Until almost a year ago I used to think that cotton underwear is the best in every aspect but my recent experiences have changed my opinion completely. I got introduced to new materials and products, “modal fiber” and modal underwear. After finding out about its various good features and also that it’s eco friendly, plus, some say it is even better than cotton, I know I have to try them.

As I came to know more about modal underwear and read its honest reviews and plus sides, I started to try out a variety of modal underwear. They were really good and I started using them more frequently.

While searching and trying out different styles and materials in modal underwear I came across this Jockey Women’s Underwear Supersoft French Cut underwear and trust me these were the best modal underwear I have ever used. 

If you are in search of the best modal underwear for you, just go through the list of 10 best modal underwear which I have mentioned below with my honest reviews about them. Along with this, I have also provided a guide to buying the best modal underwear, which might help you decide and choose which is more suitable.

Best Modal Underwear for Women Reviewed

Jockey Women’s Underwear Super Soft French Cut

Jockey Women’s Underwear Super Soft French Cut

Of Course, Jockey is a well-known brand and I have used underwear of this brand before too but this was my first time trying out their modal underwear. I have tried so many other modal underwears but these are the best in every way and the most flattering underwear I have ever used. 

It provides a high level of comfort. The fabric of this underwear is so light in weight which makes the underwear feel lighter as well after putting them on. Along with being light, its fabric is also very thin and the underwear doesn’t give a thick appearance through tight clothes, hence I am not worried about visible panty lines with these on. 

The cut of the leg helps to prevent a strong party line right at the thigh, but there is enough fabric over the rear to keep them from riding up underpants. I Like the way they hit on my hip and the leg area does not ride up, and they don’t have a huge or wide elastic band and waistband. It does not make an obvious seam on the waist either. 

The material feels silkier and softer on the skin. The only con side I’ve noticed after wearing this supersoft underwear for more than six months is that they break down faster. For the first few months, they were incredible but then strings started to come off after washing.

What we like

  • No visible panty lines
  • Breathable
  • Soft and silky material

What we don’t like 

  • Threads come off after few months of washing

Wacoal Women’s Subtle Beauty Hi Cut Brief Panty

Wacoal Women's Subtle Beauty Hi Cut Brief Panty

I bought these panties a year ago and I really liked them. As they are high cut briefs they give me full coverage on my waist area. I always feel more confident in the sort of panties that provide a good coverage area and give extreme comfort. 

The underwear consists more of modal fiber which gives a good soft and silky feel on the skin, and it also has a cotton gusset which gives a comfortable feel between the legs. As cotton is a good absorbent it also helps to deal with moisture in the down areas and doesn’t cause any problems. 

They are flat under any clothes. I have worn them under yoga pants and jeans as well. I can’t call them completely seamless as they show a little bit of visible panty line through leggings and thin wear but they are almost invisible under thick clothes and jeans. Not only fewer seams, but these underwear do also roll or move at all. They stay in place under everything you wear.

Everything is good about them but the only thing I disliked about this underwear is its durability and change in the fitting. Although it is extremely comfortable to wear, it gets loosen after some time of use and washes, it’s a good product but less durable. After a few washes, it gets loosened up.

What we like

  • Made from supersoft modal fabric
  •  Flat under clothes
  •  Cotton gusset

What we don’t like

  •  Gets loose after few months of wear
  •  Not durable.

Calvin Klein Women’s Modal Bikini Panty

Calvin Klein Women’s Modal Bikini Panty

I have used Calvin Klein before too but those were the cotton underwear which I normally purchased but this was my first time trying out their modal underwear. It gave a different but good look after wearing. These felt more like a hipster style to me than a bikini style. The fabric was super soft on the skin.

The best thing about them is that it has a super thin and delicate stripe waistband which is one of the advantages of this underwear that gives it a different look. Even though the waistband seemed thin and delicate it was soft and stretched well, which wrapped around my waist perfectly without being too tight or too loose.

Not only the waistband but the underwear itself was enough stretchy and comfy which gave a perfect fit. It also has a full gusset which makes it breathable and comfortable to wear. 

I expect more rear coverage but they do not have enough coverage over the butt region which I think was the major drawback for this underwear. Not only does it provide less coverage, but it is also not tagless. The tag feels uncomfortable after wearing and sometimes feels tickly and itchy on the skin.

What we like

  • Super soft fabric
  • Stretchy
  • Easy fit

What we don’t like

  • Uncomfortable tag
  • No butt cover

COMFORTABLE CLUB Women’s Microfiber Modal Thong Panties Underwear

COMFORTABLE CLUB Women's Microfiber Modal Thong Panties Underwear

I thought the design of this underwear was really cool so I decided to buy them. I can say that my decision was not wrong at all, they were really good and gave a cool look to me. Though they looked good, they were a little small for me due to which it gave a tight feel around me.

Keeping apart the size difference, the thong has good fabric and composition. The first thing I liked about these panties was that it was really comfortable and it felt really good on my body.

It is made up of high quality fabric, which provides an amazing softer and silkier feel on the skin. It made me feel more cool and sexy.

It has a double line around the crotch area which makes it feel really nice and comfy down there for me. It doesn’t even bind up along the waist or roll down. The fabric is breathable and has an easy airflow system.

Even after being good in other major criteria, the biggest drawback about this underwear was the size and its waistband. The waistband felt really tight around the waist. It was much more tighter than the rest of the underwear. This was probably due to a major size issue. If you consider buying this underwear, I would suggest that you must order one size bigger than you usually wear.

What we like

  • It is really comfortable
  • High Quality material
  • Breathable

What we don’t like

  • Run small on size, not true to size
  • Tight elastic

On Gossamer Women’s Silk Modal Hipster Panty

On Gossamer Women's Silk Modal Hipster Panty

I was not sure if I should buy these panties or not because there were barely any reviews or orders on them but still I took a chance. They were quite better than expected. I like that these panties have given me the ultimate comfort and it really has a luxurious look. 

It gives an excellent silky touch feel and softtouch modal which provides an amazing feeling after wearing them. They provide a good amount of back coverage. It has stretch lace accents which give a good fit. The elastics are of good quality which keeps me feeling fully covered and that makes me really confident during the whole day and its lightest leg treatment helps me to maintain no visible lines on the body. 

Another thing I liked about these panties is that the low-rise ribbed knit hipster silhouette keeps me feel comfortable all day long. I really liked that I could wear them all day long doing all of my work and still be comfortable with them.

Though it was a costly product, it was worth buying. The laces were too delicate and not durable either. After a few weeks of washing and wearing, the laces got unraveled and torn up. 

What we like

  • Made from high quality material
  • Comfortable 

What we don’t like

  • It’s quite costly
  • Less durable

Commando Women’s Butter Hipsters

Commando Women's Butter Hipsters

These were some amazing sets of underwear that I used. I think the name ‘butter soft’ fits perfectly on the underwear. The fabric it’s made of seems extremely soft which also gives an ultra soft feel to the underwear after wearing it. In addition to that, the fabric provides a high amount of comfort for the skin.

I noticed it has raw cut edges with no elastic in it. I can say that they are very durable as I washed and used them for more than five months and still, they held up well after every wash. I didn’t experience any shrinkage at all or unraveling of fabric or strings for them. And they were easy to dry as well. They didn’t take much time to dry after a wash.

The best thing about it is, it is lightweight and seamless underwear. Maybe the raw cut edges did their work pretty well as it has no edge seams either. I can wear it under any outfit, be it thick, thin, or body tight, it works under all.

The only problem I had with this underwear was its construction composition, the way they’re cut in the front. Even though they are made of nice and comfortable fabric, but due to the cut, they bunch up with any movement causing discomfort and irritation after wearing them. Due to this huge drawback, I didn’t consider wearing it every day.  

What we like

  • Comfortable and soft fabric
  • Seamless
  • Lightweight

What we don’t like

  • Uncomfortable construction 

Felina Women’s So Smooth Low Rise Bikini Panty Seamless Underwear

Felina Women’s So Smooth Low Rise Bikini Panty Seamless Underwear

These were some nice bikini panties. They are made of high quality lasting material. These provided the best fitting and were the most comfortable bikini panties. Even though they don’t give a wide coverage area they still provide a high amount of comfort. I like that they don’t have a tight banded elastic, which makes this panty comfortably hug the waist without creating deep impressions.

As they are low rise underwear they sit low on the waist which makes it easier to wear my favorite low cut leggings, jeans, or pants without worrying about my underwear rising above my pant line. The fabric is super soft and the panty fabric does not twist or pile even in my sleep or my daily routine.

Along with being soft and lightweight they also are pretty good at providing breathability and moisture wicking which makes them comfortable enough for all day wear and that too during any season. It has a narrow elastic trim that produces a flat, no lines silhouette, creating a seamless look for discreet bottom coverage. Without the extra fabric and lines, these offer the comfort that comes with full coverage underwear. I like that less material gives you a simple yet sexy look and feel without the full exposure.

After a few washes, they shrink. It was a little disappointing for me as they were good at almost everything but the bikini panties couldn’t hold up into the washer. I would recommend hand wash for these undies.

What we like

  • Breathable 
  • Moisture Wicking 
  • Can be worn under low waist clothes

What we don’t like  

  • Shrink after washing

HANRO Women’s Soft Touch Boyleg Short

HANRO Women's Soft Touch Boyleg Short

These were the most costly modal underwear I bought till now. Regardless of its cost, I would say it’s worth the price tag. These were extremely comfortable boyleg shorts. I like that they are made up of thin material which makes it feel lighter on the skin without giving a heavy look and feel. It has good stretchability which makes it easier to fit around the waist and the body.

Even after being thin and the material is very soft. It gives a nice soft and silky feel after wearing them. The good point they have is that they don’t ride up or pull down, they stay put no matter how I move, sit or sleep. I can wear them under and low waist clothing as well, as they are low rise and nice and short and they could easily be worn as underwear or just as lounging/sleeping shorts. 

They fit me perfectly. I like the incredible fitting, which does not at all feel tight and doesn’t create any muffin top effect either. Though they are called boyleg shorts, they have a more feminine touch to them. The best part is they have no elastic on the leg openings. If a person has a bit of rear end fat or not: these would be a great choice for comfort and appearance.

They can be worn under shorts and jeans and other low rise clothes but not with leggings or thin pants. They are made of thin fabric but not thin enough which can make this underwear completely seamless. Plus due to its high price, it’s not easy to buy them frequently.

What we like

  • Extremely comfortable and soft
  • Perfect fit
  • Stay in place
  • Low rise

What we don’t like

  • Not seamless
  • High price tag

Eberjey Women’s Lady Godiva Briefs

Eberjey Women’s Lady Godiva Briefs

It was the prettiest underwear I wore while searching for good modal underwear options. It caught my eyes as I loved its design and lace very much. It gave a very feminine and delicate look to it, the design of the lace is very detailed, specifically the bow at the center which enhanced its look.

Not only did it look amazing and pretty but its fabric was super soft too. They felt breathable and airy. The laces surrounding the legs sometimes gave a tickling feeling around the legs which made me scratch there, and that sometimes became really weird so I started to wear them less often.

The best thing about it is that they provide full back coverage. It gives good coverage over the butt area and provides a perfect fit over the curves. Another good thing about it is that it has a hundred percent cotton lining. I would recommend hand washing for them.

What we like

  • 100 percent cotton lining
  • Detailed design
  • Full back coverage
  • Super soft

What we don’t like

  • Not true to size
  • The laces sometimes tickle

Genuwin Women’s Micro Modal Low Rise Hipster Brief Stretch Bikini Panty

Genuwin Women's Micro Modal Low Rise Hipster Brief Stretch Bikini Panty

These were my most recent purchases. After wearing them the fabric felt extremely soft and gave a silky touch over the skin. These bikini panties are highly stretchable which will almost make you feel like you are wearing a second skin under your clothes. 

I really felt a high level of comfort in this underwear. The best thing about them is that they have 100% cotton added on the crotch area, this provides good breathability to these bikini panties, and good breathability equals a good quality to keep you healthy and better protect your intimate area.

Due to its low Low rise design, it is invisible under low pants or dress. I don’t have to worry about moisture wicking problems as well, as it is good at absorbing the moisture, which helps you to wick away sweat to keep you cool and dry all day. 

I wear them during workouts and jogging and they work really well for me. A great plus point for them would be their tagless design. Tags can be irritating sometimes but I don’t have to worry about them with these on.

As it has good elasticity it gives a relaxed fit which allows you to move freely without restriction all day. The fabric itself was soft and stretchy but the elastics at the waist bugged me a lot. It was not thin but pretty thick elastic that was too tight for me. They also ran a bit small. I suggest buying a bigger size after looking at the size chart.

What we like

  • Stretchy and soft fabric
  • Tagless
  • 100% cotton crotch 

What we don’t like

  • Tight elastic
  • Not true to size

A Guide To Choose Best Modal Underwear

Modal underwear can be very absorbent, does not trap perspiration or odors. When the material is blended with cotton and other stretchy materials there is enough breathability in the underwear to keep you comfortable. Plus, modal is easy to blend with other fabrics to make underwear made from this material even better. To understand more about it I have listed some advantages and disadvantages of using modal underwear, which might help you to choose the best option for you:

Advantages and Disadvantages of Modal Underwear

Here are some advantages and disadvantages of using modal underwear:


Excellent water absorption

When you use fabrics to absorb moisture, cotton is often the first choice because of the high water absorption properties of this material. If you switch to modal fabrics, you can increase the water absorption rate by as much as 50%. This means that if you sweat all day, you don’t need to deal with wet clothes or underwear. You will stay dry and comfortable while doing your work. Since the material comes from beechwood pulp, you will find that its natural properties have excellent air permeability which makes underwear more breathable.

Felina Smooth Low Rise Bikini Panties are a good example as they have good moisture dealing capacity.

Use less water in other ways

When you wear modal underwear to meet your daily needs, you don’t need to use polishes to clean your clothes. Nor is it necessary to use fabric softeners in the load. Due to the nature of this material, you can even use a shorter wash cycle, which means that you can save water and energy every time you wash your clothes. This makes this material one of the most environmentally friendly choices when buying specific garments today. 

Provide a smooth and silky texture

If your underwear gives a smooth and silky texture, that is the only real contrast to using modal fabrics. The texture is very smooth, providing natural softness almost unmatched in today’s textile industry. These characteristics mean that it is a delicate fabric that requires mild washing and mild detergents for proper care, but it usually does not have the itchy sensation of wool or some form of cotton. It is a multifunctional material that can help you stay comfortable under various conditions. If you are looking for good underwear that provides a good texture and material Jockey Women’s Underwear Supersoft French Cut provides a nice silky, soft and smooth feel.

Mix of fabrics

You will find the use of Modal’s mixed fabrics because the properties of this product enhance the performance of several other materials. Due to its high absorption rate, it is very suitable for hygiene-related products, including medical supplies. This material emphasizes the strength of cotton when mixed to resist shrinkage over time while increasing the strength of the product. Modal can even mix well with Lycra and Spandex to give the elastic properties better flexibility and strength. 

Can iron

Some modal garments will wrinkle excessively when washed, even if you clean the fabrics by hand. Weaving and building materials tend to produce clusters, leaving folds in the material. You can use an iron to correct this problem, but you need to be sure to work on the other side of the material to create shine. It helps to press a piece of fabric between the modal fabric and the iron to avoid burning the fibers of the material. Once it receives too much heat, you will not be able to restore the burning mode. 

Fabrics are dyed well without excessive bleeding

Modal fabric can be woven or woven, which is why it looks smooth and shiny hence gives a smooth look to the underwears. Because it has such an excellent absorption rate, the fiber tends to absorb and retain the dyes used to make clothes with excellent colors. This material rarely oozes out during the cleaning process, even if the item is new and has never been cleaned before. You still want to wash most items with similarly colored products, not because it can be a problem for other garments, but because these items can be a problem for itself. The water absorption properties mean that it can absorb dyes that fall off during the washing cycle of other items. 

Not easily broken

Although modal underwear is not as durable as materials such as tear-resistant nylon, you will find that this fabric is very stable. You have the ability to maintain an active lifestyle for your family and move with them as they explore the world around them. Since this material is resistant to damage in most cases, when you compare it to cotton or similar natural materials, you will find that the print and color stay brighter for a longer period of time.

When you look at two materials with no information on the label, it can be difficult to tell the difference between them, so you have to look at the combination to understand what the care habits should be, or if you have a 100% modal product. Commando Women’s Butter Hipsters are good modal underwear that is pretty much durable and does not tear up easily.


Allergic reactions 

It is not uncommon to have allergic reactions to the material when using modal fabrics for the first time. Itching, redness, and rashes are the most common experiences when wearing this textile, but in rare cases, serious problems can also occur. Some people report blisters on the skin, and headaches, swollen glands, and disorientation are also possible. If you are allergic to other trees, pollen, or sap, you may want to avoid modal fabrics until you are sure you will not react to them. 

Less durability

Modal fabrics are prone to pilling and stretching problems. Garments made from this textile must be washed by hand to avoid major changes in the structure of the material. If you grab it with sharp nails, doorknobs, or any common household hazards, this deficiency can also cause the fabric to fall off. That is why you often see that products made from this material are designed as underwear or pajamas.

Wacoal Women’s Subtle Beauty Hi Cut Breif Panty is super soft and comfortable underwear but its only problem is that it’s less durable.

Does not retain much body heat

Modal underwear tends to be comfortable and cool in the warmer months of the year, but modal fabrics do not retain body heat well. This means that if the weather changes, you will feel colder wearing it. This is not the type of material you want when faced with a windy fall day or when walking to school or work in heavy snow. You will discover that many of the benefits of this product are suitable for your exercise sessions or only on hot summer days. 


For buying the best modal underwear you must keep in mind all the qualities that you want in your underwear that will be best suitable for you. 

I think that Jockey Women’s Underwear Supersoft French Cut is the best modal underwear. I came to this conclusion after taking my personal experience into account.

This underwear is breathable, super soft, and extremely silky on the skin. It’s super comfortable and it does not show any visible panty lines either. 

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