I like to wear thongs because they make me feel sexy and confident. Before using thongs I always preferred to wear full-coverage underwear. I found thongs more attractive and mature so I started wearing them. They felt a little uncomfortable the first time I wore them but then I grew more used to them and started using them more frequently. 

I have been wearing thongs for almost three years now and I have bought and tried many different styles, colors, and types in them. Some were small for me while some ran big, some were having too flattering and attractive designs but provided low material quality, and some were extremely comfortable but less durable.

After having an experience with so much variety of thongs I found my favorite one which I think is the best. Maidenform Assorted Thong Sampler Is the best thong for women in my opinion. 

It looks good and fits me perfectly but every person has a different body and different choices. As you keep reading ahead, I have listed and reviewed some of the best thongs for women available in the market. This information might help you to choose the best thong for you.

Best Thongs For Women Reviewed

Maidenform Assorted Thong Sampler

Maidenform Assorted Thong Sampler

The availability of different designs and amazing colors in this underwear is what caught my eyes in the first place. The undies which offer detailed laces around the waist are my personal favorite as they give a sexy and attractive look.

The fabric feels soft and comfortable after wearing and the underwear has good fitting as well. The only downfall I faced after wearing them was that they felt a little small for me so I suggest you go through the size chart carefully.

They are available in elasticky fabric and stretchy lace waistbands. They fit perfectly around my waist regardless of running small on me, which proves the good stretchability due to which they didn’t feel much tight on the waist.

Another good thing which I like about them is that they have a full percentage of cotton lining and they are good and durable panties that can be used for everyday wear for a long time as well.

I have washed them a few times and they showed no signs of shrinking or distortion. Even the laces held up pretty well even after they seemed very delicate this shows that they have good durability.

What we like

  • Attractive look
  • Durable 
  • Stretchy waistband

What we don’t like 

  •  Not true to size

Calvin Klein Carousel Logo Cotton Thongs

Calvin Klein Carousel Logo Cotton Thongs

I have used many underwear products of this brand before too and had a good experience with them so when I came across this product I quickly purchased it before giving it a second thought and no doubt, these turned out to be really nice thongs. 

I like the different variety of colors they are available in, but the little bright and dark-colored thongs would be slightly visible to wear under light-colored thin clothes. I would suggest you go with light and nude colors.

They were easy to put on and get off as they have a slim and stretchy elastic waistband. For me, the underwear ran a little small, hence they felt slightly tight and the elastic also gave a small amount of tight feel around my waist, so I suggest you buy a bigger size than you originally wear. 

The waistband is designed with a logo on it which looks quite good after wearing and it doesn’t roll down my waist or slide up. Being tight on me didn’t decrease its comfort level at all. The best thing about this is that it is a cotton thong which makes it extremely comfortable and gives a super soft feel to my skin. 

They have a full gusset and are breathable which makes them easy for frequent use. As they are thong style, they provide minimal rear coverage, not enough cloth to cover my butt region but still are comfy. 

The lines around things and legs are almost invisible under thin leggings and pants but the waistband isn’t seamless. You can wear them under jeans, thick pants and dresses. It has a long tag at the front which was itchy and uncomfortable. I don’t like itchy tags at all. I cut it but still, it felt a bit itchy in front.

What we like

  • Soft cotton material
  • Full gusset
  • Breathable 

What we don’t like 

  • Front tag long itchy
  • Small in size

Under Armour Pure Stretch Thong

Under Armour Pure Stretch Thong

These are some nice-looking thong underwear. They give me a sexy look, especially in black color. They have a smooth cut to them. I like that they have hem-free construction which does not make the edges of the underwear appear wider or broader and provides more like laser-cut edges.

The fabric is quite thin with which this thong is made, which gives it a thin feel after wearing and also makes it light in weight. Along with being thin and light, the fabric is really stretchy and gave which helped to give me a perfect fitting. 

I had no issues with the fitting at all, but it rolls down. This might probably be due to my belly fat but they don’t stay put either. I have to keep adjusting and pulling them over when I wear them during my exercises and workout sessions. I would not recommend them for daily use.

If you look away from the rolling issue, they have a good cotton gusset which makes them pretty great with dealing with moisture and odor down there. They have a superb moisture-wicking capability and anti-odor ability which makes them more fitting to use during workouts and long runs.

The best thing about them is that they are perfectly seamless. I don’t have to worry about visible panty lines (VPL) at all. I tried wearing them under thin leggings and tight dresses and they are totally invisible in them.

What we like

  • Thin and stretchy fabric
  • Moisture-wicking and anti-odor
  • Seamless
  • Cotton gusset

What we don’t like

  • Rollover 
  • Do not stay in place

Balanced Tech Quick Dry Seamless Thong

Balanced Tech Quick Dry Seamless Thong

Black color always looks sexy on any underwear, and these in black thongs level up that even more. These are extremely comfortable to wear. The fabric they are made of is super soft and feels good on the skin and gives a silky texture. 

They are also available in different bright and dark colors. The material is nice, it’s soft and very stretchy which makes the underwear stretchy and fits comfortably without being too tight. They are light in weight and do not feel scratchy at all.

It feels like you are wearing nothing down them due to their lightweight. They fit me perfectly without causing chafing or pinching or any other type of discomfort. They do not roll over or ride up in any areas of their underwear. You can call them perfect stay-in-place panties.

The waistband sits high on the waist, which was unexpected, but acceptable. They seemed quite seamless but not fully. On the crotch, they have a slightly more reinforced fabric that has no seams, which must be what they were referring to. The rest of the garment does have seams so it is not a truly seamless product.

They are comfortable, but the bulk does show lines on some pants. The colors are also much brighter which might be visible through light colored clothes so I suggest you not wear the bright colors under light-colored leggings or clothes.

They are good with dealing with moisture too which makes them moisture-wicking but the only problem was that they shrink. I washed them in the machine and dryer and they shrank a little which made them a little tight to wear.

What we like

  • Stay in place
  • Soft and silky fabric
  • Moisture-wicking

What we don’t like

  • Not seamless
  • They shrink 

Tommy Hilfiger Women’s Seamless Thong

Tommy Hilfiger Women's Seamless Thong

After going through the reviews I ordered a size larger than I usually use, and after trying them out they fit me perfectly without running too small or big. I suggest you should go through the size chart before buying them.  

The fabric feels super soft and looks great. They provide a high level of comfort after wearing and they somehow make my booty actually look good. The panty lines around my hips and front are invisible under super-thin leggings or yoga pants but not the waistband. Still, they are pretty much invisible.

I think the waistband is comparatively wider which makes it visible around the waist through thin pants and clothes. Still, the wide waist bank is what helps to keep it in a stable place. They do not move even if I wear them every day or during yoga or exercise. 

They provide the exact amount of coverage needed, no more and no less of coverage. I like the nice cuts they have, it’s more like bikini cuts. Though they have a well-fitting and good material, they are not much flexible, this may be due to their lack of stretchability.

What we like

  • Good quality material
  • Nice cuts
  • Stay in place
  • Quite Seamless

What we don’t like

  • Not stretchy
  • Not true to size

SunM Boutique Women’s Thin Lace Hollowed Out Thongs

SunM Boutique Women’s Thin Lace Hollowed Out Thongs

These underwear were worth buying. They are not at all costly and still provide a good quality of fabric for their prices. They gave a super soft feel to the skin and were extremely comfortable to wear too. They fit nicely on my waist, while the fitting is quite narrow across the pelvic region.

The waistband is what gives them an attractive and catchy look. It has a lace waistband that sits low on the waist, giving the thong a nice low-rise look, and gives a sexy feel and elegant look to the wearer.

I noticed that the waistband does not stretch much. I don’t have much belly around me so the waistband fits me well but if you have a little fat around your lower belly or waist they might get tight around your waist region. 

These don’t bunch up, I wear them under leggings for work and sometimes they ride up a little, when this happens it doesn’t hurt unlike those other elastic butt bands because of the soft cotton, but sometimes it gets uncomfortable.

What we like

  • Available in multiple colors
  • Good quality fabric
  • Affordable cost
  • Good durability

What we don’t like

  • Ride up sometimes
  • The waistband does not stretch much

ELACUCOS Women’s Cotton Breathable Thongs

ELACUCOS Women’s Cotton Breathable Thongs

The first best point about them is that they are fully cotton underwear. I like cotton underwear very much because they give a comfortable experience. They have a simple look but yet nice feel. The cute little bow which they have at the center of the panty gives them a cute feminine touch.

The second best point about them is their price. They were really cheap so I bought them at a really reasonable price. Even at this price, they hold up really well in the wash. I washed them after every use for a few months and they didn’t tear up or show any kind of loose threads.

The fabric was comfortable, being not too thick or too thin. They fit me perfectly on my body and waist without being tight or loose, giving enough stretchability to be comfortable, and they didn’t roll down or slide up either.

But my only problem was that they stretched out after five to six months of use. The waistband got to loosen up and the underwear lost its fitting. They might be good for a few months of use, in fact, they will be great to wear every day,  but I can’t guarantee you if they could hold up to a year or not. 

They are not seamless as well, as they give obviously visible panty lines (VPL) over my leggings and yoga pants. Can go well with thick jeans without showing less noticeable lines but not with thin clothes.

What we like

  • Good fit
  • Affordable price

What we don’t like

  • Not seamless
  • Stretch out after few months

Knitlord Women’s Thongs

Knitlord Women’s Thongs

The best thing about them is that they are full cotton panties which got me to buy this underwear, as I always give cotton the first preference when it comes to buying clothes or undergarments, as I feel the most comfortable in them. As expected, they were extremely comfortable to wear and I could feel that they were made from very high-quality cotton materials.

They feel nice and soft on the skin. They are ribbed and have dot patterns on them. They have good breathability. You can use them while going on a jog or doing yoga and exercise. They don’t move at all. I call them my “stay in place” panties.

They don’t slide around or roll up and down in any way. In fact, I like after wearing these that you don’t feel the need to creep up your bum or in the area, you most don’t want to, which I had normally faced with other thongs I used once. It’s super comfortable. The waist area is thicker and it also gives a nice cover to the front portion.

They seemed wider in the V area. The gusset isn’t sewn down but it’s wide in the front to provide a good amount of coverage in that portion. I like a wider fit in that area. From the front, they look like a bikini. 

The only thing that I didn’t like about them is the itchy tag. I always hated tags as they feel uncomfortably itchy even after cutting them. Along with having a tag, they show VPL (visible panty lines). They are thin but not enough to be completely invisible to wear underwear, leggings, or thin pants.

What we like

  • High-quality cotton fabric
  • Extremely comfortable and soft
  • Breathable

What we don’t like

  • Not tagless
  • Not seamless

Alyce Intimates Women’s Lace Trim Thongs

Alyce Intimates Women’s Lace Trim Thongs

These are some nice-looking all-lace thongs. Laces look attractive on almost any kind of underwear but especially on thongs they give a good sexy look which is exactly why I purchased these thongs.

I like that they weren’t very costly at all but were good and provided enough useful qualities for this price. I can’t ensure the quality of the thong but the material which they are made of was surprisingly soft and gave a nice smooth and soft feel to my skin.

The waistband is made of a detailed laces design which is made of thin fabric material. I think the waistband lacked stretchability. If you have a little belly fat, this might become a problem as the waistband doesn’t stretch much. 

They sit quite low on the waist. You can wear them with your low waist jeans and pants without worrying about your underwear showing out. They didn’t last long though. The laces tore off in a few months of washing which made it less durable.

What we like

  • Soft fabric
  • Available in various colors
  • Low in cost

What we don’t like

  • Low durability
  • Less stretchy waistband

Hanky Panky Women’s Retro Thong

Hanky Panky Women’s Retro Thong

It was a little costly but they had a different eye-catchy look to it which convinced me to buy this thong underwear even after having such a high price tag on it. My favorite thing about it was its high waist design. It was not like any other high waist underwear as the high sitting waistband consisted of laces and gave a flattering lacy look.

These panties feel smooth over the tummy areas and make me look and feel super sexy. After wearing them I experienced a big boost in my self-confidence. These are beautifully laced and the colors are gorgeous.

They have a fitting which feels similar to tummy control panties but not exactly as shapewear. They sit not too tight on the waist but they are tight enough to flatten out those little bulges. I also really like the slightly wider back strip which gives a bit more stability and control to the underwear which helps them to stay in place. 

As they are made from good quality stretchy material, they can be worn in hi-cut V style too. I like that the waistband doesn’t cut right into the stomach and extenuate the wrong areas. The only thing that bugs me is that they sometimes ride up from the back.

They have full percent cotton lining and crotch lining. The thongs seemed a little thick to me which makes them less seamless under thin wear. I would recommend that they should be hand washed as machine wash might result in tearing up or damaging the laces.

What we like

  • 100% cotton lining
  • Attractive look
  • Smooth feel

What we don’t like

  • High price tag
  • Ride up
  • Less seamless

Guide To Buy The Best Thong For Women

Thongs are available in almost all colors and fabrics can be purchased at specialty stores and boutiques. They are like the boldest & sexiest ones in the lingerie category. In my opinion, I think thongs can be considered to be more comfortable than normal styles. It can be said that they reveal more than they cover. 

Thongs are suitable for all women, and everyone can wear them. In the fashion world, there is nothing like an uncomfortable thong. You just need to know how to choose the right thong. While selecting your best thong underwear there are specific features you can rely on:

Outfit To Wear

Thongs are a style of panties that won’t really keep you from wearing any kind of clothes you want. It can be used under almost anything. But still, you must choose the design and style carefully. You can easily wear any type of thong under a flared dress or skirt. 

Wearing it under tight stockings or tight dresses will help eliminate lines from your underwear. If your thong has lace or metal edges at the waist or leg openings, it is likely to appear under the tight suit. Always choose laser-cut thongs for close-fitting. These are usually fitted with silicone ribbons on the inside and fit like gloves without any traces of existence. 

If talking about underwear that offers a comfortable fit and the least seams, Under Armour Pure Stretch Thong can be a good choice. You don’t have to worry about visible panty lines with these on even under thin clothes.

Choose Right Size

Size plays a very important role in making us look good and ready for anything. Whether it is underwear or outerwear, the appropriate size can determine your look.  In fact, it is supposed to be the first fabric to be applied to the skin, so choosing the right thong size is very important.

When choosing a size that suits you, Choosing a smaller size will cause the back rope to penetrate deep into the skin, making you feel very painful and uncomfortable and if it is too tight, it may reduce or cut off your blood circulation too.

On the other hand, choosing a larger size will cause the fabric to gather on the back and produce unsightly bumps and it will be above the waistline. Both are unacceptable.

Therefore, always make sure to choose the right fit.

Maidenform Assorted Thong Sampler are great underwear that provides a good fit along with the waistband that fits well around the waist too.

Use of Fabric

There is nothing closer to your skin than underwear. It is important to choose thongs carefully according to your use, climate, and occasion. If you are looking for a thong suitable for everyday wear, it is recommended that you choose a cotton thong. 

If you are looking for a full cotton thong, ELACUCOS Women’s Cotton Breathable Thongs are a good option as they are 100% cotton and made from high-quality fabric that feels soft on the skin and provides breathability as well.

Its skin-friendly and breathable properties are what made it so well known in the fabric world. This fabric is great for hot & humid weather as it provides comfort and good airflow. When it comes to fabric, I would like to recommend cotton blended with nylon, microfiber, lace, or lycra.

Thongs are also available in super-soft polyamide fabric as they give a seamless and smooth finish under body tight outfits. Polyamide has a subtle sheen to it which makes the fabric feel plush and colors look bright. Wearing thongs to sleep is not a good choice as it might encourage infections.

Which Colour To Wear

Most women don’t care to think that much about color when it comes to underwear. The obvious reason behind this may be because it is going to be used under the clothes, they are not visible to people so who will see it anyway. But, in case you haven’t noticed, your underwear is sometimes very obvious and visible. 

If you wear underwear or thongs with bright or neon colors and that too under a tight black dress, trust me, it will show, and it feels embarrassing and uncomfortable. So to avoid such things to happen you must give some thought to choosing the right thong.

You can pick a nude one for white & light-colored outfits. The best thing to do is to pick a shade that merges with your natural skin tone, that will let your panty be unnoticeable. Think about what you are planning to wear and accordingly pick a thong in the same color or blend. 

The Calvin Klein Carousel Logo Cotton Thongs is available in many appealing colors, along with dark shades they are also available in many nude and light shades of colors which might make them invisible under tight light-colored clothes.

Purpose Of Wearing

Some women feel more comfortable and sexy in thongs so they prefer wearing them but there are also many practical reasons for their use. The most obvious purpose of a thong is to eliminate embarrassing panty lines and make your outfit look chic and clean. 

Another purpose of a low waist thong is to avoid panty peeks when you wear low waist jeans. It feels comfortable to wear tight skirts or tight jeans without worrying about the lines of the underwear. If you’re not used to wearing thongs, it might take some time to get fully comfortable in them.

These Tommy Hilfiger Women’s Seamless Thong underwear fit great and absolutely seamless which makes them capable to literally go with anything, any clothes you wear.

Types Of Thongs

Thongs come in different shapes and cuts and they look sexy and good in all styles. There are several types of thongs which you might like to wear, like, G-string, the V-string and the T-string, Hip huggers, high-waist, low rise, etc. The type of thong you choose to wear also depends on the purpose and the types of clothes under which you want to wear it. 

For example, if you wear Hanky Panky Women’s Retro Thong, you won’t be able to wear low waist pants or jeans on them as they sit high on the waist, you will need to wear a low rise thong to prevent your underwear from being shown.


It is really important to go through every detail and criteria while buying a thong m which is best for you. After going through every detail and keeping everything in mind, I decided to go with Maidenform Assorted Thong Sampler as the best thong for women.

They became my favorite thong. I like the attractive and sexy look they give me. They are very durable and fit me perfectly. The fabric is super soft and has a nice stretchy lace waistband that wraps around the waist comfortably.

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