Who doesn’t like to wear beautiful dresses and skirts? A beautiful dress can make anyone look stylish and sexy, but the underwear worn under that dress should be perfect. Otherwise, the dress will not give you confidence overall.

I love to wear dresses and skirts but having a perfect panty for every outfit is difficult. I searched many websites, online stores, and every possible way to get those ideal panties that are good to go under dresses and skirts.

There are different styles of dresses and skirts that women wear today. Also, different types of panties are available in the market. After trying many kinds of panties, I found Joyshaper Women Underwear Lace boyshort Panties as the best to wear under any dress and skirt.

Below I’ve mentioned the eight best underwear that can be an excellent choice to wear under a dress and skirt. 

8 Best Underwear For Dresses And Skirts Reviewed

Joyshaper Women Underwear Lace  Boyshorts panties

I found these beautiful boyshort panties that had a unique design that caught my eyes. They have beautiful lace at the end, around the thighs that sits closely over the skin. The smooth fabric makes me comfortable throughout the day. I like to wear these panties under long dresses or skirts.

They give a very slim look to my body, and also, the waistband lays around perfectly at the waist. The panties don’t roll down or ride up, and they stay at their place all day. The fabric is breathable and keeps the skin dry even if worn for the whole day.

Also, these panties are suitable to wear under medium-length dresses or short dresses as they do not look like a panty or an inner garment because of their beautiful lace design. They have cotton crotch that is good for skin and breathable.

The high-quality fabric assures that it does not irritate the skin or make itchy or have any rashes. The panties provide good coverage from the waist to the thighs. 

The color available in these panties is beige as it is the perfect color that goes under anything and of any color. Although these panties seem beautiful and comfortable to wear, they have delicate laces that can be torn off easily. So I recommend hand washing them for longer use.

What I like

  • Beautiful lace design
  • Soft fabric
  • Cotton crotch

What I don’t like

  • Delicate lace

Emprella Slip Shorts Cotton Boyshorts panties

I like these types of panties as they provide good coverage and keep me secure all day. They look like shapewear and also help in tummy control. They tuck in the tummy, giving a slim look to my body.

They are fabricated with cotton and spandex that makes these panties stretchable. The elastic of the waistband is enclosed in the fabric and does not dig into the skin. These panties are perfect to wear under dresses, skirts, and pants. 

They eliminate chafing and keep you cool and dry all day long. The panty has a triangle back construction to make it more comfortable. They are also suitable to wear during yoga, running, cycling and gym.

The fabric is breathable and prevents sweating in between the thighs. The panties stay in their place, no rolling or bunching. They are seamless panties that will hug your curves, make you feel comfortable. 

The color available in black and sizes available is up to 4xl. Other than these features of the panty, the fabric is thin and can be torn off easily. I recommend hand washing them to make these panties last longer.

What I like

  • Good coverage
  • Breathable fabric
  • Enclosed elastic

What I don’t like

  • Thin fabric

B2BODY Women’s Regular & Plus Size Stretch Cotton Long Leg Boyshort Briefs

These long-leg boyshort brief panties give a smooth finish with hourglass curves to my body. I like to wear these types of panties under leggings and yoga pants as they are seamless. These panties are pretty good to wear under skinny, shift or peplum dresses or short or long length skirts as it keeps me secure due to its extended leg coverage.

They sit low around the waist, below the belly button, and run long downwards. These panties are life-saving as I don’t have to wear a panty and inner separately under any dress. They are made of cotton, which suits every skin type. The panties are stretchable, breathable, soft, and lightweight. 

Plus point about these panties I observed that the elastic at the waistband sits pretty good around the waist, doesn’t roll down or ride up even after being worn during workouts or regular body movements like sitting or jumping.

Due to its soft and smooth fabric, this panty is easy to wear and hugs the body perfectly, smoothing out the curves and giving an hourglass figure. The primary colors available in these panties are black, white, and grey. The sizes available are up to 3XL.

The drawback these panties have is that the material is thin and delicate. They can be easily torn off, so I recommend hand washing them.

What I like

  • Long leg coverage
  • Soft and smooth fabric
  • Breathable and lightweight
  • Seamless

What I don’t like

  • Thin and delicate fabric

Alyce Intimates Women’s Laser Cut Bikini underwear

These panties have a basic design that makes you comfortable and worry-free all day long. They are seamless, and when the fabric sits on the skin, it feels like they are the skin itself. These panties give a smooth look to the body over any outfit.

They are suitable to wear under short dresses or mini skirts and also for long dresses as well. These panties are made of polyester and spandex blend that makes them stretchable enough for everyday use. The fabric is soft and stretchy that will fit your shape perfectly.

The particular seamless property called laser cut eliminates panty lines that annoyingly pop out every time. The material is comfortable and breathable that will keep you fresh and cool all day long. The panties stay at their place, no slipping or riding up. 

They have the printed labels at the back and do not irritate your skin. There are various colors available, and sizes available are up to xl. These panties have size issues, so check the size chart properly. Also, hand washes them for more extended use.

What I like

  • Laser-cut Seamless
  • Soft fabric

What I don’t like

  • Not true to size

Calvin Klein Women’s Carousel Logo Cotton Bikini Panty underwear

I found these panties very comfortable as the fabric is soft and smooth against the skin. They are perfect for everyday use and are suitable to wear throughout the day. The basic design offers more comfort and style to your body.

These panties are fabricated with cotton and elastane that makes them very stretchable. The panty has a gusset and provides good rear coverage. They are designed with a signature repeating logo elastic waistband that sits around the waist perfectly.

They are good to go under any type of outfit, whether a short skirt or a long gown. The fabric is breathable and does not cause any irritations or itching. 

There are many colors available in these panties, and the sizes available are up to XL. The fabric of these panties might shrink if they are tumble-dried. So I recommend hand washing them to avoid such problems. Also, the seams of these panties are noticeably thick, so I can’t wear them under skinny outfits.

What I like

  • Soft fabric
  • Good coverage

What I don’t like

  • Thick seams

ATTRACO Women’s Cozy Brief Soft Hipster underwear

These are basic hipster panties that provide good coverage and can be worn under any type of outfit, whether casual, dresses or skirts, activewear, or everyday use. They provide comfort and give a sleek look to your body.

The panty looks stylish and beautiful under anything you wear. They have lace borders all over that give a very feminine and sexy look. These cotton panties do not bunch up or roll down. The fabric feels soft over the skin. 

The material of the panty allows air to flow inside out, making it breathable. These panties provide full back coverage and also smoothes out the curves. The elastic at the waist does not leave any marks or dig into the skin and irritates your skin. 

These panties are also suitable for workouts or any outdoor activities as they are comfortable and provide good coverage. There are various colors available in these panties, and the sizes available are up to XL.

The panties have size issues. They are not true to size, so I recommend ordering a size up for proper fitting. Also, hand washing will help them run longer.

What I like

  • Good coverage
  • Lace borders
  • Soft fabric

What I don’t like

  • Size issues

Gotoly Invisable Strapless Body Shaper High Waist Tummy Control Butt Lifter Panty Slim

I like these panties because they fit me great under everything, from skirts and dresses to slim-cut jeans. They look beautiful over my body and are invisible under any outfit.

I love lace panties, and when a lace panty is combined with a body shaper, it makes a perfect choice for me. I like panties that look elegant and at the same time provide the comfort that I need.

It is perfect if you want to show off your hourglass figure over any dress or skirt. This panty is a must-have to give your curves in all the right places. 

Sweat-free and moisture-wicking property.

They have high-quality fabric, and they are breathable and comfortable enough to be worn all day long. They rise high, covering the waist comfortably. 

They stay in place at my waist and don’t bunch up or slide down even after sitting or jumping. These panties do not dig in or leave any elastic marks. The colors available are red, blue, black, and nude.  The sizes available are up to 3XL.

What I like

  • Lace patterns
  • Soft fabric
  • Moisture-wicking

What I don’t like

  • Seams at the lace borders
  • Size issues.

Mae Women’s Matte Logo Elastic Modal Boyshort Underwear

I like these narrow waistband panties. They keep me comfortable. The elastic is of good quality, doesn’t dig in, and sits around the waist perfectly. The fabric feels soft and smooth against the skin, and it feels like there is nothing down there.

They are fabricated with modal and spandex that makes them stretchable and comfortable. The panties have cotton gusset lining, which is suitable for breathability. It keeps the skin dry inside.

These are low waist panties, and the fabric hugs the skin around the waist. The panties provide good coverage at the back and the front. The width of the panties is perfect for any type of dress or skirt, whether it is short or long.

There are some pretty colors available, and the sizes available are up to XL. The crotch of these panties is narrow, and also, the sizes are not true to size.

What I like

  • Narrow waistband
  • Breathable fabric

What I don’t like

  • Narrow crotch
  • Size issues

Underwear For Dresses and Skirts – Buying Guide

Different styles of outfits require a particular type of panty that will enhance the beauty of that outfit. Improperly fitted underwear causes discomfort and irritations.

Below are some essential features that need to be kept in mind while purchasing a panty for skirts or dresses.

Fabric selection

The fabric of the underwear has to be soft and breathable so that the skin can breathe and keep you dry and fresh, and also comfortable throughout the day. Most of the panties are made of cotton fabric because it is lightweight and breathable.

Today in the market, there are lots of new fabrics used for making underwear. But you have to select the fabric according to your skin type and needs. Cotton is primarily suitable for all skin types.

Modal fabric is another type of fabric used to make underwear that is suitable for skin and durable. Also, bamboo fabric is used for making underwear as it is strong and durable and can last for a long time.  

Dresses and skirts may sometimes be skinny and make you uncomfortable, but having comfortable underwear can become your lifesaver. Good quality material is the most important feature that needs to be considered.

Mae Women’s Matte Logo Elastic Modal Boyshort Underwear panties are an excellent choice to wear under dresses and skirts.

Coverage provided

Some women like to wear brief panties as they are very comfortable and provide good coverage overall.

Coverage provided by a panty is important because if any panty is worn under a short dress or skirt, then the panty should keep you secure.

The more coverage a panty will provide, the more comfortable you will feel.

Always look carefully at the coverage it is offering. Sometimes due to size issues, the coverage provided is not enough. Properly look at the size chart and then decide the correct size to provide the coverage you want.

Full coverage panties like Joyshaper Anti Chafing Thigh Bands for Women Underwear Under Dresses Lace Panties Boyshorts provide good coverage all over from waist till thighs keep you secure all day.

No visible panty lines(seamless)

Seamless panties are always good to go under any type of outfit. Seamless panties provide more comfort as they eliminate chafing of the skin in between the thighs.

Short skirts or short dresses that are skinny give an excellent shape to the body. But if the panty has thick seams, it will ruin the outfit’s appearance and make you feel embarrassed.

Alyce Intimates Women’s Laser Cut Bikini underwear is a good choice as these panties prevent popping out of panty lines and give a sleek look over any yoga pants, gym pants, or skinny dresses and skirts. Also, the panties won’t give a wedgie at the back, and the seams do not dig into the skin.

Different styles of dresses and skirts

Long skirts/dresses

The length of these types of skirts and dresses are generally below the knees, up to the ankle, or floor-length skirts or dresses. You can wear any type of underwear under long skirts or dresses. But if your outfit is skinny, you have to go for a seamless panty that will make you look flawless.

Visible panty lines are always a big no for me, whatever the style of my outfit is. They give a different shape to your butt over the skirt or any dress, so avoid panties with thick seams. Alyce Intimates Women’s Laser Cut Bikini panties have no seams and give a sleek look over any outfit.

Short skirts/dresses

Short skirts or dresses look cute and elegant to wear but with a perfect panty to go under them. As the length might be very short, the panty should provide good coverage and keep you secure from any type of embarrassment.

Joyshaper Anti Chafing Thigh Bands for Women Underwear Under Dresses Lace boyshort Panties are suitable to wear under short and long outfits.


After giving many trials and experiencing every type of underwear, in my opinion, Joyshaper Anti Chafing Women Underwear Under Dresses are the best underwear from the list I have mentioned above.

These panties are perfect to wear under any type of outfit. They are suitable for every skin type and keep you comfortable throughout the day. The beautiful design makes them look elegant.

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