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Worry not, you have landed on the right place. I’m here to help you out with choosing the Best Women’s Underwear For Sweating.

Being sweaty down there during your working out or a long run is a big issue as it can cause many problems such as itching, fungal infections or rashes etc. I have explored a variety of options and came across ExOfficio Women’s Give-N-Go Bikini Brief which fits as the overall best women’s Underwear for sweating.

Every person has a different body, different choices, and different experiences. As you read ahead, I have listed and reviewed some of the best sweat resistant underwear for females available in the market for your better understanding.

Best Women’s Underwear For Sweating Reviewed

Here are the reviews for the 10 beat woman underwear for sweating:

ExOfficio Women’s Give-N-Go Bikini Brief

ExOfficio Women's Give-N-Go Bikini Brief

In my opinion, these ladies’ breathable mesh bikini bottoms are the best. I generally use them for running and hiking but they are very suitable for city exploration, travel and they can solve our most concerning issues at any time, such as comfort, coolness and moisture wicking. 

I specifically like antibacterial treatments which reduce odors. I always feel fresh in this underwear for a longer time. The breathable mesh improves airflow and keeps me dry. I can use them anytime and on any occasion but they seem a little see-through, hence I won’t recommend wearing them on beaches or pools.

I have washed them a few times till now and dried them several times on medium heat and there is no sign of fading. Its fabric dries off quickly and can be worn in a few hours and a fresh and dry pair of underwear is ready. As they are made of quick-dry fabric it reduces and saves so much of my washing time, take-out and packing time.  

Even during my exercise and workout times the waistband stretches to fit and hold its shape, thus enhancing durability. I think the ExOfficio used the right fabric, but they need to improve the quality of the stretch to justify the price because it sometimes shrinks after a few washes.

What I like

  • They comfortable and keep cool
  • Have a good moisture wicking capacity
  • Easy to dry
  • Good quality fabric

What I don’t like

  • Quite see-through
  • Elastic might shrink sometimes

Fruit of the Loom Women’s Breathable Panties

Fruit of the Loom Women’s Breathable Panties

Loom Breathable Micro Mesh Low-Rise Underwear is what helped me to keep me cool and fresh all day. Not only does this underwear keep me in top condition throughout the day, they are really comfortable.

These panties felt so breathable and did a good job to moderate air circulation. They may not be the sexiest, but the high cut leg gives these a smart look while wearing even after being fully covered. Soft waistbands and Soft leg straps are also very comfortable. I never had a problem of shrinking with them.

It’s good that they are tag-free so they don’t give an itchy and annoying feel, and are made from 100% cotton lining for extra softness. I wore them with low waist jeans or other low waist trousers as this lady’s low-waisted minimalist style sits below the navels and provides full seat coverage. The colours may vary and many people (including me) don’t prefer dark colours for such underwear.

What I like

  • Tag-free
  • Breathable and gives high comfort
  • Have 100% cotton lining

What I don’t like

  • Colours may vary

New Balance Women’s Breathe Thong Panty

New Balance Women’s Breathe Thong Panty

New Balance Women’s Breathable Mesh Thong panty is available in a variety of colors, designs and sizes. 

After using them they felt ultra-light and comfortable, due to that nylon or spandex sports blend. They are so breathable and durable. Though they are not as stretchy as I expected. I sometimes prefer cotton lining underwear.

They did a good job to eliminate the odors and absorb moisture. They really kept me cool, comfortable and dry all day, hence providing the absolute comfort. They never twist or wrinkle, even under tight pants, there are no lines, and they can absorb moisture. They are not at all irritating and the proportions are perfect.

What is new for me is that these women’s underwear are designed with no label and no side seams, which almost eliminates abrasions and minimizes invisible underwear lines. The elastic waistband really provided me with the greatest freedom of movement and fits my body to provide strong support.

These panties are very durable and very resistant to fading when washed and dried. They shouldn’t be dried at low temperatures and don’t need to be ironed.

What I like

  • They are breathable and durable
  • Does not fade
  • Lightweight
  • No label and side seams

What I don’t like

  • Colours in these may stain skin after sweating
  • Less strechy

Under Armour Women’s Pure Stretch Hipster

Under Armour Women's Pure Stretch Hipster

These underwear worked as a great choice for me as they are super soft and the fabric is stretchy which provides an excellent full-day comfort for all activities. The fabric is so soft and so thin and really comfortable. It almost feels like they are invisible.

Even after wearing them under joggers or tight jeans, theLaser cut edges provide a hem-free construction which results in a smoother, more flattering contour. The only problem that concerns me is that they don’t have a waistband due to which they do not stay in place and sometimes roll down.

Even after a heavy workout sweat they don’t smell at all. I like the Anti-odor technology that prevents odor. It’s easy for me to move around without worrying about smelling bad. This underwear only has to line dry and not be put in the dryer, because in the dryer it loses its elasticity quicker, that’s also an issue for me.

What I like

  • Fabric is light, soft and thin
  • Advance anti odor technology

What I don’t like

  • In dryer it loses its elasticity quicker
  • They roll down as they don’t have waistband

Reebok Seamless Hipster Panties

Reebok Seamless Hipster Panties

I used these underwears during long runs or workouts as these athletic briefs are designed for workouts, they are quite seamless and tagless so you can stay comfortable. They are true to its colour and size and its fabric material is super soft and comfortable. 

The underwear material seemed a little thick to me. They covered the whole butt region. While the waist was very soft and stretchy, the leg holes seemed a bit tight. They don’t roll, not even while sleeping. And probably due to the little thick material they don’t dry as quickly as the thin ones.

But overall I won’t mind using them for light workout sessions.

After wearing my tight pants on them only the waistband seemed seamless but these definitely show an underwear outline on your butt ,through pants. I can’t wear these beneath yoga pants or leggings unless I don’t mind an underwear outline showing.

They are tag-free and instead of tag they have a logo belt, sitting on the hips and naturally cutting the leg openings.

What I like

  • True to size and colour
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Good for workouts

What I don’t like

  • Less seamless
  • Underwear outline in leggings or yoga pants

Fruit of the Loom Coolblend Panties

Fruit of the Loom Coolblend Panties

I would like to say that this is one of the best underwear that kept me comfortable and cool throughout the day in hot weather. After workouts or runnings these panties did a good job to wick away moisture and cool you down in hot temperatures. I really like them and wear them while I exercise.

They are thin, but the crotch area is cotton and the panels are very breathable, so they are comfortable and cool. Fruit of the Loom panties are label-free and are made of 100% cotton lining, which is softer. 

They wick moisture nicely. They stay in place and pull moisture away from your body. They also dry fast after a wash. Probably even faster than cotton underwear in some cases. They are also extremely comfortable.

The classic bikini silhouette sits slightly above the hips, a moderate sense of rise, and provides moderate cushion coverage. They don’t ride up in the back, and don’t roll down in the front even in my sleep. The soft waist and leg straps also have unique advantages to increase comfort during the day. 

What I like

  • Fabric is light, soft and comfortable
  • 100% cotton lining
  • Wick away moisture

What I don’t like

  • Not true to size

Amazon Essentials Women’s Cotton Stretch

Amazon Essentials Women’s Cotton Stretch

These classic stretch bikini bottoms felt really smooth, soft, light and comfortable after my first wear. They are covered in the middle and back and yet these underwear are extremely breathable.

I can say that the quality of fabric is good as I have washed these underwear several times now according to the instructions and I didn’t notice any problem regarding fabric shrinkage till now. 

After wearing the crotch lining seems to be of the same material as the rest of the panty. Labels are printed on the back belt for comfort without labels. 

They did quite a job to ensure comfort, quality and fit. 

The elastic fitting seemed fine, it is not too tight or too loose in fact it doesn’t feel like it’s even there, but it is. Though they didn’t shrink, the quantity of elastic didn’t seem top notch to me. It started fraying, tangling after a few months’ wear.

What I like

  • Extremely breathable
  • Smooth, soft, light and comfortable

What I don’t like

  • Not that catchy look
  • Elastic Quality

Warm Sun Women’s Bamboo Viscose Panties

Warm Sun Women’s Bamboo Viscose Panties

The elastic fiber of these underwear, which perfectly fits my legs and buttocks, and they naturally bend for me. The design of this underwear looks good to me, the leg holes are larger and more comfortable. 

They fall right on the waist, and the front and back are fully covered. There is a 2-inch wide belt on the front of the waist, which never drops and fits each curve naturally. 

These felt very comfortable, breathable and lightweight underwear. They are also environmentally friendly. They helped me to deal with moisture transport function, can reduce sweat, odor, sturdy and simple design, super soft, soft feel, elastic, mid-waist, thin bamboo modal underwear panties, just like clouds without restraints and clumps, making you feel like Without wearing any clothes. 

I would recommend not to use bleach on the underwear. It can ruin the underwear.

What I like

  • These are comfortable, breathable and lightweight underwear.
  • Has moisture transport function
  • Can reduce sweat

What I don’t like

  • Thick material ( cannot be worn under tight pants)

Balanced Tech Women’s Seamless Panties

Balanced Tech Women’s Seamless Panties

I wore these underwear under leggings and they  are seamless but sometimes wearing dark colours might be visible through them. These thongs are super soft and extremely comfortable, and are deodorant and breathable.

 I had a great experience wearing them, they can draw moisture away from the body. Feel dry all day even if you are running, jogging or exercise. They are really easy and quick to dry after a quick wash. 

I always prefer tagless underwear, as they don’t cause any discomfort or irritation. Side-seam-free labels can eliminate scratches or pinches, while minimizing lines from unexposed underwear and front cover.

They are breathable, hence good for sports and are ideal for travel and active lifestyles. The  fabric always stays in place and I can move freely without hesitation.

Even after wearing tight clothes they have almost invisible pant lines. I like lightweight underwear as they are very comfortable and feel light. Now it’s reinforced for longer-lasting comfort and durability. I think these underwear are a wise investment for any women’s sportswear collection.

What I like

  • Breathable
  • Eliminate scratches or pinches
  • Ideal for travel and active lifestyles
  • Seamless

What I don’t like

  • No small size available

Asimoon No Muffin Top Cotton Underwear

Asimoon No Muffin Top Cotton Underwear

I used these panties, double layer c part, flat seams. They are extremely comfortable and good. It has a soft and smooth touch. The cotton cloth is breathable and clings to my skin, keeping everything cool and dry. I like that it’s an Organic underwear which absorbs sweat and the toxins released from the body. 

I do not have a perfect body type but they still fit me nicely, hence regardless of your body shape, these women’s underwear are sure to provide you with a perfect fit. The quality of underwear seems high quality as they are super soft and really breathable. They are comfortable to wear all day. Reinforced seams are flexible enough.

Its wide elastic waist won’t stand up and won’t fall off and do not gape around my legs. These panties are perfect for my tummy control and have full back coverage. The wide elastic waistband reduces the appearance of the muffin top and the full back cover shows my hips well.

It is perfect to give as a gift as well. I also wear it with high waist dresses and jeans. Without the muffin top, you will be more confident. 

What I like

  • Provide perfect fit
  • Won’t Stand Up and Won’t Fall Off
  • Comfortable to wear all day

What I don’t like

  • Not true to size (Can be large for some people)

A Guide To Buy The Best Women’s Underwear For Sweating

To have a better understanding, I have explained some features depending on which you can select your best women’s underwear for sweating:

Comfort and fitting

Underwear should be comfortable and at the same time provide the best support for the day. 

Cotton is the most widely used fabric in underwear. It protects your private area. Rubbing clothing can cause sores or abrasions to basic discomfort. Adding a protective layer between outer clothing can make the soft fabric (not as abrasive as outer clothing) meet the needs of sensitive skin.

Womens Underwear, No Muffin Top Full Coverage Cotton Underwear Briefs Soft Stretch Breathable Ladies Panties for Women can be a very good choice if you are looking for comfort and lighter underwear.

Make sure the underwear fits well. Wearing too tight can cause discomfort in your underwear and can also cause abrasions and rashes. It may slip off when wearing loose clothing.


If you tend to sweat a lot or are prone to rashes or chafing, choose underwear which allows a better airflow. You want more airflow and less trapped moisture, especially if you’re working out or have a jog in the morning. A lot of underwear that looks thin and breathable really isn’t. This is due to synthetic fibers that trap heat and sweat. If you don’t allow the area to breathe, and they trap heat and moisture it can start creating a perfect breeding ground for yeast infections. Amazon Essentials Women’s Cotton Stretch Bikini Panty really fits into this category.

These days any style of panties can be found in a breathable fabric. We can say that, the more natural the fabric, the better it is for airflow. That’s why cotton underwear is pretty much the gold standard of breathable underwear, and bamboo is also a solid lightweight choice. The Fruit of the Loom women’s Breathable Panties is 100% Cotton liner panty.

Some synthetic underwear compensates with a lightweight mesh design that allows for more airflow, which can be just as good as natural fabrics when done correctly.

Moisture-wicking capability

Moisture-wicking and sweat-wicking fabrics have two functions: one is to quickly move sweat (absorb moisture) to the outer surface of the fabric, and the other is to dry quickly to prevent sweat from soaking into the fabric. The result is that you are more comfortable, because your body can effectively regulate the temperature and the fabric that touches your skin feels dry and not sticky. 

Generally, you should use moisture wicking fabrics in any clothing that touches the skin, such as a long underwear base. You also want to wear it on the clothes you wear during aerobic (sweating) activities like walking or running. Wearing something between you and the fabric can be more comfortable and a healthier way to sweat. Usually this will be a lightweight and smooth high-tech polyester. And ExOfficio Women’s Give-N-Go Bikini brief provides a good Moisture-wicking capability.

When you sweat enough, the sweat evaporates and produces a cooling effect. Once your skin temperature cools to a comfortable level, your body will stop sweating. This is a super efficient process, and you will use effective moisture wicking fabrics to complement this process.

Fabric selection

The best fabrics for underwear can be elegant and luxurious fabrics like Lucent Satin, Organza and Florence Net, or more practical and comfortable fabrics like Mulmul, satin cotton and knitted sweaters. 

All of these will feel fine and smooth on your skin, will be placed where they should be covered, and will conform to your shape as they should. 

However, you may have heard of this before, but since the cute styles of various fabrics are there, it bears repeating that cotton is the most chosen fabric for underwear. 

Since vaginal discharge is similar to moisture in your mouth, it is healthy, so you want your underwear to gently absorb excess moisture. Underwear with sweat-wicking fabric (polyester or polyester blend) can reduce moisture in these two areas when you spend a lot of time on a slope (or just panting on a train). But changing your underwear after a sweaty workout is still a good idea to minimize the risk of infection.

Although whole body underwear is suitable for occasional sexy night wear, they are usually made of synthetic fibers and can cause chafing and redness, especially if you wear them often or for too long. New Balance Women’s Breathable Mesh Thong panty is available in different designs and styles and is made with comfortable and lightweight fabric.

Most moisture wicking fabrics are synthetic fibers. Wool is also believed to absorb moisture. Cotton is said to be a moisture-proof fabric.


To buy the best women’s underwear for sweating, you must look for underwear which has a good breathability, an excellent moisture-wicking ability and is comfortable to wear. I have done some research on every product and reviews.

Keeping all this in mind I came to a conclusion that ExOfficio Women’s Give-N-Go Bikini brief  is the best overall women’s underwear for sweating.

They are light, have a good breathability, provide good airflow, are easy to dry and also provide antibacterial treatments that reduce odor.

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