jessica Simpson Women's Bikini Panties

They come in a set of three with the perfect combination. It also has this cute ribbon in the middle for those who like extra decoration on their underwear. The beauty of this package is that the colors are assorted and vary by package. Color may differ, from cloud grey to wood rose.

Also, this is your lifeline for those suffering from a tight waistband. The strap is designed to keep its shape and resist stretching over time while still giving the best stretch every time.

Unlike other bikinis, they have lace trim details ideal for disregarding visible panty lines. In other words, they are designed for everyday comfort and could be worn with any garment.

What I like

  • Printed label at the back. 
  • Lace trim detail at the back
  • Made from light and soft cotton fabric

What I don’t like

  • Colors may vary by package

Calvin Klein Women’s Boyshort Panty

Calvin Klein Women's Modern Cotton Boyshort Panty

It is a product every woman needs to have in her underwear collection. One of the unique features of this product is its style which is the most comforting. Extra side and leg give ultimate comfort and support to your body, making your curves pop out. Unlike other underpants, which have thin lines, it minimizes cut line that the broad circular side feels comfortable and soft.

It comes in assorted colors of black, white, and grey shades. It fits smooth under clothing, giving complete coverage comfort with flattering waistlines. 

They are gentler on your skin compared to other types. It has stretchy lace at the seams with less irritating elastic bands. This reduces visible underwear lines.

Soft, flexible logo waistband retains shape after wear and stays put, without too much compression.

It is perfect for the perfect fit for a form-fitting dress, legging at the gym, or jeans. 

What I like

  • It has stretch fabric 
  • 100% cotton gusset 
  • Flexible logo waistband
  • Full coverage

What I don’t like

  • Prone to ride up

Guide to Buying The Perfect Cotton Underwear

What are you looking for? Searching for the perfect underwear might be tiresome. The goods news is that I will guide you through which one suits you best, considering your preferences and what you prioritize most. 

Which fabric?

Cotton: is the perfect material for trapping moisture and lessening itching, odor, or infectious diseases. JUST MY SIZE is perfect as the material isn’t only cotton but ring-spun cotton. It gives the product more quality, making it wearable during high humidity, especially in summers.

Nylon: is great for retaining its original color and size. However, it is not recommended for hot weather as it fails to absorb moisture.

Polyester: is the best when it comes to its lightweight property. However, unlike cotton, it is not breathable.

Is it comfortable? 

Seamless underwear: go for cotton products designed explicitly in underwear made from one material with less sewing around the leg cut.

Ringspun: the Hanes Women’s Signature Breathe Cotton Brief is a great product for its softer and more durable underwear.

Tag-free: Jessica Simpson’s Bikini is a great product with printed tags minimizing discomfort at the back.

No visible panty lines: underwear with less material at the edge like the  Madeline Kelly Women’s Cotton Thong would be great to decrease VPL.

Is it the style?

Thongs- if you plan to wear a tight dinner dress, you should vote for  Madeline Kelly thongs as it is perfect for no panty lines.

Bikinis: are comfortable as they are designed with less coverage giving room for freedom. 

Hipsters: are low-rise being perfect for low waist jeans and pants.

Boyshorts: super comfortable because they could be worn with short dresses or skirts.

Briefs: should be worn with non-body-hugging garments like jeans or baggy pants.

Is it your color preferences? 

Mild: if you are looking for light colors, you should definitely go for Hanes Women’s white and light pink assorted or body tone briefs.

Bold: if amazing striking color is your type, try the color combinations offered by Amazon’s essentials varying from fever dream colors or bright red colors. 

Solid: having solid colors of white or black is recommended because it can help you when you are wearing seethrough garments to minimize exposure.

Prints: mixing up solid colors with different patterns of stripes, dots, or even butterflies is also a great addition to your collection.

Assorted pack: Amazon Essentials is a great choice when it comes to color preferences. It has more than 20 options of mixed or same color underwear combo.

Is it the shape of your body? 

Round body: go for the high waist brief as it minimizes the fear of loosening the waistline as they are specially designed from wait bands that are not tight yet not loose. 

Hourglass: women with a thin waist should go for a bikini, thong, and hipster rather than a high-waisted brief to better their body shape. 

Plus size: you need to consider buying a product with no ride up  JUST MY SIZE Women’s Plus Size brief is the ideal product for you.

Is it affordable? 

Try to look for underwear that comes in a combo pack so that you can save extra money.

Do you have any more questions on the best underwear for women, I will happily assist you in buying high-quality and comfortable cotton underwear that suits you impeccably.


Among the many options, my personal preference would be Calvin Klein Bikini-Panty because of the comfort it provides me. I would definitely suggest going for this one. Calvin Klein is a known brand and the product also speaks the same.

Let me know if you have any more doubts regarding the same in the comments. I will be happy to help out.

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