Have you ever noticed that your underwear started to smell and felt embarrassed about it? Don’t worry, as nothing wrong has happened, and also, you don’t need to get mortified about it as having smelly underwear is not as uncommon as you think.

Everyone in their lifetime has to deal with smelly underwear from time to time. So, yep, it is quite common and not that of a big deal, to be honest. There could be many reasons behind the smell of your underwear. 

In this article, we are going to talk about some reasons due to which your underwear might smell and how you can get rid of that smell easily at home with some super easy methods.

Reasons Behind a Smelly Underwear 

As we have talked about earlier, smelly underwear happens to almost everyone, and you don’t have to replace it or feel ashamed. There can be multiple reasons behind this problem; it could be the fabric of your underwear or the temperatures or your body sweat. 

It’s a normal part of life if your underwear has a temporary lousy smell, but if you notice the smell every day and grow strong as the day passes, you might have to look after it and do something about it.

Here are some of the possible reasons for your underwear to smell:

Bad Hygiene

Bad Hygine

If you don’t maintain proper hygiene of any part of your body, and more specifically your private areas, it is definitely gonna smell, and in the worse case, poor hygiene can lead you to health problems, risks of infections or diseases, and some medical conditions.

Ensure you take proper care of yourself, especially down there, as maintaining good hygiene is the key to preventing smelly underwear.  

Always remember to shower every day, change your underwear every day, or even more than once per day if you feel it, and ensure you wash and clean your private parts correctly.

Body Sweating

Body Sweating

Do you work out? Or sweat a lot? Or have a very active lifestyle or live in a place with high temperatures? In any case, it is obvious your body is going to sweat, even down there causing your underwear to get wet and smell. 

This is because sweating can attract and grow bacteria and fungus, leading to a bad smell in your underwear.

Underwear Fabric

You must think about the fabric of their underwear when you are purchasing one, as the fabric can affect the smell of your undies. I would suggest you go with breathable natural fabrics.  

You can choose cotton and polyester undies as they are excellent choices since they are breathable and don’t absorb moisture or sweat. With such fabrics, you would rarely encounter serious smelling problems. 

How To Get Smell Out Of Underwear?

There are various methods using which you can get rid of that smelly underwear. These are easy methods, and you don’t need any type of special skill or knowledge as you can easily carry it out in your home or doing laundry. 

We have seen what could be the possible causes for your to smell, now let’s see how to get the smell out of underwear:

Wash Your Underwear With Lemon

lemon wash

Lemon will definitely turn out to be one of your favourite weapons against smelly undies. When it comes to cleaning or dealing with bad smells, lemon is an excellent source of options for cleaning any traces of bad odours due to its acid properties. 

Just take warm water and squeeze two or three lemons in it, then soak your underwear in the warm water and lemon solution for about ten minutes before you put them in the washing machine. 

This method will definitely help with dealing with the odour of your undies, and you can even learn how to make a lemon disinfectant if you need it, as it is super simple.

Consider Using Odor Blocking Underwear

You might need to consider wearing odour-blocking underwear if you sweat more than the average person since your underwear will quickly gain odour which can be quite embarrassing at times. 

Odour-blocking undies are perfect and specifically made for people who sweat a lot and are also great for heavy workout sessions where your body produces lots of sweat. 

This type of underwear uses sweat defence to keep your private parts dry and away from moisture and sweat. 

Use Of Baking Soda

baking soda

Baking soda is a versatile ingredient, and its uses extend far beyond cooking, which definitely includes dealing with smelly clothes, which in our case is stinky underwear. 

If you don’t know, this isn’t a new technique, and in fact, baking soda has been used for decades to remove the smell from garments. Before washing your underwear, soak them in cold water and a half cup of baking soda.

Let your underwear stay in the solution for about ten to fifteen minutes before you put it in the washing machine for usual washing. 

Using Vinegar 

Vinegar is not only widely useful while cooking, but it is also an excellent helper in removing any smells from your underwear, especially urine. This is because white vinegar is basically acetic acid, which works pretty well in neutralizing alkaline odours.

All you have to do is add 1/2 cup of white vinegar with your usual detergent, then just wash your clothes as you usually do. 

The other way of using it is by soaking your underwear in a sink of cold water and a 1:4 solution of white vinegar before putting them for a wash.

Check Instructions On The Label 

Different underwear is made from different materials, and many people are unaware that every material has some specific conditions that you need to be mindful of before washing them. 

It is important to know the material if you need to wash with cold or hot water, what other products will be useful or harmful for the underwear material, and how long it will take to dry off fully.

Heat Washing Cycles

Well, using hot water for washing your undies might not seem to be the most economical method, but it is surely one of the best working ways to eliminate any smell and odour from your underwear.

This is because washing your undies in hot water is an effective way to kill germs and remove foul odours that might be present in your underwear. If your underwear material is cotton, that is even better as it is a flexible fabric.


Although smelly underwear is common, you would still not choose to walk out in one. I hope this article helped you know how to get the smell out of underwear, that too without much hassle, and you can easily do that at home.

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