As we all know, the modeling industry is spread worldwide today, and there are models for every small thing. The clothing industry is the most common industry for models, and we have different kinds of models such as underwear models, jacket models, accessories models, lingerie models, etc. 

Have you ever wondered how much do underwear models make? If you are someone aspiring to be a model or just curious to know how much underwear models make, we have all the info you’re looking for. 

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How Much Do Underwear Models Make?

Talking about how much underwear models make, we must tell you that underwear models make as low as $15 per hour to $ 72 per hour, which means an underwear model can earn as low as $31,000 annually and as high as $ 1,50,000 annually. 

The pay may vary from project to project, location to location, and male models to female models. Companies or agencies hiring female models usually hire for lingerie modeling. Now talking about lingerie models, a lingerie model is the same as the male underwear model. 

Hourly Pay Annual Pay
Male $40 $83,507
Female $18 $37,240

Average male underwear models make $83,507 to $2,07,756 annually. Talking about female underwear models, a lingerie model makes around $37,240 a year or $18 per hour. The pay differs from project to project and depends on the skills, location, etc. 

Let us look at the factors on which the pay of an underwear model depends.

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Factors Affecting The Pay Of An Underwear Model

Various factors affect the pay of underwear models. The modeling industry has greater competition these days, and not everyone is getting higher pay for that. Here are some of the factors on which the salary of an underwear model depends.

  1. Gender: Mostly, female underwear models get higher pay than male underwear models and therefore make more money than them.
  2. The number of projects and working hours: The work is mostly project-based or assignment-based work rather than salary work in the modeling industry. Underwear models earn per hour wages. The more the number of projects and working hours, the more an underwear model will make. 
  3. Skills and experience: as in every industry, the more an underwear model’s skills and experience, the higher he will get paid.
  4. Brand or modeling agency: How much an underwear model makes also depends on the brand he works with or the modeling agency he is associated with. Top brands like Victoria’s Secret and Calvin Klien have higher pay for underwear models.
  5. Location: Location also matters when it comes to modeling. Some countries or states pay higher as compared to others. 

Now, you might be interested in pursuing your career as an underwear model or might be just curious to know some facts or important tips about underwear models. We’ve listed some information for you below.

Some Facts and Important Tips About Male Underwear Models

It requires a lot of effort to be an underwear model, especially for male underwear models. Let us see some of the important facts and tips if you aspire to be an underwear model.

  • The first and foremost thing is to have a good physique. Although we see the trend of plus-size models getting in the limelight every passing day, if you have a good physique, that’s a plus one for you if you are aspiring to be an underwear model.
  • Always stay hydrated and drink as much water as possible because this will help you detox and bring a glow to your face.
  • Most of the brands or modeling agencies these days look for tall men to hire for underwear modeling. You must be about 5’11 to 6’3 inches in height to be selected as an underwear model.
  • Male underwear models mostly work on project-based work, but brands like CK, LV, etc. you hire underwear models on a salary basis.
  • Underwear modeling is of many types, such as runway, editorial, portfolio models, magazine models, visual ad models, etc.
  • According to some underwear models, body tattoos will give you an extra advantage if you want to be an underwear model.
  • Get yourself an attractive look by styling your hair and having a lesser body fat percentage, especially around the belly area.

Some Facts and Important Tips About Lingerie (Female Underwear) Models

female model

Usually, brands hire female models for complete lingerie modeling or bikini modeling, not just underwear modeling.  To be an appealing and attractive lingerie model, you need to consider a few things. Let us have a look at them.

  • Being a lingerie model requires you to have a slim body type. Now, many brands are hiring plus-size lingerie models as well.
  • With lingerie, the modeling comes a bit of criticism, so you should be self-confident and try to ignore all the negative comments or criticism by the public.
  • Some brands have very strict lingerie models, whereas others want a natural touch.
  • You must have glowing skin, so try to intake as much water as possible and keep yourself up to date and maintained.
  • Lingerie models make more money as compared to male underwear models. 
  • Runway Lingerie models have a good physique and know about different styles of ramp walk, so if you are looking forward to being a runway lingerie model, start focusing on your walk and work on your butts.
  • Brands do consider your hair, hands, feet, and body fat percentage, so you must fulfill all the requirements to be a good lingerie model and make a good sum.

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The Verdict

Underwear models do make a good amount these days. On average, an underwear model makes approximately $37,240 to $83,507. Underwear models have two options: work on a salary basis for a brand or work as a freelance model with as many brands as they want. Most underwear models prefer working on a project basis. 

Above, we have covered how much underwear models make and the factors affecting an underwear model’s pay, and some important tips for both male underwear and female lingerie models.

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