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When trying to figure out the right answer to the question: what’s a tanga? you will come across answers that are non-consistent. Well, let’s start by introducing you to the tanga panty definition.

The tanga style is revealing underwear that leaves little to the imagination. There is a small triangle of fabric in the front that reveals most of your tummy and a strap that connects to the back that reveals most of your buttocks and hips.

In this article, you will come across everything you need to know about tanga-style underwear. From “What is a tanga underwear?’ to “What is a tanga brief?” all your questions will be answered. 

Let’s begin with Tanga Vs Cheeky Underwear!

What is a Tanga Brief?

Who is the new guy on the block, and what is a Tanga Brief? 

Over the recent years, underwear brands have tweaked and redesigned the traditional ‘tighty whity‘ so much that it’s almost unrecognizable. In style now are lower rise waistbands, higher cut legs, and fitted styles. Underwear isn’t just changing in terms of its features. New hybrid styles have also emerged. An example is the Tanga Brief.

Tanga Briefs are a popular style among women. The style has now been adapted for men’s underwear. Tanga Briefs for men have similar features to their female counterparts. The design is minimalistic. Tangas provide more coverage than thongs, g-strings, or jockstraps. Only the waistband connects the front and back. There is no side material around the legs and thighs. 

The front and back of a female thong are typically joined with a string, but men’s Thong underwear tend to have an elasticated waistband, giving them a more masculine look. Front pouches are typically cut into a triangular shape, similar to jockstrap pouches.

Benefits of a tanga brief:

  1. Comfort: Some guys prefer a Tanga Brief because its lack of side material provides more comfort. The material doesn’t ride up the legs. There is less chafing.

  1. Better movement: The lack of side material makes it easier for the legs to move, making Tanga Briefs a good choice for sporting activities. You can also use it as an alternative to a jockstrap, If you feel uncomfortable wearing a jock in the changing rooms or the straps on the jock are tight. 

  1. Greater fit: Underwear with leg openings that don’t stretch well around your legs may not fit you comfortably. Perhaps your legs or thighs are naturally larger. Perhaps you’ve been doing a lot of leg work in the gym. By removing the side material from the brief, the fit will be improved entirely.

Tanga VS Cheeky Underwear

Confused between cheeky and tanga underwear? Allow us to break it down for you.

Choosing the right underwear cut is essential to accentuate your best assets and feel comfortable. Tangas and cheeky underwear are two different types of underwear that don’t match the standard bikini, but they provide different amounts of coverage in the front and back. You can choose which cut is best for your body by understanding the differences.

To help you understand the differences between tanga underwear and cheeky underwear better, we have created the following table.

Tanga Underwear Cheeky Underwear
Thong underwear that covers both your front and back with triangular pieces of material. By exposing your derriere’s better side, cheeky underwear is true to its name. 
Between a bikini and a thong, they provide moderate to minimal rear coverage and also have wider sides. There is less coverage than bikinis, but more than thongs or G-strings. There is most coverage at the front and waist. 
If you want to be modest by hiding a little bit of your skin, but you also want to look sexy on your honeymoon or at the beach, then you should definitely try a Tanga. It’s best to choose a Cheeky panty if you don’t want a bold statement and want to remain modest.

Tanga and Cheeky underwear differ mainly in the amount of coverage provided. When it comes to thongs, the back is more exposed, while with cheeky cuts the back is more covered. Your choice of cut will be determined by how much of your rear you wish to expose (or hide).

Now that we’ve mentioned the differences between tanga and cheeky underwear, let’s move on to tanga vs thong.

Tanga vs Thong

tanga vs thongs

Bikini bottoms come in many different styles including thongs, tangas, Brazilian cuts, moderate or full cuts. What style best suits me, what do I feel comfortable with, and what am I willing to try? Yes, we know too many choices can get you overwhelmed. 

In order to make underwear shopping easy for you as well as to understand which one of the two: tanga or thong suits you the best, the following information is meant to bring out the differences between tanga vs thong.


The tanga is similar to a bikini and a thong. A major difference is a backstrap, which is much wider than the G-string and thong and covers more of your butt. They usually have triangular pieces of fabric covering the front and back.


A thong is either worn as underwear or as a swimsuit. From the front, a thong looks like a bikini bottom, but from the back, the material is minimized. Women’s Thongs cover the genital area but leave the buttocks uncovered. On the back, the garment generally consists of a thin waistband and a thin strip of material that is worn between the buttocks. There are also high rise thongs but those are different from these.


The classic tanga underwear screams comfort. It usually is found in cotton. And cotton underwear is considered to be the best choice for daily wear since it is absorbent and amazingly comfortable. 

As far as the battle of tanga vs thong is considered, there is one main difference between a thong and a thong, the sides. Unlike a thong, in which the sides can vary from 2 to 7 cm, a tanga connects the front and back of the pants with thin strings. When it comes to the main point that differentiates tanga and cheeky underwear is again the coverage area. 

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