Knowing your body shape can actually be the most incredible guide towards buying the perfect lingerie. It can make you look sexier and curvier, or it can distort your body shape by showing your muffin top while wearing tight low waisted pants.

Well, I didn’t know about this until I came across the comically named common body shape of women as banana, apple, peach, and hourglass.

As an apple-shaped woman, I have had a hard time finding a product that can hug my hips just a little more, give control to my tummy and decrease visible panty lines.

Then that is when I reviewed some products which are the best towards fulfilling my wants, from comfort, color, fabric to discovering that I can wear light tummy controls that are not necessarily shapewear.

I tested ten different underwear and found Innersy Women’s High Waisted Underwear Cotton Panties Regular & Plus Size to be the best overall underwear for apple-shaped women.

The underwear meets all the good qualities you are looking for. It is made from cotton with a silky texture that stands up over time. It is designed perfectly for women with an apple-shaped body. It keeps everything in place, including a muffin top! Also, it is uniquely designed for moms with postpartum and c section after giving birth. 

My experience helped me point out the best ten underwear for an apple-shaped body on the market.

Let us get started!

Best Underwear for Apple Shaped Body

Fruit of The Loom Women’s Seamless Underwear

Fruit of The Loom Women's Seamless Underwear

It is made from 100% nylon making it the perfect product for silky feeling and durability. It is underwear most women witness for its comfort. It gives great coverage without making you look like a granny, not baggy but not loose at the same time.

It has no irritating side seams. The seam is carefully designed for complete comfort. The seams on the side are made for maximum comfort, unlike other underwear. It is excellent for women who have sensitive skin.

The color is assorted so that it may vary when it is delivered. But the color shade mainly varies from dark purple to light purple.

It comes in a six-pack. The size varies from XS to 5XL. The size chart is brand-specific, so look at it before purchasing.

The best feature about this product is that it is made for women with an apple shape, but it comes in hi-cut, bikini, hipster, and low rise briefs. If you wish to buy the product for a specific occasion or outfit, you have the opportunity to choose depending on which outfit you are planning to wear.

What I Like

  • No panty lines
  • Tag-free
  • True to size

What I Don’t Like

  • Color might differ

Barbra’s High-Waist Tummy Control Panty

Barbra's High-Waist Tummy Control Panty

If you are looking for a slight tummy control not being too tight or loose, then Barbra’s high waist pantie is the perfect one for you. It handles and flattens your tummy giving you that smooth and curvy shape. It is not officially a tummy control, but it definitely gives you a curvier figure.

It is made from polyester and elastane. It is not tight around the place, holding things together and at the same time giving you breath.

The color varies from bright, matt and silky flowers. You won’t be stressed if the product will fade soon because it is carefully designed to retain its original color after repeated wash.

Make sure to look at the buying guide because you have to measure your hips and your waist if you want the precise size to hold your tummy.

It will make you more confident while choosing your favorite outfit because you will not worry if your tummy will show or if there will be visible panty lines. You can wear this with body-hugging clothes or loose ones.

What I Like

  •     Bright colors
  • Light tummy control
  •  Durable fabric

What I Don’t Like

  • Not true to size

Innersy Women’s High Tummy Control Cotton Briefs

Innersy Women's High Tummy Control Cotton Briefs

If you are looking for breathable material, this is your way to go as it is primarily made from cotton. The waistband is made from spandex. This makes it ideal for keeping your tummy in place.

The waistband stretches for the size of your tummy, giving support and a smooth shape. Especially if you are having a struggle with a visible muffin top when you are wearing low-waisted pants, then this is your product.

It is skin friendly and safe for women who recovered from postpartum, c section, and abdominal surgery. The soft waistband, which sits right at the waistline to reduce irritation on the incision scars, gives you optimum support.

The size varies from XS to 3XL. If you are looking for all sorts of colors, you should go for this. It has more than ten color assortion from solid colors like nude, red, green, grey, white, or black to printed ones with dots.

It has a double-layered crotch made entirely from cotton for sucking any moisture or stains. It is also sweat-absorbing for outdoor activities like if you plan to go to the gym.

What I Like

  • Double-layered waistband
  • Reinforced double stitches
  • Light tummy control

What I Don’t Like

  •  Not true to size

Just My Size Women’s Plus Size Cotton High Brief

Just My Size Women's Plus Size Cotton High Brief

If you are looking for a product that is 100% cotton, then you found it. It doesn’t have elastane for the waistband, unlike other underwear. Its cotton nature gives you maximum comfort because it is a breathable material.

Also, the crotch is made from 100 percent cotton for maximum comfort and absorbent.

It comes in 5 packs of solid colors: solids, prints, all white, or a combination. The color combination is solid light colors, including soft pink and purple.

They give you moderate rear coverage with perfect leg opening to minimize discomfort and skin irritation because of sewing around the edges.

They give smoothness to your belly area without the uncomfortable feeling of wearing shapewear. Since it features brief give you maximum coverage, making it wearable with dresses and skirts.

What I Like

  •  No ride up
  • No-pinch waistband
  • Soft cotton

What I Don’t Like

  •  Make sure to look at the size before purchasing

Wingslove Women’s Comfort Plus Size High-Cut Brief

Wingslove Women's Comfort Plus Size High-Cut Brief

It is made 100% from cotton, making it have the best-voted fabric for underwear production.

It comes in three packages of assorted colors of black, heather grey, and grey. It is also available in other primary colors like white and angle pink. The size varies from M to 6XL. It has high briefs bigger than normal ones.

It has a double-layered crotch, absorbing moisture or sweating. In addition, it adds ease and protection.

The waistband is cotton and elastic. It slims your body and pops your natural curves, boosting your confidence. The seamless is so soft. The elastic is covered with no irritation or leaves a mark on your skin.

Most plus-size women love the high cut. They come as plus-size high-raised briefs giving you great coverage and comfort if you are wearing any outfit.

What I Like

  •  100% cotton
  • Seamless
  • Available plus size

What I Don’t Like

  •   Not true to size

FallSweet No Show Seamless High Waist Briefs

FallSweet No Show Seamless High Waist Briefs

It is made from nylon and spandex. However,  the gusset lining is made from cotton and spandex. The material is designed to give the most outstanding comfort, stretch, and silky feeling.

It is a seamless high-rise panty with the greatest comfort around the edges. The high waist is comparatively higher that it holds your tummy in place, keeping your body in a better shape outlining your curves.

It comes in different combo sets ranging from 4 to 6. The color assertion is beautiful, ranging from beige, black, white, and multi-colored.

One of the features of this underwear is that it is light. It feels like you are wearing nothing. In addition to this, it has carefully designed smooth edges.

Most women prefer to use it when they go to the gym because of its breathability, and it goes perfectly with leggings as it doesn’t cause visible panty lines.

What I Like

  •  Soft fabric
  • No show design
  • Tag-free

What I Don’t Like

  • Material might not be thick

Altheanray Soft High-Waist Tummy Control Panty

Altheanray Soft High-Waist Tummy Control Panty

If you are looking for super high-waisted underwear, then you found it. The high waist is designed to support your body and curves. Also, the waistband is designed to stretch and comparatively be wider. The strap is also double-layered, so it’s easy to hide your tummy.

It is a classy tummy control underwear made from 100% cotton fabric that flats your belly and guarantees no more muffin top. It is designed for women facing serious trouble riding up or rolling down while sitting or doing physical activities. It has no pinch.

The size ranges from small to XX-Large. It is not only designed for plus-size women but also new moms. It protects your incision after the c section to hold the bandage in place to protect your incision.

It can also be a great addition to your menstrual panty collection. It gives you support as it gives a little pressure on your tummy, giving you that soothing feeling. It also keeps your uterus warm.

What I Like

  •  Perfect for postpartum
  • Tummy control
  • Good quality

What I Don’t Like

  • Color assortion might be different 

Barely There Women’s Microfiber Hi-Cut Panty

Barely There Women's Microfiber Hi-Cut Panty

This underwear is made from 100% nylon, a very smooth fiber but with 5% cotton at the crotch for moisture trapping. The product gives you comfort as the waistband is part of the underwear, minimizing irritation.

Get seamless quality because of its hi-cut briefs. The product makes your legs look longer because of the hi-rise cut design. It gives an ample amount of coverage with no riding up.

It is great for women who like simplistic looks as it is exclusive of trims and decorations. The color ranges from nude soft taupe. Also, it is lightweight with less material for its making.

The fabric is light and smooth. Also, the material is genuine in that it stays in shape and retains its original color after repeated wash.

What I Like

  •  Light material
  • Body-hugging
  • No visible panty line

What I Don’t Like

  • No variety of colors

Annenmy Women’s High-Waist Cotton Soft Panty

Annenmy Women's High-Waist Cotton Soft Panty

The high-waisted brief is designed to give moderate belly support. The material is super stretchy and soft as it is made up of cotton.

Its size ranges from small to large, including plus sizes of 3XL to 5XL. It comes in various colors, giving you the chance to choose any of your favorite colors.

The cut is exceptional as it is designed to allow you to stay in shape, including your leg’s natural curve. It has a high waistband as it was designed to stay in place. It can act as a tummy control or slimming underwear which can help you achieve that curvy look outlining your body shape.

It is not a see-through undergarment that gives you maximum comfort. Also, it lays so smooth against your skin that it decreases visible panty lines.

What I Like

  •   True to size
  • Also suitable for postpartum c-section recovery and post maternity
  •  No visible panty lines

What I Don’t Like

  • Might change color or shrink

Asimoon Full Coverage Breathable Panty

Asimoon Full Coverage Breathable Panty

One of the product’s best features is that it is naturally dyed. This makes it less sensitive and irritating, unlike other synthetic dyes. It stays in shape and soft wash after wash. Also, it shrinks less.

It has a double-layer crotch with maximum stretchy fabric. The underwear is made of high quality, super soft, and breathable natural cotton, which is breathable against your skin, keeping it fresh and dry.

It is also surprising that it comes in a pack of 20 multi-colors that you can buy your underwear at once and have other ones to change.

It has a double-layer wide elastic waistband. The wide elastic waistband reduces the muffin top, resulting from a tight stretch band. They feature full back coverage with no ride up and no roll down. These panties are nice for tummy control,

You can give this product as a gift to your close women’s circle, especially for moms who have had postpartum c-sections and are in the process of abdominal surgery recovery.

It goes well with dresses and high-waisted jeans.

What I Like

  • Wide stretch double-layer waistband
  • No ride up
  • No sagging

What I Don’t Like

  • None

Buying guide

Finding the best underwear for an apple-shaped body is easy once you introduce yourself to what type of body it is and which fits better. An apple-shaped body is somehow excitingly self-explanatory. These women have shoulders and upper arms that are broader than their hips. Somehow you see uniformity in your shoulders, waist, and hips. 

How to know if you have an apple-shaped body

Shoulders– you will probably have a bigger upper body, larger breasts, and thinner arms with heavier mid-section and broad shoulders.

Waist and hips–  your waist is the largest measurement. It is somewhat undefined. Hips are narrower than the bust area.

Bust– you have a larger bust size but most probably a flat one. However, this might vary from small to very full.

Underwear styles to solve tummy problems

Muffin top– the bulge around your belly and hips comes from a too-tight waistband. Make sure to buy underwear that is not loose but holds in place with no ride up.

Belly fat– if you have that extra tummy, you don’t necessarily need shapewear, but you can opt for light tummy control with less pressure.

Thighs– if you face discomfort amongst your thighs, you should definitely go for underwear with a hi-cut giving you space without no-pinch.

Flat butt– opt for high-cut briefs or bikinis to support and give you that curvy feature by enhancing your shape.

Getting the right fit

Size– make sure to look at the size and align it parallelly with the size chart. Also, visit the official website to confirm the size because the size chart might differ from the website you are planning to purchase.

Size chart- is the most excellent resource for purchasing perfect fit underwear. There are numbers like 4 or 6, which are aligned to indicate counterpart measurements of your waist and hip size to find your exact size. Also, XL or XXL might be used to find your ideal fit in the panty size chart.

Color– if you are tired of wearing the same hi-cut brief because they are the perfect product for an apple-shaped body, make sure to explore the colors you like most or other colors not to get tired of wearing the same color repeatedly. 

Features to look for to support your apple-shaped body 

Tummy control– it gives you all the control with all the comfort you need. It is not too tight but gives you that sense of pressure to keep your body in shape.

Crotch– make sure the crotch is made from cotton to maximize moisture absorption.

Flat and wide waistband– since most apple-shaped women opt for high-waisted briefs, flat and wide waistband, make sure the brief you are buying is made from a quality elastic band that is not too tight or loose.

Seamless– purchase a product with less engagement with sewing and design as it gives you great comfort.

High waist underwear- aside from light tummy controls, go for high-waisted briefs if you don’t want that slight pressure. They are still good to keep your tummy in place.

Fit by style

High cut– add a hi-cut brief to your collection as it makes your legs look longer.

Briefs– give maximum coverage to the front and back that they are ideal for support.

High rise briefs- It is sexy and at the same time gives moderate coverage and the best ease.

Boyshort- give the best coverage, including hip coverage with comfort.

Choose the right fabric

Cotton– is the ideal material when it comes to trapping moisture and keeps you dry. It is hygienically recommended as it lessens itching, odor, or infectious diseases.

Nylon – is excellent for its bright and smooth material. However, unlike cotton, it is not recommended to wear in hot weather because it holds on to moisture and creates undesired itching.

Spandex– if you are tired of fading colors, you should opt for spandex. However, since it is synthetic, it doesn’t guarantee safeness regarding vaginal-related issues.

Having an apple, pear, or hourglass body shape does matter when buying the perfect underwear you can wear with full confidence and comfort. First and foremost, make sure what type of body shape you have to buy the ideal lingerie for an apple-shaped body with a larger waist than the hips. Try Innersy Women’s High Waisted Underwear Cotton underwear. It comes in regular and plus size so that you don’t have to worry about the size. It is a classic high-waisted brief made from cotton. It holds your tummy in place without much pressure, and I guarantee that you won’t face any muffin tops anymore.

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