Though selling used underwear might not be the most common thing you see in the market, but it sure is a thing, and many people in the world are willing to pay a decent amount for men’s used underwear.

One of the greatest advantages of selling your username underwear is that it is really easy to start with no investment. This can be a quick and easy way to extra cash in addition to your regular job as it is free to get started.

You can surf the internet and come across many sites that will help you for selling your username men’s underwear. This can be quite time-consuming, so we have done the time-saving job for you by listing some websites on which you can sell your men’s used underwear.

Websites to Sell Used Men’s Underwear Online 

There are tons of websites on the internet that offer to sell used men’s underwear online. Some sites are entirely free for selling your old undies, while some charge a small fee or require you to give the host a percentage of the sales. 

Here are the websites on which you can sell your used men’s underwear online:


etsy seller
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Etsy is an excellent global online marketplace where people come together to make, sell, buy, and collect items, even men’s used underwear. The selling process is easy, and the platform allows and helps you connect directly with the customers.


Credit: Wikipedia

This online platform is totally free to use and has been popularly running for a long time. You can advertise your men’s underwear that you plan to sell and communicate with the customers on Craigslist message boards.


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Reddit has a strict age rule, and you have to be above 18 years to use this online platform. It is not exactly an online marketing website, but it is a network of communities where you can easily advertise your products, even used underwear. People can directly comment on your posts and advertisements, and you can communicate with your customers.


This website has a unique business model and is great to sell your used men’s underwear. Although they charge a little, they provide a safe platform for transactions and marketing. They even have a refund policy if the customer isn’t satisfied with the product.



You can sell your used men’s underwear on eBay and just make sure they are clean and in good condition. Though eBay doesn’t actually support reselling used underwear or socks, people still make money from it by selling their used garments as people demand. 


This online selling platform is amazing and is a place where you can sell and buy a wide range of products starting from used men’s underwear, footwear, clothing to gear. They also have an internal messaging system where the customer can privately request exactly how he would like his guy’s used briefs.


This website is a product sharing website with an emphasis on user satisfaction for both buyers and sellers. This is now one of the most popular online marketplaces for selling used garments and personal stuff.

You can buy and sell many items on this online platform, from used underwear and accessories to custom videos and much more. They strictly allow customers above 18 years old, and anyone using the site will need to confirm that they are over 18 years.

Tips for Selling used Men’s Underwear Online

Many factors could affect your sale or income in the field of marketing. Here are some tips and criteria that you must be cautious and think about before putting your used men underwear on a show for sale:

Ensure Privacy

It should provide security and protection to ensure that debit card details are kept safe and secure when customers make a financial transaction on a site or app.  

Before putting any information or picture of your underwear or yourself, it is best suggested to go with a site that keeps both you and your buyer’s identity private and sure that it is safe and secure. 

Many people are interested in buying used underwear, but some people can still mess with you. This may sound creepy, but also ensure that none of your information or pictures is shared with a third party. 

Uplift your marketing skills and gain more customers

It can be a bit of a personal affair when it comes to selling your used men’s underwear. Let people know your marketplace and social media pages are safe platforms for advertisement and increase sales by gaining more followers and popularity. 

To gain more attention, you can also host giveaways or offer days, like if your Instagram reaches 2000 subscribers or post a few videos instead of only having photos, or even discounts or free gift tokens. 

Doing or offering a little extra and gifts occasionally than regular expectations may please your customers, and they will surely appreciate it, and you might get a good amount of audience in no time. 

Writing a clear bio about who you are and what you sell with a little bit of information about you or your business may build trust in your customers. One of the best ways to grow any business is by being active across multiple social media channels.

Customers like engaging and active sellers with whom they can connect and clear out their queries at any time. 

Reviews are Important

The first thing that a person looks into before buying any product online is its reviews. That’s how customer reviews play an important role in sales and business. 

Reviews Are Important

After every sale of your used men’s underwear, you can encourage your satisfied customers to leave a review on your marketplace or social media page. Good reviews will encourage more people to buy your used underwear and just make sure it is in good shape. 

Asking your customers for reviews is okay, but make sure you don’t bug them too much with promotions and reminders to leave a review or rate their experience because that’s annoying. Rather than bringing more customers, this will more likely drive them away. 

Instead, make it easy to leave reviews by having an option for commenting about how you would appreciate reviews or feedback. You can just politely ask your customer to leave a review where others can see if they reach out with a positive message for you. 


The market for used men’s underwear, be it boxers or g-strings, is growing bigger and more popular through the years and is a good way of making some extra bucks with your regular job, or you can make it quite a source of making money by putting yourself all into this. 

Try out those given websites and remember those important tips when you plan to bring out your used men’s underwear into the market. I hope that this article covered enough information to tell you how to sell used men’s underwear online.

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