Thong is one of the most revealing styles for both men’s and women’s underwear. They sure are gaining rapid popularity due to the sexy and appealing look they provide, along with comfort and other benefits.

You all must have seen thongs being an insanely popular underwear style worn by women, but what about men? Should men wear thongs, and how popular are these underwear styles among men? 

How Popular are Thongs Among Men?

You would be surprised knowing that the percentage of men wearing thongs daily or less often is comparatively much less than women. Especially in the US, only about one per cent of men wear thongs, and that too several times a week.

On the other hand, there are barely any men wearing a thong on a daily basis or even considering wearing it. The majority of people do not wear or don’t consider wearing a thong at all.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that men shouldn’t wear thongs, and you never know unless you try. In fact, thongs come with their own perks as well, which you will come to know as you read ahead.  

Advantages and Disadvantages of Men’s Thongs 

A thong is designed to contain genitals with minimum fabric and just enough support, and not many people know about the bright sides of wearing it. Let us look at the advantages of wearing men’s thongs.

  • Boost your confidence
  • Enhances flexibility and look
  • Minimal visibility of lines
  • Maximum comfort and breathability
  • Improves hygiene
  • Beware of infection
  • Chafing 

Advantages of Wearing a Thong For Men

Advantages Of Men's Thongs

  • Boost your confidence:

Wearing these sexy men’s thong style underwear gives you an experience of less fabric under the pants and is just ‘your’ little secret that will make you feel more desirable and boost your confidence. 

  • Enhances flexibility and look:

Thongs provide you with not too much nor too less but just the perfect required amount of fabric on the front and rear for the flexibility of your buttocks, and these exotic underwears enhance and make them look fuller and round in good shape.

  • Minimal visibility of lines:

If you like wearing tight pants and jeans but are fed up with the visible line of your men’s underwear showing through those pants, then tongs are perfect for dealing with such problems as less fabric means fewer visible lines.

  • Provide maximum comfort and breathability:

Thongs are way more comfortable as compared to other men’s underwear styles like boxer briefs, men’s bikinis, etc. This is due to being lightweight with less fabric and providing a good level of breathability than any other underwear. Men usually prefer thongs while running cause it’s more comfortable.

  • You will feel more free and light:

You will get a good lightweight feeling of freedom with thongs, and this is mainly because the entire construction of a thong is just a narrow fabric on the front that holds the genitals together and keeps it cool down there. 

  • Improves hygiene

Thongs are easier to wash and dry to maintain proper hygiene due to their small size. As thongs are made with fewer materials, there is minimal chance of trapping sweat and bacteria, and this ultimately makes you less susceptible to bacterial disease and infections. 

  • It makes you feel sexy and sensual:

Who doesn’t love thongs, especially if you have set the mood for the night? Both men and women are its fans when talking about looking appealing and feeling sexy in your thongs.

Disadvantages of Men’s Thongs 

Everything has its perks and cons, and so do men’s thongs. They sure have my advantages, and now let’s see the other side of the men’s thongs as well:

  • Beware of infection:

Make sure you change your thongs regularly as even though they are breathable and all, but still if not maintained proper hygiene, you can get bacterial and fungal infections easily.

  • Can cause irritation to new users:

Wearing a thong when you are not used to it can be quite irritating, especially for men who have worn boxers and shots their whole life. It takes time to get used to things, and guys might face a problem with thongs as they ride up the butts and cause irritation. 

The right size and fabric would minimize the irritation, and you will eventually easily adapt to the comfort of a thong in no time.

  • Chafing 

There is a small risk of skin irritations because of chafing and getting a friction burn, swelling, or rash from wearing certain types of thongs and fabrics. This can happen to anyone despite gender and if you experience such skin irritations, just try a different style or fabric. 

Should men wear thongs?

As we just read, you have seen that thongs have pretty good benefits with fewer drawbacks. As long as you managed to find the right thong style and fabric suitable for you and once got used to the feeling of your underwear, then you are good to go. 

Although this might take you some time to adjust, you can also wear thongs as your regular comfortable undies once you get used to them. 

Should men wear thongs while sleeping?

It is not best suggested to sleep at night with your thongs on. You shouldn’t sleep in the same pair of thongs that you have been wearing throughout the day since morning, as your private parts have to face all that dirt and sweat of the day.

Also, it can make you feel irritated or extremely uncomfortable down there. Therefore skipping thongs at night can keep you away from such problems, and you will feel free and relaxed and have sound and healthy sleep. 


Although thongs are not that widely worn style among the men’s underwear section, it surely is a well-known and popular underwear style. 

Thongs not only make you look sexy and confident but provide you with ultimate comfort and support. In the end, it only depends on you, on how comfortable you are in your underwear. I hope that this article gave you a clear idea about should men wear thongs or not. 

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