You know when your underwear is big for you when legs ride up, or there is excess fabric hanging in the back of your underwear. Discarding the old ones and getting a new pair is always an option, but why do so if you can just shrink them. 

Shrinking underwear is not at all a tough job, and in fact, you can do this in your home easily. As you read ahead, you will find methods suggesting solutions on how to shrink underwear. 

How to shrink underwear of different fabrics?

Underwears come in various styles and fabrics, and shrinking methods differ and depend on the type of fabric your underwear is made up of. Here are different fabric underwear and their shrinking methods. 

Shrink lace underwear 

Lace underwear is delicate, so you have to handle them carefully as the laces or fabric may break, and you may destroy your underwear during your attempt of shrinking, so consider washing them with hands, not the machine. 

First, you have to fill the basin with hot water and leave the underwear to soak in there for around five minutes. After that, add some mild detergent into the sink, stir a little to dissolve the detergent, and leave your undies to soak in there for around five minutes.

Then take the underwear out of the solution and rinse it but make sure you don’t rub your lace underwear hard. Leave it to air dry, and if after drying the underwear has still shown no shrinkage after drying, then repeat the whole procedure again.

Shrink cotton underwear

Cotton is most dominantly used in the underwear industry due to its amazing benefits of being breathable, sweat-resistant and providing ultimate comfort. But what’s the point of having good cotton underwear if it doesn’t fit you or is too big for you.

If your cotton underwear is big for you, just shrink it as it is very easy and simple, and just follow the given steps. The first step to shrink your cotton underwear is to soak the underwear in hot water for about ten minutes. 

If you want to shrink any cotton underwear, hot water is very effective for this purpose. Make sure that you submerge your cotton underwear in the water completely. Then put your undies in the machine with hot water to wash.  

You can also use your hands for washing. Use a mild laundry detergent if you want to clean the underwear simultaneously with shrinking, as such detergents won’t prevent your cotton undies from shrinking.

Once the washing is done, put the underwear in the dryer after draining the water. Then keep the underwear at the highest temperature of the dryer and wait. Check it after a while if the underwear is dry or still has moisture in it. 

If the underwear seems still wet, leave it in the dryer for a while longer and after drying it perfectly, let it sit there in the heat for a couple of minutes. Try out the underwear, and you will have snug fit underwear that isn’t loose anymore. 

Shrink polyester underwear

Polyester fabric is very durable, and therefore underwear made of polyester fabric is very durable and supreme to look at due to their attractive designs. Even some of the lace underwear use polyester threads. 

The major problem is that polyester undies may not seem to be that easy to shrink as polyester resists shrinkage. But this doesn’t mean that it’s impossible, as you can also shrink polyester underwear if you follow these steps. 

The first step is to turn your underwear inside out because polyester fabric requires enough heat to shrink, and this type of heat can cause the underwear colour to fade away. That’s why it is suggested to put the underwear inside out to prevent colour from fading.

Wash your underwear separately and not with your other clothes. Hot water works best for shrinking as compared to cold water. So, put these undies in the machine or wash them with your hands for quite a long time in hot water. 

You can use mild detergents if you want to clean your underwear, but it is not a compulsion. Keep the underwear in the dryer and set the maximum heat when you finish washing.

Maximum heat will be perfect for your polyester underwear to shrink. Try to dry them for a long time and when the underwear gets completely dry, take it out of the dryer and leave it at room temperature for some time.

After everything is done, there you have your snug fit polyester underwear. Not only underwear, but you can also shrink other dresses made of polyester fabric.

Shrink spandex underwear

One of the most comfortable fabrics is spandex, and its excellent breathability and sweat resisting capability are what makes it more comfortable to wear, especially in underwear. 

But everything has its pros and cons, and spandex underwear tends to stretch out over time. And this is not a single fabric, in fact, other fabrics are also mixed with spandex.

The good news is that even if your spandex underwear is stretched, it is not that difficult to shrink. Just follow these steps to shrink your spandex underwear.

The shrinkage of your underwear will be more or less dependent on the mixture of fabric your underwear is made of, so, first, check if the underwear is made of a mixture of spandex with other fabrics.

Remember that spandex fabric is quite similar to cotton fabric, which shrinks comparatively faster than synthetic fabric. Wash your underwear in hot water and after washing, keep it in the dryer at a high temperature.

To prevent your underwear from expanding in the dryer, you can fill it in a cover before putting it in the dryer. Keep the underwear in the dryer for a long time and after that, take it out of the dryer when you think it’s dry now.

If the underwear is totally dry, keep it or hang it out at normal temperature. After this, try wearing your underwear again to see if it got shrink and if it still seems loose, then repeats this whole process again.  


Loose-fitting underwear can be really uncomfortable at times, but shrinking your underwear is not at all hard so consider shrinking over getting a new one. I hope that we were able to give you a clear idea about how to shrink underwear.

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