Are you having trouble keeping your parts in place during sports? Jockstrap underwear has you covered. 

Being a basketball player myself, I needed to find something to keep my balls in place. Someone recommended I try Jockstrap underwear, and I have never looked back since. 

Amongst the ton of competition in the market, it was difficult to buy the perfect pair. Therefore I had to try a lot of them. And, after a rigorous analysis of the different jockstraps, I have found BSHETR Men’s Underwear Jockstrap Supporters to be the best.

Here are some more awesome jockstraps so that you can find an alternative if you want something else or some other choice of material or design.

Let’s get into it.

8 Best Jockstrap Underwear Reviewed

BSHETR Men’s Underwear Jockstrap Athletic Supporters

BSHETR Men's Underwear Jockstrap Athletic Supporters

This fashionable jockstrap underwear is designed to keep your private parts in place without hanging. The waistband adds a stylish shiny accent to these cotton briefs without constricting or chafing. It is knitted perfectly with a  tagless band and has a gentle touch with the skin.

Stretch cotton blend that is incredibly soft and well ventilated. A small quantity of spandex aids in shape retention, with a double layer in the crotch region for added support and color durability.  The soft elastic waistband is pleasant and well-fitting, with no tension, slipping, or ride-ups.

They’re good quality, have been washed three times, and still seem brand new. At the very least, for the price, I intend to purchase another pair. I needed their help, and they hugged me tenderly with a bag large enough to hold a well-endowed package. These jocks make excellent everyday underwear for me. The smooth cotton pouch is comfortable to wear all day. This underwear keeps me cool and comfy throughout the day.

What we like:

  • Comfortable pouch design
  • The waistband is a perfect fitting

What we dislike:

  • Not for big guys

Arjen Kroos Men’s Jockstrap

Arjen Kroos Men's Jockstrap

I can’t say enough about how incredible these are! I rarely come across underwear that is this comfy to work out in. They have a soft, non-scratchy mesh all around. The sizing is correct according to the charts provided; therefore, I would stick to them. They give adequate support to the front package while not harming the underwear’s rear. 

I have bigger thighs, and there’s plenty of room for everything. Consider upgrading to a swimsuit jock if you want a little more coverage than the regular jockstrap. This underwear has a camo print and patterns on the nylon and spandex fabric, which holds you firm from rear to front. 

The material is mesh, which provides virtually as much breathability as naked skin while being comfortable. The pouch was designed with considering sufficient space for your private parts. These are great, soft, and stretchy for my bit, and they make my backside appear better than ever.

What we like:

  • Perfect space for privates
  • Amazing color and designs

What we dislike:

  • Not very durable

BSHETR Men’s Low Rise JockStrap


They fit well and look great. These were mostly purchased for long bicycle journeys. There is simply not enough support when wearing standard boxer briefs. This results in uncomfortable pressure in the scrotum as well as uneven pressure on the hip.  These jockstraps help hold everything together and prevent the scrotum from slipping, drooping, or being attached to the inner groin/thigh area due to the heat and sweat from intense exercise. 

I’ve been wearing them under my shorts to test out the waistline and back straps. So far, they’re comfortable, and I’m no longer concerned about my huge scrotum and flaccid unit flopping around as I change positions. The camouflage pattern is also appealing to me. 

I used these as regular underwear for an entire day and found them quite comfortable and supportive. I haven’t noticed any bunching, discomfort, or chafing. The cloth pouch is designed to firmly hold your private parts without causing discomfort or undue tightness. The support is precisely correct, and the waistline is finely made.

What we like:

  • The cloth pouch is well built
  • The camouflage pattern is quite attractive

What we dislike:

  • Sizes are not accurate

MuscleMate Hot Men’s Thong Jockstrap

MuscleMate Hot Men's Thong Jockstrap

These thongs are an excellent choice. Truly. It is coming from a guy with a sizable underwear collection. The pouch has a great, supportive feel while also being roomy, the thick T strap is comfortable and doesn’t itch after long wear, the wide rear gives it a great look and feel, the fabric is soft and very breathable without feeling thin and cheap. 

Talking about the build quality, the stitching looks like it should last through multiple washes, and the waistband is not only beautiful but soft and comfortable. Ideal for all-day wear, jogging, yoga, and, of course, nighttime entertainment. I frequently forget I’m wearing it.

Super soft material to hold your goods, and a nice, thick waistband that’s also soft against your waist. Very lightweight; keeps everything cool and supported. I was able to wear it for an entire workday without any pain. The cloth is soft and well-made, and the band did not bunch or roll on my body.

What we like:

  • The clothing is super soft
  • Well supported

What we dislike:

  • I would recommend going for a size up

ONEFIT Men’s Modal Underwear Bikini Briefs

ONEFIT Men's Modal Underwear Bikini Briefs

ONEFIT is the best for its price. The pouch is large enough to allow for fabric separation between legs and parts while delivering a sense of mobility. For its sourcing, the construction quality appears to be relatively high. The front pouch consists of two pieces of cloth that are seamed around the borders. 

The seam down the front of the pouch is soft and does not appear to irritate. My wife loved them. She mentioned how soft they are. I never imagined they’d feel this fantastic. They don’t ride up anywhere and add a lot to your package. These great-fitting underwear are a great value at this pricing. 

You will never feel burdened, stuffed, or uncomfortable. The fabric is silky and breathable. The sizing was perfect for me. The fit was perfect. It shouldn’t be too tight or too baggy. These are one of my favorite pairs.

What we like:

  • Enhancing design
  • Seams are very comfortable

What we dislike:

  • I have experienced ride-ups

KD Willmax Athletic Jockstrap

KD Willmax Athletic Jockstrap

This jockstrap may suit you if you want something that doesn’t seem fancy but performs the job. With an extra-thick waistline and more robust construction, this pair prioritizes support. Fortunately, the 100% cotton pouch is as comfy as the elastic bands are supportive, keeping everything comfortable, cool, and, most importantly, in place. 

These have an open-back design with straps that run underneath your buttocks to fasten the pouch, making them suitable for activewear. I was skeptical at first because they didn’t appear like the typical supporter cup, but I was wrong. They’re pretty comfy. I use this under a pair of spandex shorts; the jockstrap is flexible and comfortable, keeping the cup securely in place. 

Despite being a size larger than required, these are highly secure. One disadvantage of this pair is that people report it feeling heavier rather than lighter due to the heavy-duty bands. This can make it uncomfortable to wear for extended periods, making it unsuitable for regular use. 

What we like:

  • High-quality cotton material
  • Very durable

What we dislike:

  • A bit baggier

ChengShen Mesh Thong Jockstrap

ChengShen Mesh Thong Jockstrap

These are comfy, provide enough space for the ‘equipment,’ and offer superb support. I am slim, so the sides come up high on my hips and do not slide down no matter how busy I am, so everything stays in place. The mesh structure means I stay well ventilated and do not sweat excessively, even during hard exercise.

They are indeed ‘low rise,’ thus they are highly abbreviated, even when compared to the silk thongs, I have been using for the last decade or so. They are, nonetheless, really comfy. They have a beautiful metal ring on the front, but it serves no use and causes no problems, even while going through airport security.

Color lasts through numerous washing. I like them and have purchased three pairs in the previous several months. I recommend measuring your waistline to ensure you buy the correct size. These are both lovely and delicate.

What we like:

  • Excellent breathability
  • Colors are quite long-lasting

What we dislike:

  • A bit see-through design

Summer Code Men’s Sexy Micro Mesh Briefs

Summer Code Men’s Sexy Micro Mesh Briefs

I’ve never worn pouch underwear before, so the style is new to me. Because they are low rise, they ride lower but are quite comfy. It doesn’t feel like I’m wearing anything below my clothes. Because these are flexible mesh, they do not work well as a supporter, but they are also not intended for that purpose. I’m not sure how well the stitching will stand up to repeated washing, but I’m pleased with the products overall.

I enjoy the low front rise and the mesh fabric for its breathability. There’s also enough fabric in the back to keep my buttocks from sagging too low. The pouch is made of a single layer of cloth that has not been doubled. 

Even at medium size, the pouch is roomy and does not compress or bind the private parts. I’ve washed these a few times in the machine, and they appear to be holding up well. These have performed admirably on lengthy walks and hikes.

What we like:

  • The low-rise style is very comfortable
  • Spacious pouch

What we dislike:

  • A bit tight for bigger guys

Best JockStrap Underwear – Buying Guide

Sufficient Support For Your Balls

Your balls will be hanging free if you don’t contain them, whether you’re playing football, walking down the road, or just lounging around. This can result in unpleasant swinging, an increased risk of nutshots, and testicular torsion in the worst-case scenario.

Keeping your privates secure is the best method to save yourself from pain and discomfort. That means keeping them in place, close to your body, and out of harm’s way. To accomplish this, pick underwear with a touch of compression to keep the guys tight in their place. You should also look for anything with a stronger, contoured pouch to ensure optimum support while being cozy.

BSHETR Men’s Low Rise Jockstrap is the best choice when it comes to ball pouches to support your private parts.

Proper Airflow and Breathability

When you choose a jockstrap, you are attempting to enhance the breathability of your clothes. However, the crotch area is prone to heavy sweating, so you can still acquire swamp crotch despite all the mobility on your thighs and buttocks.

Choosing a jockstrap made of breathable material such as nylon, cotton, or mesh allows your boys to breathe while remaining protected.

BSHETR Men’s Underwear Jockstrap provides excellent breathability and ventilation and keeps your crotch dry and cool.

Fitting and proper comfort

Let’s face it: wearing a jockstrap can seem strange at first. Most individuals are used to wearing boxers or briefs that cover their entire crotch and buttocks, while jockstraps only cover the most crucial parts.

This means they hug your parts quite tightly, so if you want to be comfortable for longer durations of activities, make sure it fits you properly. Going too tiny will cut into your circulation or leave marks on your groin while going too big will reduce the support provided by the underwear.

You should also choose a suitable material so that you don’t irritate anything sensitive. Many materials are flexible but double-check to check that they are cotton, mesh, nylon, or something else that will not bother you.

KD Willmax Athletic Jockstraps are made from pure genuine cotton and are the most comfortable jockstrap in the market.


It is based on what you want or the purpose of your underwear, and whether or not anyone will see it, you’ll need to choose between a few different jockstrap styles.

A crap pouch is hooked to straps that secure around your thigh and hips in a regular jock. Depending on their target audience, some add a bit more with thong-style backs (as opposed to no behind at all) or innovative pouches (laces, embellishments, different fabrics, and more).

Your normal jock will be appropriate for sports use because you want something that performs well over something that looks good. However, if you’re looking for a pair for sexy time, you can be as creative as you like.

ChengShen Mesh Thong Jockstrap has a wide variety of colors, and the colors are also long-lasting, so it will suit a wide range of purposes.

Our Verdict

Men’s underwear is a private matter. Masculinity and male parts are frequently associated, and whichever briefs cover it all up is the initial impression. Wearing what makes you feel secure will be sexier than anything we could ever try to sell you, whether it’s good – old cotton boxers, polyester compression briefs, or a subtle touch of lace holding to a waistband. Tiger, go grab ’em.

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