My admiration for skinny denim or Levi’s jeans dates back to a time I don’t quite remember. I like how tight and stretchy it is, especially around my leg, showing and enhancing the hourglass shape of my body.

However, I was never satisfied with how it looked when I constantly saw myself in the mirror after dressing up.

I could see the visible panty lines drawn by my underwear in detail, not even barely. Also, some lingerie made me have bigger booty, and others completely diminished it when seen wearing tight skinny jeans.

I exclusively bought my underwear for high prices, but I was still facing problems like the leg cut of the underwear was small, that there was little space for ease and relaxation. 

Even there were times when I went out dressed in wide flared pants. I was tired of searching for the perfect underwear that my skinny jeans lined up in my closet.

That was when I got worn out of panty lines that I thought I’d give it a try and look for underwear that is great for my skinny denim jeans.

I tested ten different underwear and found Kalon Women’s Thong Underwear Panties to be the best overall underwear for skinny jeans.

These panties are made of a nylon-spandex combo. It is the comfiest as it is designed for a perfect fit with seamless sewing and a non-tight waistband. The gusset has a cotton liner, allowing for breathing and limiting any potential infections. You will definitely like how they feel. They are sexy but not too exposing. The low rise is great for wearing under any garments, including your favorite skinny jeans.

Let’s explore other great underwear for your favorite skinny jeans according to your preference and style!

Underwear for Skinny Jeans For Women Reviewed

Kalon Women’s Nylon Spandex Thong

Kalon Women's Nylon Spandex Thong

Another thong I like to wear with my jeans is Kalon’s thongs. It is a nylon-spandex combination perfect for your jeans if you are tired of roll downs. It has a ribbed upper band. It is made from nylon giving it that slim and smooth finishing.

Some of my jeans were so tight that I felt discomfort around my legs when I wore some type of underwear. This product is one of my top recommendations because it gives you space to move, flex and relax in your jeans.

It has high retention with serged leg edges with excellent elasticity. They don’t cut into the side with also no visible panty lines.

It has more than ten assorted color combinations. My favorite one is the neon combination. Getting bright neon color underwear with all the components of comfort, stretch, and having the thong feature is rear.

What we like

  • Gusset made from cotton
  • Stretchability
  • Durability

What we don’t like

  • Might be off size

ANZERMIX Breathable Thong Panties

ANZERMIX Breathable Thong Panties

Throughout my journey, what I realized is that I needed at least one thong in my underwear collection. ANZERMIX thong is the best amongst all. Unlike other thongs, it gives me optimum comfort. It has a cotton crotch which is an important feature of any underwear to trap any extra moisture.

I find these with the most symmetrical shape. I have had some, with one leg cut being larger than the other. The elasticity is excellent around the hips so that it stays firmly in place.

It has various colors and designs. There are all assertions of black or white. I personally find the fashion assorted very sexy because it is not too mild or bold but has the primary colors.

The size varies from X to X-Large. Wearing it all day, there is no weidge or pulling up, causing discomfort around the butt area.

It created this seamless look without non-visible panty lines, which is perfect for my skinny jeans.

What we like

  • Cotton crotch
  • Soft fabric
  • True to Size

What we don’t like

  • Might get loose after several washes

Moxeay G-String Thong Panty 

Moxeay G-String Thong Panty

The thought of a G-string can be traumatizing. I was also scared of how it gave me less coverage to the front and especially at the back. However, I guarantee that you won’t feel the same after you try this polyester g-string.

This product is unique because it comes both in a random usual lined waistband and a T-shaped waistline. The T-shape is unique in that it looks much sexier than thongs.  However, it might look uncomfortable until you try it.

Also, what I like the most about this product is the design. It has beautiful crafted sheer floral laces in the front part.

It comes in 5 packs with a variety of colors like pink, white and black. The size ranges from small to X-large. It is so transparent and lightweight that I always forget that I was wearing something.

Since it is made from less material, it is perfect for literally no panty lines for your tight denim jeans or shorts. Also, you can wear it with any tight garment. 

What we like

  • No panty line
  • Comfortable
  • Breathable wear

What we don’t like

  • Less coverage

COSOMALL Women’s Invisible Seamless Panties

COSOMALL Women's Invisible Seamless Panties

After purchasing this underwear, I was aware that a fabric called polyamide existed. I bet it is the most stretchable material compared to cotton and nylon.

This product is mainly made from polyamide. It has the most seamless design. The sewings around the edges are no more there, minimizing the visible panty line under your jeans.

I remember wearing it with my favorite low-rise jeans because it is specially designed with low rise making it perfect. It gives you moderate coverage. They are well made and super comfortable.

It comes in 6 packs with different assorted colors. Most of the colors are bright. The color I liked the most was the nude one, as it resembled my skin color, and the color was unique.

Also, even though I buy the regular one, there is an option for the same type but with a different style at the back. It also comes in 6 packs with a half opaque material and half superbly designed laces at the back, the front being solid.

What we like

  • Tag-free
  • True to Size
  • Seamless all over

What we don’t like

  • Non-breathable material

Emprella Womens Hipster Panties

Emprella Womens Hipster Panties

I didn’t get the use of hipster panties until I bought this. I eventually liked it because it wasn’t too bikini or too boyshortish. It balanced both with a perfect sit on my hips.

This underwear is made mainly from cotton, making it great for breath aside from giving me the perfect shape under my low-waisted jeans.

I am a huge lace fan, and I really like how the lace isn’t put around the edges like other underwear but at the waistline.

It is cute as the lace has a different or the same color as the other part of the underwear. I bought a white-colored one, and the laces were red-pinkish colored.

The laces gave me the best waistline when seen from my jeans because they didn’t create any muffin top.

Or, if you don’t want the laces,  you can go for the five assorted options with the same material.

What we like

  • Minimize visible panty lines
  • Seamless
  • Unique cute design

What we don’t like

  • Might be off Size

Wealurre Cotton Breathable Panties

Wealurre Cotton Breathable Panties

Almost all underwear has a crotch. What makes this product outstanding for me is that the crotch has two layers. This is perfect for my skinny jeans and tight leggings because I am no longer scared of sweating, irritation, or bad odor.

It is perfect for my skin as there is no pinching and bunching. The cotton material has a great stretch that aligned with my body for any of my skinny jeans.

At such times, my high-waisted briefs feel like they extend from my waistline and hold my tummy a little more with extra material. However, wearing these bikinis, I don’t feel like that because it has less material.

Having this low-waisted and simple underwear is the best. I am not worried if the waistline would ruin my shape, creating a muffin top because it is designed to stretch well and take the form of my body.

The leg edges are made from cotton, having a sewn binding. It is smooth and will not dig into your legs.

What we like

  • Seamless
  • No wedige
  • Durable material

What we don’t like

  • Might be off Size

Women’s Thong See Through Panties

Women's Thong See Through Panties

I knew how boring my lingerie collection was until I came across this product. It has the sexiest and beautiful design. It is unique that even the waistband is made from beautiful laces. By this time, you know that I am a huge lace fan.

The sheer lace is elegant. It is not too tight or loose, giving you the most incredible support with no ride up or roll down.

It has a T-shaped back. When worn under your jeans, it gives you that slim look. This underwear is a best friend to my jeans.

The design is low-waisted, and there is less material making me feel sexy every time I wear it.

Its size varies from X-small to XX-large. You can buy basic colors, or you can go for more elegant bright colors.

3d tailoring is applied for a perfect fit that if you are looking for a product that is not too big or small, you found it.

What we like

  • Low waisted
  • Soft Cotton
  • True to Size

What we don’t like

  • Wave edge

R RUXIA Women’s Hipster Panties

R RUXIA Women's Hipster Panties

I was introduced to this product when it was given to me as a Christmas gift. It had all three sorts of colors like red, green, and white. I looked at it and fell in love with it the moment I saw it.

It has a soft and great stretch. Also, even though it is made from nylon, the crotch is made entirely from cotton.

The cut is elegant. It sits right at the waist, making it best for low-rise skinny jeans.

One of the best features of this product is that it is also designed for plus-size women who love to wear skinny jeans.

The waistband is double-layered so that you won’t worry about the waistband being loose over time.

Unlike thongs, it gives full coverage at the back, giving you maximum comfort under your favorite denim jeans.

The colors are very nice. I liked the grey heathered color, which is pretty cute.

What we like

  • Tag-free
  • Seamless
  • Double-layered crotch

What we don’t like

  • Less coverage at the back

Ekouaer Bikini Panty

Ekouaer Bikini Panty

I have always been skeptical about uniquely designed underwear, as if I was afraid of them until I encountered this product. It has the cutest design around the waist. The side cutouts are gorgeous from the front or side part.

Even though it is made from polyamide, it has a similar sense of feel like nylon. It is soft and elastic.

It features high cuts making your leg look longer. It would be best if you had these under your best skinny jeans. It decreases visible panty lines to the extent.

I like the elegant yet straightforward assorted colors of black, white, and grey.

I’ve washed them several times, but there was no change in the quality of the material or the color.

What we like

  • Seamless
  • Unique design
  • Vibrant colors

What we don’t like

  • Narrow crotch

Hanky Panky Original Rise Thong

Hanky Panky Original Rise Thong

Last but not least, this is one of my favorite thongs. It is a low-rise thong that literally disappears under my jeans. I am not worried about discomfort at all or going to get a visible panty line.

Even though it is a low rise, it sits a little higher than other low-raised underwear.

It is 100% made from nylon, and all the design is lace. How cool is that?  The lace is soft against your skin, and it stretches and holds the shape of your butty in place.

The gusset is made from cotton, giving it the life for trapping moisture. I was never fearful that something would happen under my tight jeans.

It has the best waistband with a V front and back waistband. These pants are made to be worn with confidence because they have no visible panty line.

What we like

  • Vibrant colors
  • Stretch lace
  • Durability

What we don’t like

  • Limited Size

Guide to The Best Skinny Jeans Underwear For Women

Our skinny jeans lined up in our closets play a vital role in women’s garment collections. It takes the shape of your body with the tight fabric having a narrow leg. What makes this experience of wearing your favorite denim or skinny jeans is the underwear you wear, the right underwear. Most notably wearing tight skinny, what most women face is the visible panty line. Here are some tips to look for while purchasing the best lingerie for your skinny jeans.


Look for a seamless product, most importantly. It is made from one circular knit that lessens the thick edges around your underwear. It gives it that smooth finishing decreasing any visible panty line when wearing your favorite jeans.

Less Fabric

You don’t want granny underwear with a lot of material like briefs. You will feel uncomfortable from the sagging or wedgie of your underwear. Look for a product with less fabric, especially at the back. This will decrease the visible panty lines.

Low Rise

Look for a product that sits perfectly around your waist. You will look great in our skinny jeans as it enhances your body type by showing your curves.


Skinny jeans are tight compared to other pants. Having the important part of your body in tension should be relieved by a breathable material, like cotton, trapping any excess moisture.


Wearing tight jeans and wearing tight underwear at the same time is the problem with most women. Look for a product that takes the shape of your body and curves, just hugging you well, not putting so much pressure on you.


Your pants have a tight waistband already, so you don’t want to stress yourself anymore with the tight band of your underwear. Make sure to choose a waistband made from lace or elastic material because you surely don’t want to get a muffin top while wearing your treasured skinny jeans.


Size is important if you want to have a breathtaking experience with your jeans. If you are not cautious about the size chart and buy a product bigger than your size, then the underwear will collect itself and form some shape around your butt. If it is too tight, it will cut your backside, and it can be seen on your skinny jeans that you are actually wearing a tight pantie.


Wearing shorts under your skinny jeans will make things worse because it doesn’t have a cut around your legs, and it is full of extra material with full coverage. Make sure to look for a thong, bikini, hipster, and g-string styled underwear. They are perfect because they fully cover the front part but have a lesser fabric at the back.

Wrap Up

Not being able to wear your favorite skinny jeans sounds heartbreaking. I understand it because it is something I struggled with in my past. The tight nature of skinny jeans wants a specific type of underwear if you want it to look good from the outside. That is why I recommend you to check out Kalon Women’s Thong Underwear Panties. It is the best thong you can find on the market. As much as it helped me achieve that state of maximum comfort, and no panty line, I will guarantee that it will do the same for you.

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