I find myself immersed in the midst of millions of underwear in the market, and I get lost thinking that too big underwear is boresome, and too small brings unease.

It was comparatively easy for me to find medium-sized underwear that suits me best. However, on the other side, my friend who is plus size suffered from finding the best product and, most importantly, the right size.

Wearing large sized underwear, she had issues figuring out her size because there is no set size guide that most sizing charts are brand specific. Her misalignment with her size made her purchase products that caused wedgies or fabrics which bulged at the crotch.

She always complained about how the underwear didn’t support her body shape, and the waistbands or leg opening caused significant discomfort. Also, she got tired of the folded crease mark left on her skin, which I actually witnessed.

Finding the best plus size underwear is easy once you introduce yourself with great products and guidelines to measure yourself and find the parallel size on the size chart.

I tested ten different underwear and found Barbra’s Lacy Boyshort Panties to be the best overall plus size underwear for women.

The product is true to its size with a silky texture and beautiful design, making it ideal for most women.

My friend’s experience helped me point out the best plus-size underwear on the market.

Let us delve into it!

Best Underwear for Plus Size Women

Barbra’s Lacy Boyshort Panties

Barbra’s Lacy Boyshort Panties

It is made from nylon and spandex fiber. It is good when it comes to its softness and retaining its original color after repeated wash.

It comes in 6 pack assorted colors of pink, nude, black, and more. The size varies from small to 5X- Large plus with a wide range of size spectrum for plus size women.

The laces are uniquely designed from a soft 100% cotton liner to cover and hug buttons thoroughly. The laces are resilient in that they will not be loose after a constant washing routine.

It features boy shorts with the most outstanding coverage and comfort.  The laces are uniquely designed with varying lengths of laces: 8-inch lace covers size S-XL, and 10-inch lace covers size 2XL-5XL.

One of the best features about this underwear is that it comes with the most accurate and precise size aligning with the respective size chart.

The product is not necessarily hand washed like other panties as you can also wash it in the washing machine with other garments.

What I Like

  • Accurate sizing
  • Beautiful laces
  • No visible panty lines

What I Don’t Like

  •  Prone to ride up

MAOQIN Women’s Cotton Briefs

MAOQIN Women’s Cotton Briefs

One of the most exciting features of this underwear is that it is naturally dyed. Unlike other synthetic dyes that use toxic chemicals, they don’t cause any vaginal irritation or related health problems. Women with allergies find this product appealing.

Also, the underwear comes in 4 packs of colors varying from black, skin tone, pink and red. The size ranges from 6 to 12 size (the UK and US). Also, it is designed to outline your body line making it rounder and curvier.

The brief is not simply a brief but comes in a high waist as it gives excellent support and comfort. The underwear is perfect for post-natal novice women who have given birth.

It also comes in a gift box that you can share and give to your loved ones like your mother, sister, or girlfriend.

It is perfect for travel or sports activities. Also, you can wear it with body-hugging outfits like dresses and jumpsuits.

What I Like

  • High-quality cotton
  • Seamless
  • No ride up
  • No color fading

What I Don’t Like

  •  Size may vary

Moonlight Elves Sexy Sheer Hipster Panty

Moonlight Elves Sexy Sheer Hipster Panty

It is made from cotton, giving you the best healthy and comfortable experience. It soaks moisture quickly with minor itching and odor.

The size ranges from small to 5X- Large plus accommodating various sizes. It has assorted six solid colors like white, apricot, wine, and green.

The highlight of this product is that it has both components of comfort and sexiness. The laces designed are transparent, making the product more breathable.

Also, the laces are high quality and ultra-thin, giving that feeling of less material. The laces are super elastic, and they are designed to outline your curves.

It has a boyshort style giving a full-coverage from front to the back. The product is seamless which is designed with less edge and sewing for maximum comfort.

The underwear is designed to uplift your curves. It is great for everyday outfits like high or low-waisted pants.

What I Like

  • Anti-pilling
  • Crotch made from cotton
  • Stretchy waistband
  •  Fits true to size

What I Don’t Like

  •  Loose stitch around the waist

Amazon Essentials Plus Size Stretch Bikini

Amazon Essentials Plus Size Stretch Bikini

Amazon’s essential is ideal when it comes to color preferences. It comes in six packs with solid and identical colors of black or white. 

Also, it features warm and cold assorted collections and new fashion with dots, stripe lines, and unique designs. The neutral is beautiful for those who like to wear underwear similar to their skin tone.

The size varies from X-Small to XX-Large (US). The size chart is detailed and descriptive in that it allows you to find your exact size if you measure yourself correctly.

The product comes with a comfortable stretch. It is similar to the most trending underwear style, which is a bikini but with high cut leg holes, making your leg look longer.

You can wear this bikini as it is perfect for almost all outfits. You can wear it with dresses, skirts or even pants. It is designed to minimize visible panty lines so that you don’t have to worry about VPL when wearing it with body-hugging garments.

What I Like

  • Tag free
  • True to size
  • Product updated often by customer feedback

What I Don’t Like

  • Colors might vary from what you order initially

Barbra Control Coverage Briefs

Barbra Control Coverage Briefs

Barbra’s plus size is made from nylon and spandex, making it soft with the best retention property. It comes in various colors ranging from black, blue, to nude shade.

The size ranges from small to 5X-Large plus. However, the product tends to shrink so make sure to buy one size larger than your standard underwear size.

It comes with a light tummy control around the waist, making it perfect for women with lower belly pooch. The flattening control has a 0.7-inch elastic band, which is not loose at the same time tight. The product is not officially considered shapewear, but it creates a smooth look, making your shape pop out.

A v-shaped line at the front and back creates a perfect slimmer look. It is a full cover lace brief with a beautiful floral design. The laces are designed at the edges giving you that feminine and sexy vibe.

What I Like

  • No ride up
  •  Durable material
  • No tiny flecks of lint

What I Don’t Like

  • Not true to size

Barbra Seamless Thongs

Barbra Seamless Thongs

Getting thongs for plus size is rare. That is why you need to add this to your collections. The size ranges from small to XX-Large plus. The size chart is detailed so that you won’t find it hard to read and measure yourself.

It is made from nylon and spandex. The gussets are made from bamboo fiber, an incredibly soft material that absorbs moisture quickly. The material is good for both summer and winter.

It comes in 6 pack colors ranging from black, light pink, or nude. What makes the color assortion great for some women is that it is one solid color with soft colors which are simple yet beautiful.

It has a perforated  fabric with tiny holes for breath and quick drying. It is designed with a soft elastic band to hold the underwear in place. Also, it decreases ride up as it has less material around the leg.

If you are planning to go to a cocktail party wearing a tight dress, you should definitely go for Barbra’s thongs. It is perfect for body-hugging outfits as it minimizes visible panty lines.

What I Like

  • Tag-free
  •  Seamless edges
  • Lightweight material

What I Don’t Like

  •  Size might be off size

Elomi Matilda Brief

Elomi Matilda Brief

It is made from nylon in large amounts and cotton and elastane.

What makes this product beautiful is the color variations which are different and unique from everyday colors like the Café Au Lait or the navel or petrol color.

The front side comes with a unique design. It has parallelly aligned curvy lines. The back is a sheer fabric with almost a semi-transparent nature. It is made using thin thread or low-density knit. The underwear is lined with a cotton jersey which is a soft, stretchy fabric.

You can wear Elomi’s plus size briefs with any outfit because of its stretch material, giving you the perfect fit. You can wear it with loose or tight clothes with less visible panty lines.

What I Like

  • Unique design
  • Fit is true to size
  • Comfortable waistband

 What I Don’t Like

  • Sold only as one set

Amazon Essentials Women’s Cotton Thong

Amazon Essentials Women’s Cotton Thong

The cotton makes this product wanted by most women. Underwear is designed most times targeting medium-sized women that finding a perfect thong is hard. This is why amazon’s essential thong is a worthwhile addition to your underwear collection.

It comes in 6 packs with various colors from cold to new-fashioned prints of floral or stripes. You should try the assorted neutral colors as they are simplistic and yet beautiful. Their color ranges from black, white, or grey. Also, if you want a darker color like black, you can get that color for all six pieces in a pack.

The size ranges from 1X plus to 6X plus. Make sure to buy a size bigger than your natural size as it gets smaller in size because of shrinkage while washing.

This product is the best for accommodating your body shape because the material is designed to stretch for a perfect fit. It guarantees you no visible panty line. You can wear it with any body-hugging outfit.

What I Like

  • Variety of color choice
  •  Product is regularly updated by customer review
  • Stretches without loosening over time

What I Don’t Like

  • Sometimes off size

Barbra Silky Satin Bikini

Barbra Silky Satin Bikini

Barbra’s lingerie is 90 % nylon and 10% spandex. It comes in 6 packs with bright peachy colors like pink,  blue, black, silver, navy, and purple. The colors don’t fade away after repeated wash.

 Its size ranges from small to 4X-Large plus. Each size comes with a uniquely modified pattern for a picture-perfect fit.

One of the best features of this underwear is that it is made from a smooth and shining fabric known as sateen. The material is lustrous in that it looks gorgeous and feels so soft.

This product is flawless for those women facing ride up. It stays in place and gives you comfort if you are just sitting or doing outdoor activities.

It features a bikini with moderate coverage for an everyday outfit from dresses to high wasted pants. However, I don’t recommend you to wear it with low raised jeans as it can be seen above your pants.

What I Like

  • Unique colors
  • Sateen fabric
  •  True to size

What I Don’t Like

  • Material might feel heavy

Elomi Bijoy Flirt Strappy Brief

Elomi Bijoy Flirt Strappy Brief

The elastic stripping gives glamour to the underwear, making it exceptional. It has a criss cross-shaped elastic band around the waist with further detailing. It has a cut-out detail giving you that sexy look.

What makes this underwear worth buying is the stripe comes with adjustability to prevent it from digging in.

It is made from nylon and elastane with a certain amount of sheen brightness on its surface. It features three colors which are black, raspberry, and purple. Ensure to visit the website to look for the size chart as it is different from other size charts.

If you are looking for a matching bra and plus-size underwear, you should definitely go for this as the underwear is designed similarly to a bra, making you feel wholesome, like you are wearing a complete outfit.

You can wear it with any outfit like pleated skirts or jeans as long as they are not body hugging; otherwise, it might cause visible panty lines.

What I Like

  • Unique detail around the waistline
  • Pull-on closure
  • With a matching bra

What I Don’t Like

  • It comes only one pack

Guide To Buying The Perfect Plus Size Underwear

Looking for the perfect plus-size underwear is hectic. What makes it more tiresome is finding the product which is true to your size.

A slight glitch in the process makes you miserable as a bigger size is prone to ride up, or it is too tight that you cannot move easily.

Ensure to look for products with accurate sizing charts for efficient and effective product delivery. You don’t want to receive a product that is too small or too bulky.

Good tidings,  I will guide you through which you like to have based on your preference.

Choose the perfect fabric

Cotton- is the perfect material for trapping moisture and lessening itching, odor, or infectious diseases. It is a breathable material that you can wear anytime and anywhere.

Nylon – is excellent for its silky and smooth fabric. It is unquestionable when it comes to maintaining its color after repeated wash. However, it is prone to not absorbing moisture, making it unpleasant for hot weather.

Spandex- has a soft hand feeling and resists fading. However, it traps moisture and brings a bad odor leading to vaginal-related infection.

Look at the size chart

Numbers- pay attention to the numbers like 5 or 10 because some brands have numbers that are parallel to your waist and hip size to find your exact size.

Letters- make sure to look at something like XL or XXL  and find your ideal fit in the panty size chart.

Size in between – if you find your measurement in between two sizes, it is recommended that you go for the smaller size.

Measure your undies size

Previous measurement- measuring one of your best-fit undergarments is crucial for accurate results as your last size is close to your present.

Hip size– measure the fullest part of your hips.

Waist measurement– make sure to measure your waistline where you usually put your undies. Don’t forget to put one finger in between the tape to leave space for a comfortable fit.

Measuring units– make sure you pay attention to the measuring tape if you are measuring in inches or centimeters.

Know if it is the right size for you

Legs- look at the leg cut if it is equally separated symmetrically. Make sure it is not tight or loose.

Crotch– the crotch shouldn’t be bulky or drop-down when seen from outside. It means that you are wearing a larger size.

Waistband– the waistband doesn’t have to be too tight or loose, causing ride up or leave line marks on your skin.

Back– the underwear needs to stay in place and look fit.

Fit by style

Thongs- has minimal coverage, but it is perfect for non-body-hugging garments.

Briefs– give maximum coverage to the front and back that they are ideal for support.

Bikini– is in between briefs and boyshorts. It is sexy and at the same time gives moderate coverage and best ease.

Boyshort: give the best coverage, including hip coverage with comfort.

Buying the perfect plus-size underwear is chaotic because of the size and its unavailability in the market, unlike other regular-sized underwear. Also, if you find the lingerie you want, then you find yourself getting the wrong size every time. Try Barbra’s Lacy Boyshort Panties, It has the best quality with a beautifully designed lace. It also has a very detailed size chart and great size accuracy when it comes to a perfect fit.

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