Hysterectomy, like any other surgical procedure, needs careful attention.

To recover quickly, there are some things you need to bear in mind, one of them being underwear.

Most underwear extends a few inches and can have a high tendency to touch the most vulnerable part of your incision on your abdomen.

This might create pinching and dig in. This, as a result, will harm your recovery journey.

Most of the women I had the chance to talk to informed me that they couldn’t get the right product designed explicitly for hysterectomy. Most opted in for an abdominal binder. The binder was uncomfortable as it was prone to riding up. The fitting got loose a couple of days after usage.

This is why I recommend using high-waisted underwear with all the best features, from giving you maximum comfort, quick recovery, and most importantly, exceptional care for your incision.

I tested ten different products and found Post Op Panty High Waist w/ Silicone to be the best hysterectomy Underwear for Recovery.

It is recommended and approved by doctors as it is designed for hysterectomy and other surgical forms. You don’t have to be scared if the underwear you are wearing might bring further health complications. It is a skin-friendly material that has a silky smooth feeling against your skin. It lays flat against your abdomen, protecting your incision with a silicon panel that is specially added horizontally. It gives support to your tummy, not causing any tenderness or bloating. It is a multi-purpose that you can wear after a c-section or postpartum.

Best Hysterectomy Underwear for Recovery Reviewed

Post Op Panty Compression Hysterectomy Recovery Panty

Post Op Panty Compression Hysterectomy Recovery Panty

This product has a unique style. The lower part, which also covers your lower abdomen, has an extra silicone attached to it. This area is designed approximately to cover the incision section horizontally. This makes it excellent for protecting and giving exceptional support to your soft and tender cut.

It is an incredibly high waist to give full coverage and support to your tummy. The distance between your bra and the material is so small. However, unlike other products, it doesn’t push up into your breasts.

The nylon-spandex combination makes it great for breathability and moisture-wicking capacity. This adds softness to the fabric. In addition, unlike most hysterectomy underwear which shrinks with time, it is less prone to contraction and loosening.   

It provides compression, putting things together with a comforting and favorable pressure. Since it holds everything in place, some women might find it a bit tight.

It is a pack of one with only one color, which is nude.

What we like

  • Reduces scarring and pain
  • Doctor recommended
  • Reduces bloating and swelling

What we don’t like

  • The leg cut might be prone to pinching

Cauniss High Waist C Section Recovery Postpartum Soft Stretchy Underwear

Cauniss Women’s High Waist Cotton Panties C Section Recovery Postpartum Soft Stretchy Full Coverage Underwear

I like how this product extends from your waist to the upper part of your abdomen by almost 3.15 inches. It has a great extension, a bit more than regular high-waisted underwear. This makes it perfect for giving support to your tummy to the fullest. You don’t have to be concerned if the waistband is going to touch the incision.

In addition, the waistband has high elasticity. It is not too tight or loose. It just keeps everything in place without applying so much pressure.

This also applies to the leg band. It is designed to be non-tight with exquisite stitchings. It has high elasticity that you can move around without any discomfort.

The high-quality fabric fascinates me the most. It is not only made from cotton but combed cotton. It is a more refined and quality material because the cotton is treated and then bound together. This gives it a more relaxing and smoothing texture while worn.

What we like

  • Double-layered crotch
  • Breathable
  • High quality

What we don’t like

  • Might run small

Post Op Panty Compression Hysterectomy Recovery Panty

Post Op Panty Compression Hysterectomy Recovery Panty

This product is doctor recommended for hysterectomy. It rests you assured that the product is genuinely compatible and accepted by physicians. It is also safe to wear immediately after abdominal surgery.

One of the most exciting features of this product is that it is FSA/HSA approved, which is one way to save money for medical expenses and healthcare purposes. You can purchase it with FSA/HSA card if you have one. It is also covered by most private insurance.

It is super high-waisted. It just sits a bit below your bra line. This makes it excellent for quick recovery. It has a controlled level of pressure that helps reduce swelling, tenderness, and bloating. It supports weakened abdominal tissue and muscles.

It comes with a flexible waistband that doesn’t dig into your tender incision and creates unwanted unease and irritation.

It could be used for multi-purposes after abdominal surgery, hysterectomy, or myomectomy.

What we like

  • Seamless
  • Wide crotch area
  • Doctor recommended.

What we don’t like

  • It might be a bit tight around the thigh and leg area.

Wirarpa Women’s Soft Cotton Breathable High Waist Full Coverage Ladies Panties

Wirarpa Women's Soft Cotton Breathable High Waist Full Coverage Ladies Panties

If you are tired of black and nude-colored underwear specially designed for hysterectomy, then you found your product. These briefs come in multi-colors. Depending on your color choice, you can explore the shade spectrum from mild to vibrant. There are soft colors like sky blue, lavender, pastel yellow, and so on. On the other side, you can find bold colors like red, purple, rose, etc.

The high rise functions as a tummy control keeping things in shape. It doesn’t cut to touch the incision part of your abdomen. Also, it doesn’t cause any muffin top.

The double-layered waistband is excellent. You don’t feel the thin shape of the waistband pinching you all the time, unlike other underwear with one layer as it is wrapped by extra fabric. Also, the waistband is wide horizontally, which makes it great for covering the sideway incision.

It stays in place, making it great for any of your outfits after hysterectomy or postpartum c-section, like lounging of pajama pants.

What we like

  • Made from combed cotton
  • Double layer crotch
  • Soft and breathable

What we don’t like

  • Size might vary

ANNYISON Women’s Underwear

ANNYISON Women’s Underwear

One of the best features of this product is the reinforced double stitching. More than two stitchings are applied to strengthen the fabric further. Also, it reinforces the durability of the fabric. You can wash it a couple of times, and neither will the size increase or decrease nor will the material be worn out.

The leg band is excellent. It doesn’t bunch up and create ride up while putting on your pants. This, as a result, will not cause any discomfort in adjusting your underwear every time.

It is highly recommended for hysterectomy. It is high-waisted that it stays above the scar, not pocking your incision but help you recover quickly. 

It is also ideal for maternity.  The waistband stretches and takes the shape of your body without applying so much pressure but staying flat and keeping things together. Also, you can wear it after c section and post-delivery.

The design is gorgeous. It has parallel lines equally spaced on the front side. What makes it beautiful is that the line’s color is entirely different from the other part of the underwear.

What we like

  • Variety of colors
  • Reasonable price for a combo of 5
  • Made mainly from cotton

What we don’t like

  • Size might vary

UpSpring Baby C-Section Underwear for Surgery Recovery

UpSpring Baby C-Section Underwear for Surgery Recovery

One of the essential features I look at in a product is how the crotch is designed. This is why I like this product. Even though it is mainly made from nylon and spandex combination, the crotch area is made from cotton. This relieves you from being stressed if there will be any vagina-related health risks because cotton is a natural fabric.

A Silicon panel is inserted in the area that is thought to have an incision on the lower part of your abdomen. This will give additional support minimizing the turning of the cut to a scar in the future. It also helps relieving bulge which comes as a result of your operation.

It has excellent compression over the c-section decreasing pain and swelling. Also, the compression extends to your abdomen, which shrinks the uterus and decreases fluids.

You could also use it for slimming tummy post birth anytime from delivery up to 12 months. Also, even though it is made from a tight material, it is not hard to wash using your hand or washer.

What we like

  • Scar care
  • Cotton crotch
  • Great compression

What we don’t like

  • The leg opening might be tight

Mesh Postpartum Underwear

Mesh Postpartum Underwear

This underwear might not look pretty and fancy. It has a white color with two blue horizontal lines around the waistband. However, they give you maximum comfort. They are big and fluffy. They are designed to hold on to a big max pad because there might be a large amount of blood flow.

You often find them in hospitals as medical underwear, suitable for pregnancy, postpartum, Caesarean section, and hysterectomy recovery. Unlike other underwear, you can only wash them up to a maximum of 20 times.

They are the most breathable undies. They let the flow and circulation of air to the fullest. You won’t feel caught up under something thick as the material is also lightweight.

The seamless design gives you the greatest comfort because you might change position while sleeping, and you will hardly feel the stitchings.

It somehow looks like a boyshorts. It is high-waisted that it won’t touch crucial points like your surgical incisions.

The size ranges from small to plus size.

What we like

  • Doctor recommended
  • Multi-purpose
  • High-quality material

What we don’t like

  • Not durable as it has a limited number of washes

INNERSY Womens Underwear Cotton Briefs Postpartum High Waisted Panties

INNERSY Womens Underwear Cotton Briefs Postpartum High Waisted Panties

After going through a hysterectomy, all you need is comfort. This product has a printed label with no tag paper at the back, irritating and scratching you.

It is a high-waisted brief that extends by more than two inches above your waistline. The waistband is double-layered and gives total support to your belly without bringing unease. It also functions like a tummy smoother reducing muffin top.

As much as it supports your belly, it gives excellent work to your back. It sharpens your curves and lifts your booty.

Even though the sewing is not seamless, the stitching is double. This makes it more resistant to stretch. It is a very durable material in which you can wash repetitively and don’t see any change. The stitching also makes it stay in place and not cause any ride-up.

It comes in a combo of five at a very fair price. It has more than 20 color assortion. You can choose based on your preference, and it is guaranteed that each assortion has the same quality as the other.

What we like

  • True to size
  • Breathable and sweat-wicking                                           
  • Available in regular and plus size

What we don’t like

  • Not suitable for pads as it shifts position

Joyshaper Seamless Underwear Women High Waist Brief Panties

Joyshaper Seamless Underwear Women High Waist Brief Panties

Finding seamless material with cotton crotch sounds appealing.  This product is perfect when it comes to featuring both. It is made from polyamide and spandex with cotton crotch. This makes it have that smooth, silky texture in the entire product and breathable material in the bottom.

The waistband sits at the waist, but it functions like a high-waisted one. It gives the right amount of coverage and support at the same time. It doesn’t cause bunching or rolling up.

It gives full coverage to the front and back. You can also wear it a few weeks after hysterectomy when your scar is settled.  This makes it perfect because you don’t have to worry if there is going to be any visible panty line while wearing the tight or loose garment.

This underwear is great for pads. The crotch area is broad that it makes things stay in place. It doesn’t call any leakage during nighttime.

It comes in two packs in only nude color. The simple shade is great because you can wear it with any outfit.

What we like

  • Stretchy waistband
  • Breathable
  • Doesn’t ride up

What we don’t like

  • Not true to size

Leonisa Postpartum Underwear for Women

Leonisa Postpartum Underwear for Women

The adjustable belly wrap is what makes this product loved by most women. The size doesn’t depend on the modern size guide chart as most products are too big or small. The belly panel is made of a double-layered PowerSlim, which allows you to adjust to the compression and pressure you want.

It also has a front panel that you can adjust with no hooks or zippers. Whenever you feel pain because of your incision, you can just loosen it for less pressure. The way it works is phenomenal as it is not complicated and doesn’t need much work.

After a C-section, it helps you by reducing swelling and bloating for quick healing. It is also recommended for post-pregnancy fitness. It enables you to get back in shape at a short time notice. Aside from pushing your belly inwards, it helps you lose weight and helps you get back in shape throughout your dieting process.

What we like

  • Unique design with adjustable panel
  • Multi-functional
  • Post-pregnancy fitness

What we don’t like

  • Causes visible panty line

Buying Guide

You might have recently gone through a hysterectomy or other related surgeries. Having an incision on the lower side of your abdomen might seem terrifying. For sure, you are worried if you are going to be wearing the same regular underwear. Don’t panic. As long as you know the essential things that make hysterectomy underwear great, you are good to go. Here are some features to bear in mind while purchasing one.

Doctor Recommended

Not all underwear designed for abdomen surgery is doctor recommended. There are also good products that physicians do not suggest. However, knowing that people in the medical field have evaluated underwear gives assurance.  They understand how incisions work and how to recover them in a short time. This makes you have a healthy non-risk-free experience. They also know what kind of product is made from a particular type of fabric that could be skin-friendly, not adding irritation and inflammation to your cut.


Most hysterectomy underwear is high-waisted. This is because of its purpose as it covers your incisions to a more considerable extent. This, as a result, creates a support system keeping things in place and holding to your tummy with some compression.  If you opt-in for a low-waisted one, the waistband will sit right on your cut, creating undesired outcomes and making your recovery last longer.


Like other underwear styles, if the waistband is thin and tight, then you would feel unease. That is why the waistband needs to be thick with a considerable fabric extension between 2 to 4 inches. You will not feel any pinching and discomfort. It would also be great if the fabric is double-layered. You won’t sense the waistband at all as it is wrapped two times. This is great for maximum relief while moving or sleeping.

Adjustable Wrap

Products are designed with a certain amount of tightness or looseness for a specific size. This might not work for all women. Some women might want it loose at a particular time when their incisions hurt, and they might want to make it tight when they are relieved. That is why looking for an adjustable wrap is better. You can fix it anytime with your desired compression.

Silicon Panel

It is one of the most crucial features to look in underwear made for hysterectomy purposes. Silicon is a soft material when compared to other fabrics. Some products have silicon panels inserted in an average estimated portion of the underwear where the incision is thought to happen. This covers most incision types even though they are small or big. It gives extra comfort to the most essential and vulnerable part, which needs extra care for healing. Most women witnessed its miracle as it has a huge tendency to decrease the recovery time by half.

Wide Cotton Crotch

Not everything is clean after a hysterectomy. There are tendencies that there will be a flow of blood and other discharges from the vagina. That is why the crotch should be broad to support big or small-sized pads. The crotch needs to sit in place and not twist whenever you tend to change your position or move.

In addition, it needs to be made from cotton. You could make the other part of underwear from polyester or nylon, but since the crotch is a sensitive area, it needs to be made from natural fabric like cotton. In addition to cotton, looking for combed cotton, which is a more refined and quality material than cotton, is ideal.

Easy To Put And Take Off

You might not be able to bend and function like other days after hysterectomy or postpartum. That is why you need a super easy product to put on and take off. Since most of them are high-waisted and tight, it might be challenging to go to the bathroom or change the pad. You shouldn’t feel any discomfort with the product bunching and scratching your incision, but rather keeping its tightness, it must be extra stretchy.

As long as you look for the essential features depending on your preference, you are good to go. You don’t have to worry if you are coming out of the hospital and you are lost amid underwear explicitly designed for hysterectomy. That is why I recommend you trying Post Op Panty High Waist w/ Silicone to be the best hysterectomy Underwear for Recovery. It is doctor recommended with silicon panels. It is high-waisted that it holds on to your tummy with compression. The material is quality, breathable and moisture-wicking.  

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