Washing the clothes merely for cleaning does not clean the clothes until and unless we use appropriate temperature water, suitable detergent, and other precautions. Now, you might be washing all your clothes and laundry at the same temperature. But guess what? That’s now the right way to clean clothes.

Are you wondering what temperature to wash underwear? We have the answer covered for you. Let’s check out!

What Temperature To Wash Underwear?

To wash the underwear, you must keep the water temperature between 30° Celsius to 50° Celsius. The underwear should be washed in warm water but not too hot water in most cases. You might have read that some people suggest washing the underwear or laundry items in cold water, but that does not make your garment clean.

Washing is purposely done to make the clothes clean and free of bacteria and germs. Washing the underwear in cold water or with a temperature ranging between 15° Celsius to 25° Celsius will not easily kill the germs and bacteria. It will only give a pleasant smell and make it fresh to wear. 

Then what is the ideal temperature to wash the underwear to kill the bacteria and germs? Let’s have a look!

Appropriate Temperature Of Water To Kill Bacteria While Washing An Underwear

Usually, the bacteria gets killed in hot water, but then at the same time, washing the underwear in too hot water can make it shrink. Washing the underwear at 30­­° Celsius to 45° Celsius is considered as the most appropriate temperature to kill the bacteria and germs present in the underwear. It is the detergent that helps kill the bacteria and germs and the right temperature of the water. 

Using too cold water for washing underwear might not kill the bacteria as much as warm water can do. Too hot water can kill the bacteria but also cause harm to the fabric. You might be wondering, does water temperature for washing underwear depend on fabric? Let’s see!

Does Temperature of Water Use For Washing Depends On Fabric?

Yes, it does depend on different fabrics. Underwears are made of different fabrics such as cotton, rayon, linen, polyester, nylon, etc. Washing all these fabrics at the same temperature might cause a problem.

You must wash underwear made of soft fabrics such as linen, rayon, cotton with warm water only as using too hot water might cause it to shrink if it is not pre-shrunk at the manufacturer’s factory. At the same time, washing underwear made of fabrics like polyester, nylon, etc., with slightly hot water won’t be of any harm as these are stretchy fabrics.

It is always advised to look for the directions and the type of fabric on the underwear before washing it.

Things To Keep In Mind While Washing An Underwear

  • Always check for the label on underwear to know the type of fabric and suitable temperature.
  • Machine washing gives much more satisfactory results than hand wash
  • Ensure to wash soft or delicate fabric underwear with hand wash only using warm water.
  • Never use too hot or too cold water to wash underwear.
  • 40° Celsius is the adequate temperature to wash underwear.
  • Don’t rub too roughly and avoid applying too much detergent


We wash laundry items and our clothes most of the time, but this is the wrong way. Always wash underwear separately and use warm water to wash it. Warm water is known to kill the bacteria present at the surface. So it is advised to use water with a temperature between 30° Celsius to 50° Celsius for washing the underwear.

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