When you are wearing a beautiful and expensive bridal or wedding dress, you expect to look perfect and beautiful in it.

But sometimes, the dress forms a fold and bulge over the tummy and back region due to different body sizes, structures, and extra fat. That leaves an unflattering look which I hate the most. 

Then I started searching and surfing around the internet to look for shapewear that might solve these problems. I came through loads of options, and I decided to try them out to find which one best fits me. 

While searching and trying out different styles and materials in shapewear, I came across this Maidenform Women’s Open Bust Body Shaper shapewear, and trust me, these were the best shapewear I ever used to wear under bridal and wedding dresses. 

If you are searching for the best bridal and wedding shapewear for you, just go through the list of 10 best bridal and wedding shapewear, which I have mentioned below, along with my honest reviews about them. 

In addition to this, I have also provided a guide to buying the best bridal and wedding shapewear, which might help you decide and choose which is more suitable.

Best Bridal & Wedding Shapewear Reviewed

Maidenform Women’s Open Bust Body Shaper 

Maidenform Flexees Shapewear Romper

I can say that this is the best body shaper I ever wore. This feels smooth on the skin, and you can tell that the quality of the fabric is high after wearing it. It helps smooth your body and gives you a good shape, making it perfect to wear underwear in any wedding dress.

It provides a good coverage area and support to the back and makes the back fat look reduced effectively. It is easy to wear and put on or off. The fabric is exceptionally comfortable, and I can recommend this to be your all-day wear and are perfect for a wedding dress.

The only problem I had with them was that they are not entirely seamless as it has quite noticeable seams around the legs, but that does not put many restrictions on my clothing. I like that it has non-binding legs, which provide more comfort to the shapewear and enhance flexibility.

You don’t have to worry about the tummy bulges or back fay showing off through your clothes as it smoothes everything. You can wear it every day without feeling any discomfort as it does not cause any pinching or itching issues and fits me perfectly well on my body. 

These should be hand washed and not machine washed. This will ensure a long time of the shapewear. In addition to this, it has wide straps for stay-in-place comfort and assurance. No matter what you do through the day, it won’t move and stays in place.

What we like

  • Gives a good shape 
  • Suitable for everyday use as well
  • Stay in place
  • Provide extreme comfort

What we don’t like

  • Not totally seamless around legs

Spanx Oncore Open Bust Mid-Thigh Shapewear

Spanx Oncore Open Bust Mid-Thigh Shapewear

I have bought this bodysuit, and I pretty much liked it, and it also goes amazing under any type of wedding dress. It makes me feel like I have a perfect hourglass figure. They are also not very tight around the thighs.

It has adjustable thin straps that hide very well under everything. I have worn this, and according to me, it goes well under gowns and dresses as it is fitted very well under any dress. It has stayed in place all night. It doesn’t roll up or down.

It does not show through dresses and does not have any visible lines. It also provides me with a very high comfort level, making it perfect to wear under bridal and wedding dresses without getting worried about your shapewear showing out.

I also feel very comfortable wearing these types of stuff because it helps me with pudge, love handles, back rolls, and saddlebags running my look but not anymore. I feel comfortable because of this good fit.

I realized that it has a hole in the crotch, making it comfortable to use the bathroom. It is one of the best features of this Bodysuit which I liked. The only thing I disliked about it is that it does not even have moisture control capacity.

What we like

  • Provide perfect fit
  • Stay in place
  • No VPL

What we don’t like

  • No moisture control

Eleady Waist Trainer Bodysuit Control Shapewear

Eleady Waist Trainer Bodysuit Control Shapewear

This was one of the most comfortable inner-wear I wore while searching for the best bridal and wedding shapewear. I seem to walk with a bit of confidence after wearing this.

It was comfortable because it doesn’t crimp up even after sitting for a longer time. It is open from the bottom to make it easy for the wearer to go to the bathroom and easy to put and take it off.

I didn’t observe much help with my belly control at all. It barely reduced my tummy bulges and muffin top, but though it didn’t work on my belly, it did smooth out any back fat pretty good, giving my back a smooth and flattering look.

In some of the reviews, I read that it seemed to help improve the posture, and as I also noticed that it gave quite a support to the back and helped in sitting up with ease, I started using it quite often.

It has size issues, as suggested by people in reviews too. I might suggest you go through the sizing instructions and order a size larger than your usual as I ordered a large one in size, and it fitted me very comfortably. 

What we like

  • Extremely Comfortable
  • Works well on the back 
  • Supports posture

What we don’t like

  • Size issues
  • Less control on belly

Maidenform Flexees Shapewear Endlessly Slip with Foam Cups

Maidenform Flexees Shapewear Endlessly Slip with Foam Cups

This shapewear provides firm control. It helps in sucking everything in while hiding imperfections and showing off the better parts by reducing my tummy bulges and smoothens my waist. 

It also provides a good fit and excellent support over the body along with my hips and back. I like the anti-static and cling-free fabric, so clothes glide over easily with a low-back design perfect for wearing under open back tops, dresses, or wedding gowns.

You can look over the size chart and choose your size without worrying about the fit as these are true to size. It’s extremely versatile and can be worn under many different styles and cuts.

 But due to its design, you can not put this on without someone helping you. 

The backside has a bra triple hook and can not be twisted around or stepped into while hooked. Not a very good design when you can’t put it on alone without someone helping you put it on or take it off.

The back clasp sits at the base of your back when on and at least on me, it seemed to land in just the right spot where it pushed my stomach fat down. The built-in underwear can be somewhat of an issue for some.

What we like

  • Provides good tummy control
  • Good shaping bust part
  • True to size

What we don’t like 

  • Build-in underwear doesn’t fit for all 
  • You can’t put it on or take it off alone

Spanx Suit Your Fancy Plunge Low Back Mid-Thigh bodysuit

Spanx Suit Your Fancy Plunge Low Back Mid-Thigh bodysuit

I have bought this underwear online, and I pretty much liked it, and it also goes amazing under wedding dresses. You can wear it under any type of dress, be it a wedding dress with a V-cut front or a low cut back with a see-through lining. 

It is invisible, and you can’t even tell where it begins and ends. It was amazing to wear, and even then, I was impressed by how great it worked with my wedding dress. 

It made me feel amazing and has gone well with my dress. It helped me feel more comfortable and confident in my dress, knowing that I have something underneath my good and comfortable dress.

I disliked that it does not fit well for big busts and is not for long torsos due to it might feel a little bit uneasy. It does not provide enough coverage or maximum support over those areas as side areas might spill out and cleavage also unflattering flopping out.

It was also hard to pull up, so it took a lot of time to get on me. These were my only disappointments with these products. Otherwise, if you keep these issues apart, it was a good product.

What we like

  • Goes well with any dress
  • Seamless
  • Comfortable

What we don’t like

  • Not for women with big bust 
  • Hard to pull up

Squeem Perfectly Curvy Firm Control Strapless Waist Cincher

Squeem Perfectly Curvy Firm Control Strapless Waist Cincher

I brought this product to try out to wear under a wedding dress, and it turned out to be a pretty good product, and I liked it. I have purchased it from taking the reference of the size chart which was provided with it.

The size turned out to be as suggested in the size chart, so we can say that it was true to size. It was an amazing product, but the hard part was putting on this waist trainer as it was very tight. 

It took me quite a time to put it on, but I did it. It fitted a little tight and squashed on me, but it looked perfect visually. Its length was a little bit long, but it covered my waist along with my pouch due to its size, which was a good thing. 

Even though it felt tight on me, I could breathe through it without any trouble. It has also helped with my posture. I could also wear it for a longer duration of time without any problem as it provided good support over the needed areas giving an excellent posture to the body. 

It was tough to get in, but once I did, it was comfortable and can go well under any type of clothing like normals and casuals or bridal and wedding wear.

What we like

  • Comfortable.
  • True to size
  • Provides good support 
  • Supports posture

What we don’t like

  • Tight on body
  • Hard to put on

Maidenform Flexees Wear Your Own Bra Shapewear Singlet

Maidenform Flexees Wear Your Own Bra Shapewear Singlet

It’s so comfy, and the middle part, where it covers your stomach area and the backside, is very soothing and keeps you nice and tight. It was a little hard to get it around my thighs and booty the first time, but once it was on, it fit perfectly. 

It doesn’t cut off my breathing so that you can breathe in it pretty easily, and it’s not uncomfortable at all. You can wear it for a longer duration because it provides such an excellent level of comfort. This shapewear fits the curve of my back well.

It goes straight up from my backside to my shoulders and has a  little open space at the bottom to use the restroom without taking it all off. The hole they have for the restroom is too small and not accommodating at all. 

You have to take the whole shapewear off to use the restroom, or you might end up making the shapewear dirty. It fits nicely over the upper body and waist area but felt a little larger around the legs.

It smooths most of the belly bulges and is comfortable to wear. It doesn’t roll up either. The tummy bit is extra firm which is exactly what I wanted. It feels flattering under every dress, be it a wedding dress or a gown.

What we like 

  • Does not roll
  • Comfortable 
  • Smoothen belly areas

What we don’t like 

  • Ran a little large in the legs

Bali Shapewear Ultra Light Bodybriefer

Bali Shapewear Ultra Light Bodybriefer

I like these body shapers, mainly because they are light in the firmness, so I do not feel like I am squeezing in. Rather than that, they glide on and feel very silky on my body. I like the fact that the cups in the bust prevent pop-outs. 

It gives me a very nice and neat shape and feels like a comfortable bodysuit. I can honestly say that I do not find that it makes me hotter, and in fact, it does help prevent you from sweating under your wedding dresses.

It also prevents sweating around your breast area because there’s something else to absorb before it touches your clothing. This will make your clothing last longer and will keep you from having perspiration show through as you were at events.

I like that it’s also ridiculously underpriced compared to other products on the market. Still, it seemed fragile and delicate as the lace began fraying at the bottom just from the stretch of putting it on and taking it off.

Another thing that bothered me with this shapewear is the placing area of hooks. I think the hooks are placed at an oddly weird place, at the bottom, but they belong at the front of the crotch panel.

What we like 

  • Gives silky feel
  • Good moisture control
  • Not costly

What we don’t like 

  • Hooks placed at a weird position
  • Delicate laces

Miraclesuit Shapewear Bodybriefer

Miraclesuit Shapewear Bodybriefer

It was a good body briefer. This shapewear is surprisingly thin, and I have not experienced any panty lines after wearing this. They go completely invisible under every dress as it’s made of thin material. It’s great to wear for wedding gowns and dresses.

Even though it is thin, it still holds everything together in a good manner. The best thing about this shapewear for me was the bust area. The bra fits better than the regular undergarments we use regularly.

It was a little tight, making it quite hard to put it on. It’s tight like any other body shaper. You step into it and wiggle it over your hips and on up, but once it’s on the body, I could wear this comfortably all day long without wanting to get it off. 

It doesn’t fit right away. You can feel the quality of the fabric after wearing it on. The quality of the material feels high, and it is excellent on the skin giving it a soft and comfy feel. 

It fits great on the downside too. The area around the legs is pretty awesome. It showed no sign of riding, and it does not show through anything as it is thin and loosens up a bit after you wore it for a day.

What we like

  • No riding up
  • Good quality fabric
  • Thin material
  • Seamless

What we don’t like

  • Tight to get it on

Bali Passion for Comfort Minimizer Bodybriefer

Bali Passion for Comfort Minimizer Bodybriefer

This body shaper is pretty good. I like that it is made of very soft material, making it so very comfortable to wear under any dress. This sits on your body such that it does not dig into the skin or cling.

I prefer to wear clothes that are non-binding or clinging to the body and give a little shape to the body but do not provide enough support to smooth out any lumps or bumps fully. 

It stretches with any movements without riding or sliding and nonbinding, and closure in the crotch area is very convenient and very breathable, so it can go well under wedding dresses and gowns as well.

It is easy to slide up and put on to your body and is comfortable. It provides a little support to the bust area but not as supportive as it should be as the double material around the bust area is loose, and wrinkles make lines through clothes.

The material around the shapewear’s upper area and middle waist are also thick as it has double layers of fabric material that don’t do anything. Even if it were tighter, it would not give that much control around the torso.

What we like

  • Soft material
  • Comfortable
  • Stay in place

What we don’t like

  • The bra is not supportive as needed
  • Not much control provided

Buyer’s Guide

Using shapewear is a good choice if you are looking for something to provide additional support and coverage. It is crucial to choose shapewear that fits perfectly and matches perfectly with your outfit when searching for bridal shapers. 

It should be focusing on the areas you want to smooth, contour or support, and should not pinch or squeeze up or cause pain. You can go through these important points to choose what’s best for you.

Choose The Best Option

It depends on the contour of your wedding dress and the part of the body you want to target. If you are wearing a low-neckline wedding dress, you should consider a V-strapless bodysuit.

If your wedding dress is very tight, you can try a seamless high-waisted thong or briefs. The last thing you want to do on your wedding day feels too tight or uncomfortable.

Although girdles are very useful, be sure to choose the amount of compression that suits you best.

You can try this Maidenform Women’s Open Bust Body Shaper shapewear. This was perfect in every aspect according to me, maybe it might work for you too.

Use Of Different Styles

Shapewear comes in different styles and compression levels. To increase contour and support, choose high compression parts or structural techniques with rubber bones or built-in bras. If you are looking for something lighter, there are almost no flip-flops and seamless high-waisted briefs. 

It feels almost nothing when worn, which is very suitable for a light and comfortable fit. Certain underwear, such as convertible jumpsuits and bras, provide good support under strapless party dresses, while seamless briefs and thongs are best suited for tight dresses and strapless dresses.

This Eleady Waist Trainer Bodysuit Control Shapewear shapewear fits slightly like a corset around your waist and belly. It can be an excellent option to consider.

Fabric And Materials To Choose From

Some fabrics are more forgiving than others. Textured fabrics and heavier silk can create a more organized dress. Even if the built-in bra helps support the chest line, it is naturally more tolerant and supportive. 

Lighter fabrics, such as silk Charmieus, are almost transparent. These fabrics need shapewear to eliminate the lines of underwear. ” Most of the time, you want to go smoothly in the underwear department. 

The laser-cut edge fits tightly to the body without sagging. Nylon or spandex is often the best fabric for bras, whereas fine microfiber and mesh are the softest.

Here are some details about fabrics and materials.


Charmeuse is a light and transparent fabric, soft and silky to the touch. This material is usually used for tight-fitting dresses because it clings to the curve, so brides who want a loose fit should avoid it. 

This is a very sticky fabric. Dresses made of silk Charmieus are often difficult to change. 


There are several different varieties of lace, including Chantilly, Venice, and Alençon. Chantilly is a popular choice, known for its intricate details; it is a lighter lace, suitable for hot weather. As a thicker and thicker lace, Venise is best suited for cold-weather weddings. 

Alençon is a needlepoint lace decorated with floral motifs on a fine net. Due to its delicate texture and inherent elegance, lace is often used to detail wedding dresses. 

Hollow fabric is very suitable for indoor and outdoor weddings and can be very flattering because it hides imperfections. Lace is often combined with other materials for wedding dresses.

If you want to consider trying out something with laces and designs, then you can try this Bali Passion for Comfort Minimizer Bodybriefer shapewear.


Its lightness and transparent appearance characterize chiffon. Because the fabric is so sheer, designers often layer chiffon or wear it as a skirt. 

However, according to big designers, the fragility of this material makes it easy to wear and hang on the body.


As one of the most popular wedding dress fabrics, satin is versatile, soft, and natural sheen. The durable structure of satin makes it an ideal material for draping and draping ball gowns.

Many brides wear satin for winter weddings because the material is thick and heavy. If you are getting married outdoors in the summer, you may want to avoid satin, so your dress doesn’t overheat.


Organza is also light and transparent, but it retains its shape better than chiffon due to its rigid structure. The delicate texture makes it a safe choice for accessories such as skirts, coats, and veils.

Colors To Choose From

The design of this shaping underwear is almost invisible under most wedding dresses, and there are a variety of cuts and colors to choose from, suitable for all body types and skin tones. 

For your big day, the best wedding belt color is not white. You might think that this dress is white so that it might be a good option, but you will see it under your dress. Instead, choose other things: nudity, nudity, blush relief, etc.


To buy the best bridal and wedding shapewear, you must keep in mind all the necessary qualities and will be best suitable for you and your outfit. 

In my opinion, Maidenform Women’s Open Bust Body Shaper is the best bridal and wedding shapewear. I came to this conclusion after taking my personal experience into account.

This shapewear provides an excellent shape to the body, and it is easily suitable for everyday use. It is a stay in place shapewear without causing any riding or sliding issues, and overall provides an extreme level of comfort to the wearer.

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